Backing up Andy's Big Data

Apr 5th, 2012
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  1. Andy Writes...
  3. The Setup:
  4. You guys have both talked about building pretty large storage servers. Allan has his BSD 9 ZFS box, and Chris has his media server that he was building. I am currently hosting remote backup for some of my clients on my servers and I'm adding more and more storage to meet their needs. I'm also looking at doing some other projects that will end up producing lots of data on clients servers, as well as my own.
  6. The Question:
  7. How do you guys cope with having such large amounts of data and how do you back that up? or do you? I would love to hear some creative ideas for backing up large (multiple TB's) of data. I also think it would have value to look at this from if the server is in your home/office, or if it's remote in a datacenter
  9. Thanks again guys for putting on such an awesome show packed full of the good stuff. Having your show pop up in my podcast feed always gets me excited to find time to listen. I could listen to this stuff all day.
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