One Steamy Filly

Jan 5th, 2014
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  1. >you are Anonymous and you are about to enjoy yourself
  2. >your steamroom is finally finished
  3. >and with you is Dandelion, whom you promised to invite over for the first steambath ever in your steamroom
  4. >you have already made your way and now you are sitting naked on the tiles, enjoying the warm steam
  5. >you hear the door opening
  6. "Anon? Where are you, Dandelion can't see"
  7. >"Over here Dandelion, just follow my voice"
  8. >the steam is thick, but soon you see a form near you as Dandelion appears from within the cloud of thick steam
  9. >and you start to laugh
  10. >she looks hillarious when wet
  11. >Dandelion settles down next to you and the two of you sit in silence
  12. >You relax and lie back a bit, resting your back against the wall and close your eyes
  13. >it's really relaxing
  14. >you open your eyes to take a look at how Dandelion is enjoying this treat
  15. >but you find her enjoying a whole different sort of a treat
  16. >she's starring at your flaccid penis, mesmerized by it
  17. >"... Dandelion what are you doing?"
  18. >this seems to break her trance as she turns to you in suprise, and then blushes a but and averts her eyes to the floor
  19. "Ummm... It's just that this is the first time seeing boy parts..."
  20. >you sit back up straight
  21. >... damn you did not think of that
  22. >you kinda expected for the dick to be not that alien of a thing, concidering these ponies rarely wear clothes
  23. >but you forgot that they don't just hang around like humans, they're sheathed
  24. >welp, this is awkward
  25. >"Uhhh... I should go fetch a towel"
  26. >Dandelion looks at you with panic
  27. "NO!"
  28. >you stare at Dandelion as she starts to shyly fumble with her words
  29. "Umm Dandelion means that you'll get cold if you go now, no need to go! Really!"
  30. >She's smiling a nerveous smile at you
  31. >"Do you... want to stare at my dick?"
  32. >Dandelion hangs her head in defeat
  33. "Yes"
  34. >welp, that was an answer you were not prepared for
  35. >"...Why?"
  36. >Dandelion sighs
  37. "Because Dandelion wants to know more. But nopony lets Dandelion read abotu it since they think Dandelion is too young"
  38. >"I think you're too young as well"
  39. >Dandelion puffs her cheeks up in disapproval
  40. "Dandelion is not too young!"
  41. >"Yes you are"
  42. >that seems to make Dandelion angrier as she dives at you while shouting
  43. "I'll proof to you that Dandelion is not too young!"
  44. >before you can react a wet Dandelion collides with your body, some of her hairs sticking to your wet skin
  45. >and then her tongue forces it's way into your mouth, softly dancing in your mouth
  46. >Oh
  47. >Oh WOW
  48. >where has she learned all this
  49. >you find yourelf unable to fight back as you experience the most sensual of kisses you have ever felt
  50. >well, truth to be told, the only kiss you have ever experienced
  51. >Dandelion pulls her mouth off of yours as you catch your breath, Dandelion equally out of breath herself
  52. "Haah haah haah, see, Dandelion is not too young"
  53. >you look at Dandelion, not sure what to say
  54. >and then it dawns to you, you have an erection, and it just poked Dandelion on her butt
  55. >Dandelion turns and looks at your prized posession, and her mouth hangs open as she gazes it with eyes wide as plates, filled with wonder
  56. >"Uhhhh... can you get off of me Dandelion?"
  57. >Dandelion turns to look at you with a cheshire grin
  58. "No"
  59. >you think off just throwing her off if she does not comply, but then Dandelion moves her little body
  60. >your member slides along her valley and suddenly you feel all the strenght leaving your body, replaced with pleasure
  61. >damn steamroom, making you weak
  62. >your vision blackens a bit as you feel weak
  63. >Dandelion takes notice of this and uses her chance to push you onto your back
  64. >your dick is now throbbing against Dandelions buttocks as she straddles you
  65. >"Dandelion, please, we, we shouldn't be doing this"
  66. >but your words fall to deaf ears as Dandelion smiles down upon you with bedroom eyes
  67. "Don't worry Anon, Dandelion won't put it in"
  68. >Dandelion raises her hips off of you and your erect dick slaps wettly against your abdomen
  69. "Dandelion will just do this..."
  70. >Dandelion lowers herself abck on top of you, her organ against the underside of your shaft, and she starts to grind it
  71. >your eyes bulge at this unbelieveable pleasure coursing trough you as Dandelion moans in pleasure
  72. >her untouched soft mound slides lewdly along the underside of your shaft, all the way to your glans and then back down again
  73. >"O- oh wow, oh WOW!"
  74. >you can't help but to utter those words
  75. >all reason is now gone from your mind as you find yourself wishing for more pleasure
  76. >Dandelion gazes down upon you with content eyes and bites her lower lip gently as she applies more force to her movement
  77. >your hands move on their own, grasping Dandelion by the hips
  78. "See~ Dandelion is not too young~"
  79. >her voice drips with seduction as you pull her hips against your now throbbing and twitching ultimate weapon
  80. >this seems to be very pleasureable to Dandelion as she suddenly jerks her body and starts to grind it more violently against you
  81. >you are on the edge now and Dandelion moves her hoofs onto her mouth to muffle out her squeal of lust
  82. "Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"
  83. >she's now vibrating on top of you, orgasming wildly
  84. >This sends you way over the edge as your cock bursts your seed out, sending it all over your chest and face
  85. >but you do not care as you pant in the post-orgasm afterglow as Dandelion collapses on top of you, breathing hard
  86. >but then you feel something wet against your chest
  87. >you look down and see Dandelion cleaning your semen off of you with her tongue
  88. >soon she has your chest cleaned and scoots closet and licks the rest off of your face
  89. >this is the single most erotic thing you have yet experienced in your life, watching Dandelion clean you with focus and loving care
  90. >As Dandelion snuggles against you she whispers some words to you
  91. "Don't worry Anon, Dandelion won't tell anypony..."
  92. >you hug Dandelion closer as the two of you rest in the room filled with steam
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