Adachi Guide: Are you hard enough of a dick?

Dec 3rd, 2014
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  1. Quick notation guide for people new to Persona and/or fighting games in general:
  4. | ^ 7 8 9 | OMC = One More! Cancel CH/FC = Counter Hit/Fatal Counter
  5. | < > 4 5 6 | OMB = One More! Burst IAD = Instant Air Dash (air dash asap when you jump)
  6. | v 1 2 3 | AoA = All Out Attack BnB = Bread and Butter (easy optimal combos)
  7. DP = Furious Action SB = Indicates version that requires meter
  9. Inputs in combos are written assuming you're facing right (Player 1)
  10. The sign ">" means you're supposed to do them in sequence
  12. i.e. : 236 would be Down + DownRight + Right
  13. i.e.2: A > B would mean "do A, then do B", as opposed to AB, which means you're supposed to press both at the same time
  14. i.e.3: the "5" input means you're not supposed to hold any direction
  16. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. This is a guide about how to play Adachi and what to do when you finally learn that. I made this because I was bor- because I am a really nice guy and I wish to help Adachi players understand more about their character. It includes, but is not limited to:
  22. -Combos
  23. -Move explanations
  24. -Hints, tips & tricks
  25. -Etc.
  27. Anyway, let's get started
  28. No matchups section because I'm lazy. Zzzzz.
  30. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  34. In this segment, I'll be talking about each one of Adachi's moves exclusively and giving details about how to use/not use them and stuff. Now this -could- get boring, so I'd understand if you ignored all of this hard work of mine and decided to ditch knowledge, just so you could spare some of your useless time to fap.
  36. -Normals:
  38. 5A- 6 frame startup, 1 frame slower than your usual 5A, can't cancel into itself on whiff, has PITIFUL range. If it wasn't for its vertical hitbox (which is decent at best), you'd never throw this move at neutral, and even then this isn't good. Can be canceled into 2A and then back into itself though, making for some interesting pressure, but don't end pressure with the 5A.
  40. 5AA- Makes Adachi go forward a bit, so can be used for tick command grabs. Can be canceled in a variety of moves, including 5B and 2B, making it good for blockstrings and combos alike. Ending pressure in this is used for tick throws or to scare your opponent, so if you do, either GRAB or BLOCK. Anything else is a waste of pressure.
  42. 5AAA- Third hit of the autocombo, hits low. NOT blockstring material due to not being cancelable into B and C moves, so don't think you'll get your opponent with this. Gives decent meter, but manual combos are better, unless you're doing crouch confirms, in which case becomes rather useful. Don't throw this in blockstrings more than once per match, and even that is stretching.
  44. 2A- Fast crouching jab, can cancel into itself on whiff or block, but is NOT a low. Useful in pressure as a mean to scare your opponent, but you don't want to use this in combos ever.
  46. j.A- Fast air normal, self-cancelable, doesn't get much damage.
  48. 5B- Almost as fast as 5A, except it has better horizontal range, nearly as much vertical range, less proration, more hitstun... This move is very good, and you should be using it for everything. Except whiffing, don't whiff this, please.
  50. Full 5B- Adds almost no damage, but has less hitstun than if you were to cancel the first hit. You only want to use this on crouch confirms, Fatals, and -sometimes- on airborn opponents.
  52. 2B- Anti-air, VERY unsafe on whiff, but one of Adachi's best starters on CH. Don't throw this out randomly. Use it to punish stuff, mid-combo, or when you're SURE it's going to anti-air the opponent. When I say this is unsafe on whiff, I MEAN IT. Also decent in blockstrings if you cancel into j.C.
  54. j.B- Decent poke and combo starter/fodder. Also has good range. Good for air-to-air and air-to-ground, this move is actually quite good, so don't be shy when using it.
  56. 5AB- Adachi's All-Out-Attack, has long startup but goes forward quite a bunch. Incredibly unsafe, so be VERY careful when using it.
  58. 2AB- Adachi's sweep, it has a rather long startup, goes forward a lot and through moves that can be low-profiled. Not really good on neutral, save it for combos and some blocktrings.
  60. 5C- Same animation as Narukami's 2C, but much faster. A good combo starter on CH and good for combos. You'll be using this a lot in all sorts of situations. Has good range and fast startup for neutral, good blockstun for blockstrings, and good damage and proration for combos. Beware though, it will grab the opponent and go into Full 5C if you don't cancel it on the first hit.
  62. Full 5C- Automatic follow up to 5C if you don't cancel it. It will add decent damage, but the proration goes INSANELY high if you allow this to happen. You don't want to use this is ANY combo besides his basic BnB due to the fact that the combo WILL drop after it.
  64. 2C- Anti-air (that's right, this huge ass lunge is fucking air unblockable) that goes very far and grabs opponents on hit same as 5C, unless canceled into something else. You have absolutely NO reason to use this in blockstrings, ever. As an anti-air, know that it whiffs if your opponent is too close (its hitbox starts where 2B's ends), so you'll be using this for combos or for the whiff control. Will prorate the combo skyhigh if used twice in a combo.
  66. Full 2C- Ridiculously high proration just like Full 5C, with an exception that you can still do something after it. You only want this to happen at the end of combos. Can be super canceled into Heat Riser or Magatsu Mandala to get buffs from fullscreen.
  68. j.2C/Full j.2C- Same as 2C/Full 2C, aside from being considered a different move than the ground versions, meaning both the ground and the air versions can be used on the same combo without prorating too much. Different than the ground version, you'll always want its Full version to come out unless you're going for j.2D ender. UPDATE: New combo route was found where you try to get j.2C(1) into another hop j.C. Good stuff.
  70. j.C- The god of Adachi's arsenal of normals. This move is by far one of the best j.Cs in the game. It has super quick startup, its range is bigger than your mom, wins in countless air-to-air and air-to-ground situations, extremely useful in combos, makes you safe in blockstrings, has 0 landing recovery, good combo starter and fodder, nice hitstun on CH, slides on air CH allowing combos... This move is basically the god. But since we can't have everything, this is still vulnerable to anti-airs and it isn't an overhead, so watch out.
  72. 5D/j.D- Ziodyne. Yes, it's a giant laser beam. So-so combo starter, can make for AoA/Sweep mixup when blocked, and it's used for unblockable setups. The downside? Its startup is ridiculous. Half the cast can punish you for trying this on fullscreen, and the ones who can't will simply jump and block (makes them immune to high/low mixup) and get the INSANE meter gain this move gives. Seriously, you don't want to do this without a VERY good reason for it.
  74. 2D/j.2D- Cross Slash. Yes, it's a giant homing smash. HORRIBLE combo starter even as a Fatal Counter, where it gives Adachi exactly ONE combo route as follow up. Big startup and ground recovery, also leaves Magatsu Izanagi vulnerable, so don't throw it out randomly. Restrain yourself to using as fullscreen punish (and even that requires some extremely bullshit call-outs) and as combo fodder in the corner. Aside from the rest, the damage is actually quite good. As in, it's the strongest normal in the game.
  76. CD- Although not exactly a normal, it requires only one button press if you assign buttons, so... Adachi's universal grab, deals shitty damage in comparison to his command grab, and can only be followed up with OMC/OMB. Also, techable. The only reason to use this over command grab is its faster startup and recovery, making it somewhat safer if you feel like doing it could be risky. And also because it looks funny.
  78. j.CD- Air grab, and as opposed to his ground one, deals somewhat good damage. Also comboable only via OMC/OMB, although not so necessary due do its higher damage. Not shabby, so give a try once or twice.
  80. -Special moves
  82. BD- Adachi's Furious Action, hits twice, first hit being high, second one being low. Fully invulnerable until a little bit after the first hit comes out. Can be followed up on CH into Fear setup. Super cancelable, so can be used to get Heat Riser or Mandala buffs. Using this transforms 10% of Adachi's total HP into blue health, so it's very risky as a reversal, as any punish would immediatelly make you lose 1000 HP. Don't use this in combos (unless you really want to get into awakening), and in blockstrings, due to its relatively fast startup, can be used as a fast overhead, but it's EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to do so, so use it -VERY- moderately.
  84. 236A/B/SB- "Calm Down", Adachi gets into a walking stance which has a preset follow up by pressing A/B ("Pain in the Ass!!"), or can be canceled into any C/D move, AoA, short hop, grab, special, or super. Attempting to cancel into Evasive Action or Sweep will get the preset follow up, and Burst will get grab. Proration on all versions is as tiny as your D.
  86. A- Slowest walk, but fastest follow up, which will send the opponent flying. Used in BnBs and as a mid screen punisher.
  87. B- Fastest walk, slightly slower follow up, will grab opponents on hit and throw them backwards. Used in easy BnBs to get Heat Riser and Mandala buff, or in more difficult corner combos to add damage due to its low proration.
  88. SB- Medium speed walk and follow up, will grab opponents on hit and send them spinning backwards. Used as combo ender right before D Ghastly Wail, or to setup an unblockable. The stance has some invincibilty, but don't rely on it.
  90. 214A/B/SB- "Scared?", Adachi shoots a bullet at the opponent's feet which hits low. Decent proration, but sad damage.
  92. A- Adachi shoots right in front of him. Decent startup, enough recovery to be safe on block, but still negative, so don't mash anything if your opponent blocks it.
  93. B- Adachi shoots a bit farther, has same specs as A version, except you're kinda safer for being further away from your opponent.
  94. SB- Adachi shoots wherever the opponent's position is except fullscreen. Fast startup, very fast recovery, allows for 5B to combo after a sweep. Can be used mid-combo for juggles, on block to reset pressure, or at neutral as a tool to check in your opponent.
  96. 236C/D/SB- "Evil Smile", Adachi summons Magatsu Izanagi and makes a small "ghost" who bites the opponent, inflicting him with Fear and doing 0 damage. Whiffs on crouching opponents. Not necessarily a bad idea to attempt this at neutral, but you could be doing better. Save it for CH DP.
  98. C- Ghosty shows up mid-screen.
  99. D- Ghosty shows up almost full screen.
  100. SB- Ghosty homes on the opponent (except vertically).
  102. 214C/D/SB- "Megidola", Adachi grabs the opponent and Magatsu Izanagi hits them with a spell, making them bounce on the ground. Fatal Counters, making them bounce higher, allowing for combos, especially in the corner.
  104. C- Fast, deals decent damage. No invul, so be careful.
  105. D- Slower, deals slightly better damage. ALSO HAS MUCH BETTER RANGE THAN THE C VERSION. Has invulnerability to throws during the startup, making it good grab bait.
  106. SB- Fastest version and deals the most damage, same range than the D version, but no invul, so again, be careful.
  108. -Supers
  110. -236236A/B/SB- "Heat Riser", Magatsu Izanagi erupts a small fire geyser with the spear, which will send the opponent flying on hit and buff Adachi until the end of the round or until he gets Persona broken. The buff increases his Attack by 10% and reduces any damage he takes by 10%.
  112. A- Fast, but hard/impossible to follow up depending on the proration, and has very low damage.
  113. B- Slightly slower, but deals slightly more damage than A version, and it is always possible to follow up with 2C/j.2C.
  114. SB- Fast like the A version, deals more damage than B version. Will buff Adachi on whiff or if blocked as well, but that will only be useful if you drop the soap *cough* I mean, combo.
  116. -214214A/B/SB- "Magatsu Mandala", Magatsu Izanagi makes a spiral vortex of dark energy around himself, and buffs himself, independent of hit, block, or whiff. The buff makes all of Magatsu Izanagi's attack inflict some sort of ailment, and it lasts until the end of the round or until Adachi gets Persona broken. Magatsu Izanagi has full invulnerability for the entire duration of the move.
  118. Ailments by move (to be changed in upcoming patch):
  119. 5C/j.C/Atom Smasher- Poison
  120. 2C/j.2C- Silence
  121. 5D/2D/Megidola- Shock
  122. Heat Riser- Rage
  123. Magatsu Mandala- Confusion
  124. Ghastly Wail- Damage buff
  126. A- Very fast, deals really good minimun damage. Magatsu Izanagi will use the attack without leaving its current position. Has no real invulnerability for Adachi.
  127. B- Much slower, but it is bigger, deals more damage and recovers faster, allowing for high execution corner combos. Magatsu Mandala will use the attack from Adachi's position. Has invulnerability, but it's very unsafe on block.
  128. SB- Very fast, has the same size and damage as the B version, recovers faster to the point of being safe on block, and Magatsu Izanagi uses the attack from his current position.
  130. -236236C/D/SB- "Atom Smasher", Magatsu Izanagi slashes the entire screen at once.
  132. C- Fast, but no invul and unsafe on block.
  133. D- Very slow, but big invulnerability and recovers fast, being + on block. Can combo after.
  134. SB- Fastest version of all, very good invulnerability, + on block and can combo after. Ridiculously good reversal that can be used and abused until your opponent learns to bait it. That's when you start doing wake up Ghastly Wail.
  136. -214214C/D/SB- "Ghastly Wail", Magatsu Izanagi grabs the opponent and stabs them a bunch of times. If the opponent is inflicted with Fear or if Magatsu Mandala has been activated, it will do a lot more damage. If opponent is not inflicted with Fear, they will be after the move.
  138. C- Fast version, 0 frame after super flash, so it's UNREACTABLE. Deals the lowest damage of all versions as a minus, but it has its amazing uses still.
  139. D- Slower, reactable by jumping, but deals more damage than the C version. Mostly used as a combo ender for Mara damage.
  140. SB- Also 0 frame after super flash, but deals as much damage as the D version. Basically, a combination of C and D versions.
  142. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  143. COMBOS
  144. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  146. Just to make it clear:
  147. -5B is ALWAYS only the first hit unless specified as to how many hits (5B(x))
  148. -5C is ALWAYS only the first hit unless specified as the full version (5CF)
  149. -Inputs and supers between [] are optional, though sometimes recommended
  150. -Inputs separated between // mean only one of them can be used, and the outcomes will be different
  151. -w = whiff
  153. Tennis route: 2C(1) > hop j.C
  154. Cr: Crouch confirm
  155. CH: Counter Hit starter
  156. FC: Fatal Counter starter
  157. Cr/FC BnB: Stuff > 5C > 2AB > 214AB > 5B > Tennis Route > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  159. To be updated with damage... or not
  161. -Midscreen
  163. 5A > 5AA > 5AAA > 236236B > 66 Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  165. [5A > 5AA] 5B > 5CF > 2AB > /214A/236AA/236BB [236236B > 2C]/
  167. [5A > 5AA] 5B > 5C > 236236B > 5B > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  169. [5A > 5AA] 5B > 236BB > 236236B > 5B > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  171. Cr [5A > 5AA] 5B > 2B > j.C > 5AAAA
  173. Cr 5A > 5AA > 2B > j.C > 5A > 5AA > 5B > 5C > 2AB > 236AA
  175. Cr [5A > 5AA] 5B > 5C > 2AB > 214AB > 5B > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  177. CH 2B > wj.C > 5B > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  179. CH 2B > wj.C > 5B > Tennis > 5C > j.B > j.A > j.B > dj.B > j.2C
  181. CH 2B > wj.C > 5B > Tennis > 5B(2) > j.B > j.A > j.B > j.2C
  183. CH 2B > wj.C > 5B > Tennis > 5C > 96 > j.B > j.2C(1) > wj.2D > hop j.C > 5B > j.BA > dj.B > j.C *NEW*
  185. CH 2B > wj.C > 5B > Tennis > 5C > 96 > j.B > j.2C(1) > wj.2D > hop j.C > 5C > j.BA > dj.B > j.C *NEW*
  187. CH 2B > wj.C > 5B > Tennis > 5C > 96 > j.B > j.2C(1) > wj.2D > hop j.C > 5CF > 236ABA > Ghastly Wail D *NEW*
  189. CH 2B > wj.C > 5B > Tennis > 5B > 5CF > 2AB > /214A/236AA/236BB [236236B > j.2C]/
  191. 5CF > 2B > j.2C
  193. 5CF > j.B > dj.B > j.C
  195. CH 5C > IAD j.C > 5B > 5CF > 2AB > 214A/236AA/236BB [236236B > 2C]/
  197. FC 5C > IAD j.C > 5B(2) > 2B > j.C > 5B(3) > 5C > 2AB > 214A/236AA/236BB [236236B > 2C]/
  199. FC 2D > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  201. FC 214C/D > 665CF > 214A
  203. FC 214CD > 5B > Tennis > 5C > 96 > j.B > j.2C(1) > wj.2D > hop j.C > 5C > j.BA > dj.B > j.C *NEW*
  205. DP(1) > 236236B > 66 Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  207. CH DP > 665CF > 214A
  209. FC DP > 665B > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  211. 214C/D > 236236B > 66 Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  213. AoA~C > j.B > j.A > j.B > j.2C
  216. -Corner
  218. 5A > 5AA > 5B > 5C > 236236B > 5C > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  220. 5A > 5AA > 5B > 5C > 236BB(1) > 236236B > 5C > Tennis > 2B > j.2C > j.2D
  222. 5B > 5C > 236236B > 5C > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C > j.2D
  224. 5D > 5C > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  226. 5D > 5C > Tennis > 2B > j.2C > j.2D
  228. CH 2B > wj.C > 5B > 5C > Tennis > 5B(2) > 5C > j.B > j.2C > j.2D
  230. CH 2B > wj.C > 5B > Tennis > [236BB] > 5B > 5C > j.B > j.2C > j.2D
  232. CH 2B > wj.C > 5B > 5C > 2C > 214214B > 5A > 5AA > 5C > j.2C > j.2D
  234. 214C/D > 236236B > 5C > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C
  236. 214C/D > 236236B > 5C > Tennis > 2B > j.2C > j.2D
  238. FC 214C/D > 5B > Tennis > [236BB] > 5B > 5C > j.B > j.2C > j.2D
  240. AoA~D > IAD/hop j.B > 5B > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C(1) > j.2D
  242. AoA~D > 236A~C > Tennis > 5B > 5C > 2B > j.B > j.2C > j.2D
  245. Universal combo enders:
  247. 2C/j.2C > Magatsu Mandala A works nearly every time
  249. If you're close enough, you can always end combos with 236ABB > Ghastly Wail D. Unless you used 236BB previously, then RIP.
  252. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  254. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  256. Time to get into one of the mains topics, the Gimmicks! This time, I'll be talking about what makes Adachi, Adachi. No, it's not the Police Dick. I'm talking about why his playstyle is defined as -Trickster-! It is highly recommended you practice the gimmicks shown in this section before taking it to a real match.
  259. Teleport 2C/j.2C: 2C is a move that sends Magatsu Izanagi diagonally up. It becomes a beautiful whiff on grounded opponents, but there is more to it. Inputting a persona attack without waiting for M. Izanagi to disappear will cause him to do said attack from his horizontal position. This is used as a tool for combos and to control space in neutral, allowing Adachi to attack from a distance while remaining safe himself. Doing certain persona moves in such way will result in the following:
  261. -5C: Magatsu Izanagi does 5C on the ground directly below where he stopped during 2C
  262. -j.C (on hit only): Magatsu Izanagi will use j.C to launch the opponent BACK at Adachi, instead of away from him
  263. -5D: Magatsu Izanagi will do 5D from his exact position, which is high up in the air, so don't do it, ever
  264. -Magatsu Mandala A/SB: Same as 5C, Magatsu Izanagi appears on the ground and uses the attack from his horizontal position. A version is used to get the Mandala buff safely.
  265. -Magatsu Mandala B: Exception to the rule, M. Izanagi GOES BACK to Adachi before executing Mandala.
  266. -Ghastly Wail: M. Izanagi does Ghastly Wail on the ground from his horizontal position, auto-correcting to grab opponents from both sides. C version is used as a full-screen type command grab that can't be reacted to.
  269. Fear Install: Evil Smile is a move with specific range that does nothing but inflict Fear. While it is pretty cool, it's very risky to throw it at random, but there are a few ways to do it safely. The first one is by using Teleport 2C into 5C. If your opponent blocks the 5C, simply auto into Evil Smile. Wheter you use the C or the D version depends on your opponent's position on the screen. The other way is with the following combos:
  271. -CH DP > 665C > 236D
  272. -CH 2B (jump cancel) > falling j.B > 5B > Tennis Route > 5C > 96 > j.B > j.2C(1) > j.2D > 74 > j.C > 236C
  274. Calm down... MEGIDOLA!: Having trouble with a defensive opponent? Refresh their memory by reminding them you have a command grab. Just have him block any 5A/5AA/2A/5B, then do 236B > 214C. You'll get into a stance and command grab them right by the time blockstun ends, and "Tadah...! Megidola...". Another way is by doing 5A > 5AA on block, then doing 214C with a slight delay to catch opponents offguard.
  277. Hey, look at these EZ unblockable setups of 5 simple steps!:
  279. -Step 1; Activate Magatsu Mandala
  280. -Step 2; Hit your opponent with 5AAA > Heat Riser B
  281. -Step 3; Tennis > 5B > 5C > 5D (5D will reset and be unblockable because of rage)
  282. -Step 4; Run allllll the way to the corner while carrying the opponent who got hit by the unblockable 5D
  283. -Step 5; Combo them for like, 6k damage or something. The combo 5C > Tennis > 5B > 2B > j.2C will Poison them twice, dealing around 1k damage, and Silence them, making it impossible to Burst. Just make sure to keep your distance during 5C > 2C(1), since they can burst during that one segment, and if they hit you, rip.
  285. -Step 1; Mandala
  286. -Step 2; Anything (except Full 5C, obviously) into Heat Riser B on the corner
  287. -Step 3; Combo the Heat Riser into Tennis > 236ABB
  288. -Step 4; Time a 5B so it hits when your opponent stops spinning, but before they fully recover
  289. -Step 5; 5B > 236BB > 5C > Tennis > 5B > 5C > j.B > j.2C(1) > j.2D > 214A
  292. Fuck your oki, I have Atom Smasher: Getting up from the ground? SB Atom Smasher on wake up has invincibility to a lot of your opponent's options and is + on block, so... If you hit it, you can combo into 5B > 2B > j.2C. If it gets blocked, you instantly get the advantage, so start your pressure (or bait the DPs that people like to throw out at that time).
  293. ...But wait, you're telling me your opponent is respecting you so they can DP after they see your super? EZ, that's when you start doing Ghastly Wail C. It can't be reacted to, so be a dick and screw their respect.
  297. Scumbag 2B reset: *Corner Combo* > 2A *Opponent techs* GOT YA! *2B reset*. I present to you the scumbag 2B reset! After ending a combo in 2C/j.2C or j.2D in the corner, you hit your opponent with a 2A, and if they're holding tech, they will air tech. Then do 2B (which is air unblockable) and get a free combo! Combos from 2B reset can loop into itself as well. Do note this works on back, up, and front tech, but not on neutral and no tech.
  299. 2B > j.2C > 2A > 5B > 5C > 2C > 2A
  301. 2B > j.2C > 2A > 5B > 5C > tennis > 2C > 2A
  303. 2B > j.2C > 5B > 5C > 2C > 2A (Can end in 236ABA > Ghastly Wail instead)
  305. 2B > j.2C > 5B > 5C > 2C > tennis > 2C > 2A
  307. Variation:
  309. 2B > j.2C > 5B > 5C > tennisx2 > reset 2B
  311. The above variation involves doing tennis twice in a row. The opponent will tech out immediatelly after the second j.C hits, then all you have to do is wait for them to fall down and repeat the reset. Alternatively, you can send 2C/j.2C after them since it's also air unblockable.
  313. Variation #2:
  315. 2B > j.2C > 5B > 5C > j.B > dj.B > j.C > 2B
  317. This one involves hitting your opponent with j.C, falling on the ground, and doing 2B when you land. If your opponent teched back or up, you'll catch them with 2B.
  319. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT high level play material. This is called "Scumbag reset" exactly because it's a scumbag tactic. If you ever get the chance to do it, there's no need to hesitate and giving it a shot, but DO NOT rely on this as a game carry against opponents who know what they're doing. Attempting it occasionally (read: once) to try and get your opponent while his guard is down is understandable and recommendable, but if your opponent escapes it even once, it should be enough for you to realize it won't work. Be VERY wary of doing this against good players.
  323. Thunder Whiff: In hop route combos, the usual way of ending it is in j.2C. But what if you can keep doing more Tennis? After doing Tennis route, you can do 5C > iad (input 96) j.B > j.2C(1) > j.2D so that you can make j.2C gloriously have its second hit not come out! How it goes: if you do the iad j.B > j.2C(1) part correctly, when you do that j.2D in the sequence, you'll be cancelling j.2C before the grab happens. But that's not all, you'll also be so close to the ground, that j.2D itself will not come out either, since Adachi will land during the attack's startup. That allows you to hop immediatelly upon landing and doing j.C one more time, send the opponent back to you yet -again-. You thought the Tennis game was over, folks, BUT IT WAS I, IAD j.B > J.2C(1) > WJ.2D! All credits go to RedDust (Adacheese).
  325. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  326. Hints, Tips, Tricks, etc.
  327. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  329. First and foremost, I wish to regard a point with Full 5C and Ghastly Wail: Hitting a Full 5C will ALWAYS reduce Ghastly Wail to its minimun damage. With that in mind, I wish to tell you that if you want to do SB tackle > Ghastly Wail to deal a lot of damage, DO NOT do full 5C. One would think 5CF > 2AB > 236ABA > GW deals good damage, but 5C(1) > 236ABA > GW deals more than that. To simplify:
  331. -[j.C] 5A > 5AA > 5B > 5C > 236ABA > GW is the least damaging GW combo.
  332. -[j.C] 5A > 5AA > 5B > 5CF > 2AB > 236ABA > GW is the ONLY combo where 5CF leads to higher damage than 5C(1)
  333. -If you're doing a different combo than the above, OR if you have either HR or Mandala up, NEVER do Full 5C. 5C(1) > 236ABA > GW route will 100% of the time be stronger.
  336. Now, an interesting setup that may not see chance to be used often, but it's always good to know.
  337. If you do a j.2D close to the ground and your opponent blocks it, do 214B to force them to respect the Persona. If they try to break it or if they forget to block low, they get hit and your persona is still ok. If they block the gunshot, do Ghastly Wail C. DO NOT cancel 214B into it, simply time it after you recover from the gunshot. That way, Magatsu Izanagi will do Ghastly Wail from the position he ended up after doing j.2D. It's a good way to make people scared of following j.2Ds and making them think the ground is unsafe.
  340. "What's more important: Magatsu Mandala, Heat Riser, or Ghastly Wail?"
  341. -The answer is... it depends.
  343. Frequently asked questions (not really) by Adachi players is which of those supers is the one with biggest urgency. The thing is, they are all important on their own, and now it's time I explained why... ok, no, everyone knows why, but what YOU want to know is WHEN and HOW to use them, correct? Don't care, I'm explaining it anyway.
  345. Heat Riser: Match-start priority. When the fight starts, this is your first goal of buff. 10% increase in attack and defense that lasts the whole match (don't get Persona broken), this is an obvious go-to. HOWEVER! You don't want to just throw all your focus on this. Try to get this in an optimal combo. Don't just full 5C into it to cheese it, do a proper confirm and you can get a 3.5k (4k in the corner) combo and the buff. Heat Riser is a really good combo tool. Anyway, when to use it: When you have over half HP, OR when you and your opponent both have low HP -and- you don't have meter for Ghastly Wail. That way, the defense buff will also ensure you can live a little longer.
  347. Magatsu Mandala: When your opponent has high HP and you are, of course, on awakening. Basically, while Heat Riser is a long run defense buff and short run offense buff, Mandala is a long run "Fuck you" buff. With 5C and j.C dealing Poison on every hit, and that Poison dealing a total amount of 8% your opponent's HP, Mandala is precisely the tool you want for reducing your opponent's health in the blink of an eye. This is really made for when your opponent has high HP. If he is at low HP, Heat Riser and Ghastly Wail are better options, but if he is still tanking, get Mandala up and build a salt factory with the renmants of your opponent.
  349. Ghastly Wail: Ez pz. When your opponent is borderline awakening or when they are on awakening but almost dying. Ghastly Wail is pretty much a guaranteed kill. Also, if you have Mandala up, GW deals so much damage, it's almost unfair. Almost. Hue.
  351. TL;DR:
  353. Heat Riser:
  354. -You have high HP
  355. -You and opponent have low HP
  357. Magatsu Mandala:
  358. -Opponent has high HP
  360. Ghastly Wail:
  361. -Opponent has low HP
  362. -Opponent is on borderline awakening
  363. -Opponent has less than 50% HP and you have Mandala up
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