Aug 1st, 2017
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  1. Paper Mario Jumpchain
  2. It Ain't Easy Being Green +100 . It helps that I honestly don't care about this kind of thing
  3. Too Many Goombas +100 Did someone say grinding?
  4. Flower Power +200 I'm not very reliant on energy pools . I have prepared spells, Timer'd abilities, ludicrous stats and at will effects to carry me.
  5. Roll(1d8)+0:5,+0 Total:5 Port Prisma a rainbow fountain? This place sounds beautiful!
  6. Drop-in yeah it's going to be one of those
  7. Bomb-Omb never really gone this way before
  8. Paper People (Free for All, Mandatory) it's mandatory and it makes the alt form
  9. Thank My Lucky Star Free for All . Not sure what to do with this
  10. Put on a Good Show-100 more proof of my protagonist status!
  11. A Humble Mushroom Farmer Free for Drop-in yep looks like I'm going to have to get the stasis containers ready or I could just check out the black market website like I always do
  12. Papercraft Free for Drop-in not sure what to do with this
  13. Tayce T. Cook-100 discount for drop-in why not? These are always handy
  14. warp pipe plumber-100 discount for drop-in a new mass transit system!
  15. Flip!-200 this will be fun, and another dimension to move in suits me well!
  16. Dark Form-600 . Of course I'm taking this, anyone will operate off of hit points should take this
  17. Safety Boom-100 morally obligated to do so.
  18. Crafty Frying Pan-200 so I can actually do that crafting
  19. wounded threshold -300 dp with rolling counter. This should happen fairly quickly
  20. restoration X3-300 dp and back to 100% health, at least for a little while but it will reset the counter
  21. Minion Spawning-100 dp nice trick
  22. Macho-100 dp can't be much of a boost, but I have points
  23. Chaos Touched Heart: noble vampire -200 dp gravity is always my element!
  24. plans include: not letting Bowser into the fountain, preventing the plot, maintain peace on the island, here is a little thing . My dome is 2 feet smaller than my nation, not counting the hole in the top for the song towers , that leaves 1 foot diameter for us to dig down a trench around till we hit bedrock, next we dig past the bedrock into the magma now in the magma layer we install a wall matching the diameter of the wall in order to create a barrier between the magma and the bedrock, next we pump out the magma into the ocean, pumping in air to replace it , rather than creating a vacuum, creating a new isle next we take this empty pocket and build thrusters and gravity generators into it, that's right , national spaceship!
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