Mar 22nd, 2015
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  1. I live in this small town relatively high up in the mountains. Things are quiet up here for the most part since we surprisingly had few encounters with Mamono and general outsiders except for one chance encounter with a harpy that had managed to get lost somehow and suffered some minor injures. We hesitantly helped her out which wasn't too difficult. She flew away quite happily but the townsfolk were ambivalent about helping out this harpy; paranoid that this simple kind act would bring unwanted chaos to their little town
  3. She must have been quite eager to tell her friends back home about us because in a few months from that point on, a group of the same kind of harpy flew down, kidnapping men from the town. They were too many and too fast to fend off. After that people stayed bolted in their homes away from windows, cursing their former actions all the while. They barely stepped outside in paranoia.
  5. But they didn't relent at all. There were always a couple looking around the town for any man foolish enough to step out. They seemed to get frustrated when people stopped showing up outside and even resorted to breaking into homes via smashing opening windows. We grew frustrated at all this happening and decided to leave in the middle of the night to some place closer to Order territory or at least to a bigger town; anywhere to get away from the harpies.
  7. It was a long journey but we eventually made it after having a few townsfolk being dragged off by some other Mamono native to the area. It goes without saying that the villagers became quite hateful of the Mamono since their home was now forcibly abandoned. When the idea of the harpies using the town as their own nest creeped up it annoyed them even further. Everyone was more than eager to join the Order.
  9. I was no exception although I was more interested in just keeping this town safe than exacting revenge like some of the other villagers. If I'm going to be kidnapped I'd at least want to do it while defending my town than being defenseless is what I told myself. I've been a member for nearly a week so I wasn't of much help yet. I was out for some light exercise after training when in the distance I spotted a harpy in the sky. There was no mistake that this was the harpy we helped which felt so long ago. It noticed me as well and rushed in with frightening speed and a very excited look its face.
  11. I wasn't good enough to even get in a single hit. It grabbed me but pretty clumsily. In it's haste to return and perhaps not get spotted by other members of the order, her grip slipped. Of course she didn't seem to even notice that I was falling from the sky down a cliff. I wasn't too high yet so hopefully this fall won't kill me.
  13. Damn my luck.
  15. So after falling more my body finally lands but not after hitting a couple of rocks here or there. From all that pain I passed out rather quickly.
  17. When I awoke I was in a bed. A rather well kept one too. I was alone too by the looks of it. Well maybe not for long as there was some noise on the other side of the door. As the sound of footsteps was nearing the door I decided to lay back into the bed and pretend I was asleep. The door opened and the footsteps became louder.
  19. They stopped right near the top of the bed followed by a brief silence
  21. "Still asleep are we?" A rather alluring woman's voice softly inquired. I didn't respond.
  23. "Well take your time." He could feel her hand slowly caressing his face.
  25. I decided to just end this charade and open my eyes.
  27. "Morning sleepy head. You got quite beat up back there."
  29. A kitsune huh? I mentally count the tails and it comes up to 8. I make a quick mental note to not piss off this Mamono.
  31. "How long was I out?"
  33. She ponders this and then shrugs.
  35. "A couple of hours I think? It wasn't too hard to treat your wounds"
  37. I moved to sit up but the pain stopped my attempt
  39. "Ah, you shouldn't try to move so soon. You aren't completely healed yet but I don't think it'll take too long."
  41. As she said that she gently pushed me back into the bed, pulling the cover me as if she were my mother.
  43. "Rest well." She says as she leaves with a smile.
  45. After she closes the door behind her I can shortly hear a conversation going on. Asides from the woman I was talking to just moments ago there was a younger female voice too. A friend or relative probably. I wasn't willing to think too hard right now about and instead just went to sleep.
  47. For the next few days, I stayed in the house. My interaction with the Kitsune was rather minimal. All that was there was some light conversation. Any questions she asked about me weren't very intrusive. She found some humor in hearing that a Harpy's clumsy grip was how I came to be though.
  49. When I came to, she told me she had some things she wanted to discuss. After stretching my legs, I left the bed room and met with the Kitsune in the entryway. She looked at me, studying my reaction as she asked:
  51. "It's good to see you recovering so well. But you're of the Order so what will you do? Kill me?"
  53. There was absolutely no way I could win in a normal fight. Not that I would want to fight even if I was evenly matched. More importantly she did save me from dying from a nasty fall and treated me well while I recovered.
  55. So my answer was a simple no. When she asked if I was planning on telling my fellow Order members about her house I gave her the same reply. I was intimidated into saying no out of fear of what would happen to me or any Order soldiers I might tell about her that would be foolhardy enough to challenge her. She seemed a bit intrigued
  57. "Well as long as you don't tell the Order about me or where I live that's fine but there's one other thing..."
  59. She makes a small motion for someone else to step in. From a different door out comes a younger kitsune who looks to be in her teens or so.
  61. "Take my daughter out for a date!" She announces with a playful smile. Her previous serious look completely gone.
  63. The both of us were guided outside the house before we could get a word in about it. Not that I could really refuse.
  65. The little kitsune looks at me with curiosity. We had not spoken or seen each other until this point so there was more than a fair share of awkward silence.
  67. "So where do you wanna go?" I asked her since the immediate area around me was unfamiliar to me and she would probably. I briefly wondered just how far I was from where I fell.
  69. "I knew a couple of cool places." She said after thinking for a short time. Although her looks were pretty similar to her mom she seemed a bit more calm and composed.
  71. So with that I just followed her. Getting a walk after being in bed for the past couple of days was nice.
  73. It was fairly long walk but we reached our destination which gave a very nice view of a distant waterfall.
  75. I sat down and gazed at the waterfall and other scenery not really paying much attention to much else. There was a long silence.
  77. "Do you hate Mamono?" I didn't notice the little kitsune until she asked the question so I was taken off guard.
  79. Do I? Well they tend to be kind of pushy and I have less than kind things to those harpies. But other than that not really.
  81. "Not for the most part."
  83. "Even though you're in the Order?"
  85. Yeah that would probably make little sense to anyone asking. Oh well.
  87. I shrugged "Well I figured if where I live is invaded by Mamono some day that I should at least stand and defend it rather than sit around doing nothing"
  89. I laid on my back staring at nothing in particular. That was probably a really wish-washy answer but oh well.
  91. A few minutes later and decided to end our visit to the waterfall.
  93. "That was pretty nice." Even though the trip so far as been pretty mellow I was still having fun regardless.
  95. "So any other places you wanna go to?" Oh what the hell. No harm in doing some more sightseeing plus if I half-ass this it'd show through.
  97. She seemed surprised but not displeased at my question. Was she just going to bring me here and call it day?
  99. After thinking about for a bit she stood up, wearing a smile on her face
  101. "Yeah OK!" Was her reply. The little calm and quiet Kitsune shortly became rather excited, urging me to get up.
  103. And so we were off again on another walk to a new place.
  105. We ended up seeing some nice scenery like a forest and some rivers. What began as a simple outing became quite the hike. It was hard to refuse her offers to see more since she was so excited about it. But eventually we decided to head back.
  107. "Well you two were gone longer than I thought. You both had fun I take it?"
  109. I confirmed it with a simple "Yeah" while The younger kitsune smiled and nodded silently.
  111. "Hey Mom? Can I talk to you in private about something?"
  113. I was told to wait in the bedroom while they talked about something or rather. I had a bad feeling about it though.
  115. "Absolutely not!" The mother yelled quite loudly after a few minutes. The next moment she kicked open the door which made me flinch. Her irritated expression didn't help that along either. She quickly moved toward me and wrapped me up in her tails, practically stomping on her way there. Her daughter entered the room, looking upset at seeing me in such a state.
  117. "I'm taking him for myself!" She declared.
  118. "That wasn't what we agreed on!" The daughter angrily shouted back.
  119. "That's MY line!" I also shouted as I struggled to break free from her tails but they ignored me.
  121. Oh wonderful. I get to be in the middle of a family quarrel. Just when I thought this couldn't get more out of hand there was a bang coming from the other side of the front door of the house. That silenced the pair of kitsune. Please be a paladin or something.
  123. The bang grew louder and the intruder quickly made into the room we were in, knocking the door wide open. Oh great that was just what I needed.
  125. "There you are!" The intruder pointed her wing at the three of us. The Kitsune were shocked but I just sighed.
  127. Of course it had to be that damned harpy that dropped me of all people. She wore a determined looked, wearing a bandana with the words "NEVER SURRENDER" written on it. I had the feeling her fellow harpies gave her more than a little bit of flak for failing to return me to her home.
  129. "Oh how wonderful. It's my assassin." I stated in a deadpan tone.
  130. "That was an accident!" She was quick to correct me.
  131. "What was an accident? Not killing me? How horrible!"
  133. She became even angrier at that, glaring at me and even growing a bit. I heard the younger kitsune snicker at my remark.
  135. "Anyway you're coming back with me and that's that!" She shouted. She leaned back, ready to fly directly into this fluffy pile of family issues. But the Kitsune's mom had a lessened grip on me with her tails due to the sudden intrusion. I managed to break free leapt off of the bed and before she could grab me again the Harpy soared straight into the pair which was my ticket out. So I ran out of there in a hurry. When the Harpy noticed my escape attempt she flew to catch me but I already out of the room so she instead found herself slamming against the door.
  137. I kept running. I was free but now there was a new problem. The area around me didn't resemble where I fell from too much. So the plan was to just keep going until I couldn't anymore and hopefully wind up somewhere familiar in the meanwhile.
  139. It wasn't long until I was exhausted. I didn't notice either the older kitsune or that damned harpy chasing me which was a relief. I really didn't want to stop but I had little choice so I looked for some place a ways off the path and took a nap against a tree.
  141. When I awoke I found the young kitsune staring at me with a small smile. I jolted backwards forgetting that I was against a tree.
  143. "You're cute when you sleep." she stated while poking my nose
  144. I don't think I want to know how long she was watching me for.
  146. "So uh.." I yawned in the middle of question. "What are you doing here? Did you mom sent you after me?"
  147. She shook her head.
  148. "Nope. Mom got really mad at that harpy so they're yelling at each other and fighting. I wanted nothing to do with that so I left without saying a word. They didn't even seem to notice."
  150. Well hopefully she's not on the warpath looking for her now. And if she is hopefully she's still faraway
  152. I stood up and stretched a bit.
  153. "So what are you going to do?" The younger kitsune asked.
  154. "Try to get home" I replied with a sigh. "But what about you? Wouldn't your mom be looking for you right about now?"
  155. "Yeah but I'm not a hurry to return. When she's mad you don't really want to be in the same room as her. She's been pretty aloof since dad left us."
  156. "Your dad, huh?"
  157. I didn't want to be nosy but she continued with her story anyway "He left when I was young without saying a word. When mom found and took you in she became quite excited."
  158. Well that explains it. I was curious about something else though.
  159. "Were there any other humans that visited you?"
  160. "Not really. Some passed by but they never visited. Mom would try to entice to visit but moved on in a hurry."
  162. I thanked her for telling me all this and moved to leave.
  163. "Oh wait! There's somewhere I want to take you for showing me a good time earlier."
  164. Something about this rubbed me the wrong way. "You don't have to do anything special for me."
  165. I started to walk away when a familiar, older kitsune stepped in front of me wearing a wide smile. And then something struck me from behind.
  166. Before my consciousness faded I heard a "Oh but I insist!" followed by a laugh from the younger kitsune.
  168. When I came to I was in a cave somewhere. How far had they taken me? Some lanterns were set around the place as well as a few boxes.
  169. "Oh look, he's awake." The younger kitsune remarked.
  170. I got up off the ground and sat up. Looking behind me I saw the older kitsune. She smiled and waved at me.
  171. She was blocking the exit so just getting up and leaving wasn't going to happen.
  173. The older kitsune moved closer and hugged me from behind, she grabbed my ear lobe and played with it a little.
  174. "Now what to do with you?"
  175. "Can I eat already? I'm starving!" The younger one impatiently demanded
  176. I felt myself flinch at those words. "Not the way you're thinking, soldier man." The voice behind me was quick to try and reassure me.
  178. "So you're sure you want this one? I wouldn't mind taking him if you'd rather look for someone else."
  179. "No I think he'll be just fine." The younger one smiled and inched herself closer to me with a lewd smile.
  180. "Weren't you two arguing about this just earlier?" It seemed odd how easily they were agreeing with each other so I felt I had to ask
  181. "We had plenty of time to discuss that through while you out." The older one tugged on my earlobe playfully again
  183. She then stood up "Well then have fun you two!" and then strolled out of the cave at a leisurely pace, humming some sort of tune all the while.
  184. I tried to get up. It's not like I was going to get past the mom but I didn't want to stay here either
  185. But the daughter pounced on me as soon as I tried.
  187. She grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the ground and began aggressively kissing me.
  188. She stopped and laughed, staring into my eyes with a mix of
  189. "Oh yeah. Sorry for hitting you on the head." She moved her hand on my head and rubbed it. "Mom thought I went a bit too far when I did that."
  190. "It was a bit much." I replied dryly
  192. Talking about that seemed to lower her guard so I used the chance to try and shove her off of me. She let out a yelp as she fell backward.
  193. I got up and made a break for it. She quickly recovered though and lunged at me like a crazed animal, pushing my face into the ground, cutting it in a few places.
  194. She laughed "Aren't you feisty! Well it's more fun this way."
  196. She used her tails and hands to flip me on my back. She wasn't wasting anymore time now as she quickly took off my clothing.
  197. Her tails were wrapped around my legs and she grabbed my wrists. I couldn't shake her off of me I could my feet . I wasn't sure if she was always this strong or if it was due to her being crazy with lust. Already not wearing below her waist she began to ride me. Up and down, up and down at such intense speeds. I squirmed, trying to break free, but she didn't relent at all.
  199. I came inside her several times as she rode and rode me for what felt like an eternity. As time went on the sex became more gentle and slow. I was too tired to care. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me upwards into a hug, her hands caressing my back. But her hips were still busy working, slowly moving around. After coming inside her again she stopped.
  201. She rested her head on my shoulder. Still embracing me and still keeping me inside her. I fell asleep right then and there in her embrace. She whispered something that I assumed was a thank you but I was out by then.
  203. When I awoke I was back at that house again. I tried to leave since the younger kitsune's mom was around I never managed to get very far assuming I managed to get out of the house in the first place. Every other day or so the three of us would go out for scenic walks.
  205. She brought a man around my age to have her own fun with. He tried to sneak and get me to help us both escape but by that point I stopped caring. I didn't know how much time passed since I was brought back but now I only cared about the sex. He didn't have much luck escaping either. The younger kitsune that I've been having sex with for so long has gotten pregnant which makes me very happy.
  207. ----------
  208. Normal end
  209. ----------
  211. The older kitsune moved closer and hugged me from behind, she grabbed my ear lobe and played with it a little.
  212. "Now what to do with you?"
  213. "Can I eat already? I'm starving!" The younger one impatiently demanded
  214. I felt myself flinch at those words. "Not the way you're thinking, soldier man." The voice behind me was quick to try and reassure me.
  216. "So you're sure you want this one? I wouldn't mind taking him if you'd rather look for someone else."
  217. "No I think he'll be just fine." The younger one smiled and inched herself closer to me with a lewd smile.
  218. "Can I just leave?" I don't know what part of me thought that asking would work.
  219. They looked at each other in disbelief; probably thinking something similar.
  220. The older one laughed and scooted away
  221. "Ok. You can leave." She states with a smile.
  222. The younger one seemed disappointed but said nothing didn't do anything to stop me.
  223. Something was horribly wrong with how easily they were letting me go.
  225. But still I'm going for it.
  226. I stood up and made my way to what I assume is the entrance. I looked back and saw the younger one wave me goodbye.
  227. It wasn't a very big cave; a few twists and turns but otherwise pretty straight forward.
  228. Once outside my eyes adjusted. Looked like it was still somewhat in the afternoon.
  229. I set out into the wilderness. Hoping to retrace where I was and continue on home.
  231. I didn't get too far since a familiar harpy rushed in and snatched me up in her talons.
  232. I tried to break free from her grip but I was taken high up in a short time so I stopped trying.
  233. It seemed strange to me how quickly I was taken from being outside. I had my suspicions.
  234. The harpy hummed a tune as we went on our way, being extra careful with her grip on me.
  236. I turned my head and saw the town in the opposite direction of wherever we were heading; looks like some mountains in the distance.
  237. "Those kitsune sure were hard negotiators."
  238. "Huh?"
  239. "Oh right you ran off in a hurry. I tried to go after you but uh... I had quite the scolding from that pair."
  240. "But then we came to an agreement. If they got bored or just didn't want you around they'd let me have you with no fuss!"
  241. Well that explained things. She sounded rather pleased with the outcome. I wasn't too eager in sharing her enthusiasm
  243. Even though escaping right now was unlikely and very much fatal I was planning on trying after she brought me back. I didn't have a good plan but that was the start of it at least.
  244. After a uneventful flight we made it to her home.
  245. Or more specifically a village of harpies pretty high in the mountains a good distance from where I used to live.
  247. The harpies were quite curious about the new arrival and quickly recognized the harpy who was carrying me.
  248. They gave her a hard time but she ignored them and brought me to her home
  249. She didn't seem to pay much attention to them though.
  250. "Come on, let's get started" She started to take off my clothes with her talons surprisingly deftly. I briefly wondered if doing that took some practice before scrambling backwards, away from the harpy.
  251. But she closed the distanced quickly. She put one talon on my chest and continued her work with her free talon
  252. "Stop movin'! I'm trying not to hurt you but you're not make it easy!"
  253. "That's the idea!" I shouted back her
  254. She just grumbled at that. She was using more effort to pin me down now.
  255. She got my pants off and seemed a bit disappointed "Not erect yet, huh?"
  257. She changed her position and straddled me. Unlike me she wasn't dressed but she didn't try and have sex immediately.
  258. Now she was less frustrated and wore a more natural smile now after she finished thinking about what to do.
  259. Her wings began stroking my member. I twitched from beneath her. I tried to shove her off but I didn't have much luck. She pushed my hands back and continued stroking; her eyes lighting up with delight as she saw the reaction she hoped for.
  260. From the corner of my eye I saw those harpies from earlier spying on us. When they made eye contact with me they just winked and quickly left out of fear of being caught.
  262. "Yes, finally!" She was able to get my member ready for action and she wasted no time mounting me and started bouncing up and down or move her hips around. She was like a starved beast who was finally given her first meal in days.
  263. It was an unfamiliar sensation around my penis. I tried to muster strength to shove her off again but she seemed to have extra strength now
  264. "Oh that's not a bad idea!" She said after my attempt. Before I could my hands back on the ground she put her wings behind my back and scooped me up. My head rested on her shoulder as she continued to hug me close to her
  265. "Was this what you wanted? How romantic." She giggled and continued her work.
  267. She began to nibble on my ear playfully and I could feel her warm breath tickling it as well.
  268. I couldn't take anymore. I released inside her and collapsed against her.
  269. She moved me around a bit and kissed me passionately. After a small kiss on my cheek she started again
  270. This went on for hours and hours. I found myself enjoy it and started moving my own hips around
  271. After who knows how many orgasms I was tired and she picked up on it pretty quickly.
  273. She hauled me off to a bed and draped the covers over us both. She was also pretty worn out seeing as she went to sleep pretty quickly.
  274. She had me in her feathery hug but it wasn't a very tight hug. It was tempting to just fall asleep but I snuck out after dressing myself.
  275. Hopefully now I can get out. The village seemed mostly quiet some sounds of sex still going on. I made it to the village entrance and prepared to go down the mountain but as it turned out this village had a vigilant bunch of harpies out patrol. Mostly they warn the village of any danger but also it seems they look out for any humans trying to escape.
  276. Needless to say I didn't get far. Damn. I tried again during the same night after awhile but there was no getting past those harpies. I sighed and gave up as I noticed that the sun was starting to rise. I went back to bed next to the harpy who was still sleeping and didn't seem like she woke up at all.
  278. I wasn't let go and I had sex with the harpy daily whether I wanted to or not. Whenever I wasn't doing that I was able to meet up with the villagers who were kidnapped a long time ago. They seem to have adjusted pretty well and I suppose I will too in time.
  280. -------
  281. Harpy end
  282. -------
  284. The older kitsune moved closer and hugged me from behind, she grabbed my ear lobe and played with it a little.
  285. "Now what to do with you?"
  286. "Can I eat already? I'm starving!" The younger one impatiently demanded
  287. I felt myself flinch at those words. "Not the way you're thinking, soldier man." The voice behind me was quick to try and reassure me.
  289. "So you're sure you want this one? I wouldn't mind taking him if you'd rather look for someone else."
  290. "No I think he'll be just fine." The younger one smiled and inched herself closer to me with a lewd smile.
  291. Something about this conversation was nagging at me.
  292. "Why don't you two just share?" The words flew out of my mouth before I realized it.
  294. They seriously thought about it and looked at each other
  295. The gravity of what I just suggested sunk in
  296. "I-I was just kidding!" The older kitsune just smiled in response
  297. "I think it's a wonderful idea!" The younger kitsune just nodded in agreement.
  298. They eagerly worked together to take off my clothes. Between all those tails restraining me I wasn't able to struggle much.
  299. And they took off their clothes too. The younger one began playing with my penis with a combination of her hands and tails. The Older one on the other hand had her arms wrapped around me in a hug from behind.
  301. The younger kitsune's eyes lit up with delight once I got an erect and she immediately began riding me.
  302. "You know..." The voice from behind started "It'd be boring for me to sit here and not have some fun with you too."
  303. She reached into a nearby container and pulled out a glass bottle filled with some sort of amber colored liquid
  304. She poured some of the contents into her hands and a little bit on the ends of her free tails.
  305. It was smeared over me slowly and carefully. Mostly just my chest and back though. She held me in place with surprising strength.
  306. Once she was done with that she poured some in her mouth and fiercely kissed me, sending sweet tasting liquid down my throat.
  308. I felt a sort of numbness throughout my body especially down in my groin. I was already close but that pushed me beyond and I came inside the younger kitsune
  309. She seemed to be put in a trance from it all. "Ahh...that felt so nice..."
  310. "I'm glad to hear it. Shall I have a go now too?"
  311. She seemed hestiant to get off of me but she complied and the pair switched positions.
  313. Now it was the older kitsune's turn to ride me. And she did so more slowly and deliberately. She peered into my eyes, seemingly studying my reaction with a lewd smile.
  314. "Be sure to entertain him too!"
  315. "Right!"
  316. Their tails were all around me again although I had much less resistance this time.
  317. They probably noticed that too so rather than bind me with them they started to gently caress my body.
  318. The younger one simply had my head on her lap. She dug through that container from before. I couldn't see what was in there so all I could do was wonder.
  319. She pulled out some fruits and other beverages and even a spike of some kind.
  320. After thinking about it she settled on something that resembled a grape although something seemed off about it.
  321. She took pieces from the vine of the fruit. She ate a few of them, and then gave a few to her mom who ate them while she was still riding me. And then she put a few in my mouth and quickly put her hands on the top of my head and below my chin and forced me to chew on it.
  323. The skin of the fruit burst open and it and the juice within went down my throat with a pretty nice taste.
  324. I felt drunk off of it and suddenly it didn't seem like there was a cave or anything other than the three of us.
  325. I was so caught in the sensation that I didn't even notice that the older kitsune pulled me closer to her and started starring deeply into my eyes as she rode me.
  326. The younger one was still behind me. The two of them wrapped their arms around me and kissed me in several places, least of all my lips.
  327. I let out a sigh as I came
  329. And then they switch positions again and again. They kept using those items to keep me going and it was easy for me to lose track of time as well as the number of times I came inside the both of them.
  330. Eventually they both stopped; satisfied.
  331. "Ready to show him our appreciation?" The mother asked her daughter. She nodded.
  332. They sat up a bit higher and put their breasts against my head as well as pressing themselves closer against me.
  333. The warmth of their bodies was relaxing. I noticed that I could hear their hearts beating.
  334. They let out a sigh "Thank you for the wonderful suggestion" I heard the mother say, although it was muffled.
  335. "Yeah that was the best I've ever had!" The daughter piped up.
  336. The three of us just stayed like that for awhile but I fell asleep from the warmth of their embrace.
  338. They brought me back to the house where I stayed at before.
  339. Every day they would both have sex with me, slowly melting me away with pleasure.
  340. They had fun using different food and other items to get a rise out of me. I was so enthralled by the sex that I didn't even think to try and leave. I just wanted to feel more and more of this which was something they were happy to oblige me with.
  341. On some days we'd go out for walks just to enjoy nature like in the past. We had picnics out there as well. Those calm moments were always so nice.
  342. Both of them got pregnant and we're all excited to meet our children but in the meantime we're having fun coming up with names for them.
  344. ----------
  345. Extra End
  346. ----------
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