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Aug 1st, 2019
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  1. Commercial Truck Insurance
  2. Contact:
  3. Address: 277 Halsey St, suite 310 Newark, NJ 07102
  4. Phone: 973-524-7694
  5. Website URL:
  7. About US:
  8. Every driver and every business is unique.Likewise, the specific forms of commercial driver insurance you need will bespecific to your personal needs. Maybe you’re an individual owner operatingindependently. Maybe you own a small fleet of trucks and need to protect yourmen. Maybe you are managing a major shipping operation and need an entireenterprise package.
  9. Whether you are an independent operator or a business owner looking toinsure your drivers, you need a commercial insurance provider that understandsthe changing needs of today’s commercial driving businesses. When it comes toCommercial Truck insurance we know them all. With more years of experience inTrucking Insurance we can cover anything from cargo van to Box Truck toTractor-Trailer. If you are in a for-hire trucking business, you are in good hands— we've got you covered!
  10. Don’t leave yourself at risk by choosing the wrong provider. We have spentyears perfecting the art of shaping coverage for each individual client andhave extensive knowledge of the unique laws and regulations associated withcommercial trucking insurance.
  11. With laws changing and competition increasing across the commercial truckinsurance sector, getting the best deal means knowing your stuff. You certainlydon’t need to be an expert (leave that to us) but you need to know who you cantrust.
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  14. Additional Details
  15. Hours: Mon - Fri 9 a.m - 6 p.m
  16. Payment: Cash, all cc
  17. Social Profiles
  22. GMB Listing
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