SKE48 Musubi no Ichiban!

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  1. SKE48 むすびのイチバン!
  2. SKE48 Musubi no Ichiban! Was a late-night variety program that was broadcasted on Tokai TV from April 25, 2017 to March 27, 2019. Through the familiar food "Onigiri" (Rice Balls) SKE48 members aim to become idols beloved by everyone like Rice Balls by connecting with the people in the Tokai region.
  4. 01  SKE48 new program "Musubi no Ichiban!" First Broadcast, Tani Marika and Yamauchi Suzuran visit people who work hard after midnight
  5. 02  SKE48 goes to Tokugawa Public Market in Higashi Ward, SKE48 makes Original Handmade Rice Balls
  6. 03  SKE48 goes to Aichi Gakuin University, Nisshin Campus Equestrian Club
  7. 04  SKE48 goes to Aichi Gakuin University, Weightlifting Department, Dance Club Competition
  8. 05  Idols challenge each other with Freestyle rap!?
  9. 06  Uchiyama Mikoto's first rank-in operation
  10. 07  SKE48 Magic Show in front of children!
  11. 08  Interview Newspaper "NG" reporter to acquire expressiveness, Expert Food reporter found in "A shop where you get to know someone"
  12. 09  SKE48 challenge making rice balls using spiny shrimp!
  13. 10  SKE48 goes to shoe specialty store "GAKU PLUS"!
  14. 11  SKE48 challenge to make a special candy with good luck!
  15. 12  SKE48 puts on fireproof clothes and challenge Firefighter training!
  16. 13  Fukushi Nao, Takatera Sana and SKE48 new center Obata Yuna help a mango farm!
  17. 14  SKE48 Helps a famous Hitsumabushi store! Challenge to make a new delicious rice ball using the unique taste of Hitsumabushi!
  18. 15  SKE48 “Insta Girl” Kimoto Kanon shows off how to take cute photos
  19. 16  Arai Yuki, Kumasaki Haruka and Takahata Yuki collaborate with the monkey Jubee!
  20. 17  Oya Masana, Asana Inuzuka and Goto Risako challenge to make rice balls using Chita beef!
  21. 18  Saito Makiko, Takagi Yumana and Goto Rara teach the genius golf girl “God response”!
  22. 19  "Churi's camera" is up and running! Thighs photography challenge!
  23. 20  Can SKE48 be surprised in the city!? Oba Mina, Sugiyama Aika and Takeuchi Saki convey Tokoname city charm with a helmet camera!
  24. 21  SKE48 devise a catchphrase that will appeal to young people! Let's think about the best catchphrase of natto in Japan!
  25. 22  SKE48 is looking for "kawaii" in Nagoya!
  26. 23  This time a Surprising plan for SKE48!! Start a real battle!, Yoshimura announces that he will participate in the locations from the next time!
  27. 24  Idol x BMX!? SKE48 PR video shooting challenge!
  28. 25  Let's make delicious rice balls in Kaizu City using the Senbo Inari Shrine gourmet specialty!
  29. 26  Mizuno Airi, Fukushi Nao and Ota Ayaka Let's support the people of Nagoya with a marching band “Chindon'ya”!
  30. 27  Sato Sumire, Asai Yuka and Takahata Yuki "Location Reaction" challenge!
  31. 28  Kimoto Kanon and Otoha Machi frustrated explosion in swordplay showdown!
  32. 29  SKE48 is looking for fashionable young people in the heavy rain!
  33. 30  Suda Akari, Tani Marika and Honoka Aikawa are "Looking for Beppin"!
  34. 31  Kataoka Narumi, Furuhata Nao and Takayanagi Akane become "mask beauties" with high-class masks!
  35. 32  Suspicious Qualifications!? SKE48 judges "1st Musubare Audition"!
  36. 33  SKE48 shoots a PR video of a Lemon-lime drink that was revived for the first time in 17 years!
  37. 34  Surprised by a beautiful orihime!? SKE48 looks for a beautiful woman in Ichinomiya!
  38. SP  SKE48 Musubi no Ichiban! Special Edition, Mysterious! Impressive! Entertainment Journey In America! ~Sedona & Las Vegas~
  39. 35  SKE48 and Nobucobu's Yoshimura battle in a survival game!
  40. 36  SKE48 draws a dog on the map!? Challenge to make an original tourist map!
  41. 37  SKE48 fights with elementary school students in "○○○ quarrel"!
  42. 38  Natsuki Kamata & Sugawara Maya's "Unconscious" quiz is challenged by Senbatsu members!
  43. 39  Ida Reona, Nojima Kano and FC Gifu Ambassador Otoha Machi challenge street football!
  44. 40  SKE48's unit "Strawberry Punch" character collapse crisis!
  45. 41  Ota Ayaka and Yahagi Yukina take on the challenge "The Second Fukushi Nao"!
  46. 42  Oba Mina, Saito Makiko and Suenaga Oka gourmet quiz battle!
  47. 43  SKE48 jumps on the snowboard and challenges the magic slope!
  48. 44  Nobucobu Yoshimura teaches SKE48 about "Celebrity World Survival Manners"!
  49. 45  Uchiyama Mikoto, Kitano Ruka and Kataoka Narumi reveal inside stories of SKE48!
  50. 46  Angel "Ego-tan" is coming to "Musubi no Ichiban!" Mizuno & Sugawara's "D2" combination search in the city of Nagoya
  51. 47  SKE48 baseball showdown with a women's professional baseball team!
  52. 48  SKE48 Musubi no Ichiban! moves on Tuesday SP! Monday's last reflection, meeting of 15 members!
  53. 49  Furuhata Nao vs hot popcorn!? SKE48 challenges world records!
  54. 50  Goto Rara, Sato Kaho, Tani Marika and Furuhata Nao aim for "yo-yo idols" that are still vacant!
  55. 51  SKE48 strives to build a beautiful body, but "I do not want to do it again!"
  56. 52  Matsui Jurina, Soda Sarina and Nobucobu on location, SKE48 collaboration with dogs, create a big topic!
  57. 53  SKE48 takes on the second game planning for Angel "Ego-tan" search!
  58. 54  Aiming to be a “Home Appliance Idol”, SKE48 will hold a home appliance presentation battle!
  59. 55  SKE48 "Evolution-style rice ball showdown" which one will succeed!
  60. 56  What does SKE48 learned from golf courses “what it means to be a plus in life”?
  61. 57  Let's go around the No.1 spots around Nagoya Dome and become familiar with various “No. 1”!
  62. 58  Divining the ranking of SKE48 members in the World General Election forecast (Part 1)
  63. 59  Divining the ranking of SKE48 members in the World General Election forecast (Part 2)
  64. 60  Backstage close-up of the 10th AKB48 World General Election and Matsui Jurina who Won the first place SP!
  65. 61  SKE48 learns the art of food report from Kansai No.1 food reporter!
  66. 62  A confidential survey reveals the true faces of Sato Kaho and Suenaga Oka!
  67. 63  What is the gold plan! "Kin no Musubi" presentation competition!
  68. 64  Matsumura Kaori, Yuzuki Hidaka, Ida Reona and Former table tennis club Kitano Ruka face off against a genius table tennis girl!
  69. 65  Survive as an action actress! Aim to be one of the few acrobat actresses and you will survive!
  70. 66  Aim for a world record! Challenge unique competitions to liven up the Mihama Kaiyu Beach Festival!
  71. 67  Musubi no Ichiban! General Election Reward BBQ Party!
  72. 68  To survive the entertainment world!? Showdown with idols covered in mud!
  73. 69  SKE48 walks "Okazaki shaved ice highway" with 10 kg of ice to conquer "Shaved Ice's 7 Gods"
  74. 70  Yamauchi Suzuran, Takahata Yuki, Ayaka Ota and Kamimura Ayuka challenge The legend of the "Straw Millionaire"
  75. 71  SKE48 challenges the popular hip and butt fitness where reservations are filled up to half a year in advance!
  76. 72  SKE48 Musubi no Ichiban! Tour planning “Realistically looking for Nagoya properties”!
  77. 73  Emergency broadcast! SKE48 Musubi no Ichiban! Matsui Jurina Welcome back SP
  78. 74  Takayanagi Akane, Oba Mina, Soda Sarina and Takeuchi Saki challenge to make rice balls using local brand chickens!
  79. 75  SKE48 challenges genius badminton girl for the title of "badminton idol"!
  80. 76  Arai Yuki, Obata Yuna, Furuhata Nao and Mizuno Airi challenge Yoshimura at the latest popular spot!
  81. 77  SKE48 challenges the abroad latest popular sport "Archery Tag"
  82. 78  SKE48 Challenges Making Rice Balls Using Local Brand Pig "Koibi Pig"
  83. 79  SKE48 helps a Showa retro arcade game repair
  84. 80  In Magical Words!? SKE48 Challenges Back rolls!
  85. 81  The idol's room condition is revealed!? The second property planning project on Musubi no Ichiban!
  86. 82  Sugiyama Aika and Nojima Kano are back again!? SKE48 learns the essence of laughter from Yui P!
  87. 83  SKE48 scouts cute high school girls to dance with at a the school festival!
  88. 84  SKE48 and Nobucobu hold a year-end party at the campsite!
  89. 85  SKE48 24th single "Stand by you" hit prayer!
  90. 86  SKE48 9th generation audition's "amazing" blush footage of the seniors members watching!
  91. 87  What is the reason for Mizuno Airi's tears!? SKE48 confronts each other for the right to publish “Ramen Gravure”!
  92. 88  From sexy women to Instagram sweets!? SKE48 looks for "ichiban" in Inuyama castle town!
  93. 89  New adult SKE48, Kitagawa Ryoha, Ida Reona, Kamata Natsuki and Kumazaki Haruka transform into sexy "adult girls"
  94. 90  SKE48 and Nobucobu visit a beauty college to polish idols!
  95. 91  SKE48 goes to CA College! (Cabin Attendant Technical School) Customer Responding to Yoshimura's mess!
  96. 92  SKE48 Challenge to overcome "chicken" with popular chicken dishes
  97. 93  Aim! For the best Japanese idol body! Challenge to build a "beautiful body"
  98. 94  who is the idol who knows the real thing "Connoisseur King Battle"!?
  99. 95  Rugby World Cup 2019 special supporter of the host city SKE48 challenges rugby
  100. 96  The second home electronics presentation project at Musubi no Ichiban!
  101. 97  SKE48 Heisei quiz at Gujo Hachiman!
  102. 98  10 things I want to do with Nobucobu Part 1
  103. 99  10 things I want to do with Nobucobu Part 2 (Final)
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