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Dadonequus Discord Part 246

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  1. >You both had decided to walk towards the tower. Chrysalis was taking in all the sights with disgust. "Look at them, always busy, always moving. Chaos everywhere with no true leader to keep them in line. I could shape these ponies up quickly if given the chance..."
  2. >You look up to her, already know the reason she's saying it. she's said it enough times already.
  3. "Shape them up to feed off of, right?"
  4. >"......Am I repeating myself that much? rgghh" Chrysalis growled, frustrated with herself. "It's just...look at them. This is what they must do everyday. They don't even care about the air their breathing..which by the way ISN'T helping my mood. And then..." She takes out the white card and stares at it "There's the kings. But...we could use this one to our advantage. We just need some sort of plan. And that requires us to put each and every piece together from the past before we move on to the future and get OUT of here"
  5. "You really don't mind...egh"
  6. >you shiver in disgust
  7. "Going on a date with him?"
  8. >"I don't, I've told you I've dealt with worse. And at least he seems to have some class. It'll be nice to be treated like a lady before we stomp them into the ground....still, I can't believe I lost my cool. If only I could remember what it was. But there's not even the faint traces of love in the air here. even Discord's home has that, whether it be from the orb or even himself when he thinks about you or that nasty little aunt of yours"
  9. >..nasty?
  10. "Hey! Fluttershy is great, ok? Besides, you need to get used to her if you want to "infiltrate". That means actually caring about her"
  12. >"I'll just continue to "Act" thank you very much. You're going to have to try harder than that Anon, just because I'm a little slow doesn't mean I'm just going to slip into something like that"
  13. "Well...it was worth a try...."
  14. >After some more walking. you both finally arrive. and...what an odd looking house indeed. It looked like half a manor with a huge tower jutting out from the center of it. It was between two tall buildings, with a small yard separating it from either side. And a steel fence all along the front. But, it was unlocked..or...
  15. >"Hrmmm" Chrysalis inspects the door to the gate. "No place to put a lock. Not a smart idea given the place."
  16. >You step past the gate and head up to the door.
  17. "Maybe Celestia likes visitors or something....or maybe Twilight captures children who step through and cooks them for her"
  18. >You let out a soft chuckle
  19. >"Would she truly be that morbid?" Chrysalis asks, intrigued.
  20. >You sigh..dammit...She didn't find that funny? You thought a little dark humor would get her to loosen up a little. Considering you had thoughts running through your mind of her suddenly losing her shit at some point while inside. You thought a little joke would help.
  21. "Never mind...it was a joke..."
  22. >"Oh.....well it was a terrible one. I didn't even smile...well, not in a humorous sense"
  23. >...This bug sometimes...sheesh.
  24. >You look upon the front door. You give it a tap, and pull at the knob.
  25. "Locked"
  26. >Chrysalis moves up and knocks "Of course it's locked. that's why you knock"
  28. >It took some time, but someone answered to the knock...without opening the door. "Hello? Who's there?"
  29. >....that voice....that wasn't Twilight..who was that?
  30. >"We've come to see Celestia! We demand you let us in!" Chrysalis says like she had royal authority
  31. >"Go away, we don't need your kind here!" The voice yells out
  32. >...dammit Chrysalis.
  33. "A gentler tone Chrysalis..sheesh. We're trying to meet with Celestia. We're not going to get in if you're brash like that."
  34. >"...It usually works though. Who does that pony think she is not letting us in? You'd think spending time with Celestia would have taught her some manners at least. This world is truly pitiful."
  35. "Just watch...Sometimes compassion and a soft tone works wonders..ahrm"
  36. >You clear your throat
  37. "Excuse me miss, but we really do need to speak to Celestia. Pwetty pwease?"
  38. >you try to sound as cute as possible.
  39. >"Yeah...ok. Sure, so you can do what? Toss another egg at her face? GET LOST!"
  40. >Egg...what? children throw eggs at her face?!
  41. >You were baffled.
  42. "W-what? They do that here?"
  43. >"Even the children here are cruel. That's actually kind of hilarious, but I can't imagine ALL of them being like that. No, given what we've seen so far. The close to Canterlot you are. the crueler kind of ponies you find. hrnnn...So what do we do now? Should we just break the door down? Or perhaps I can disguise myself as one of those dolts and demand the door to be open."
  44. "H-hold on...let me just try something else..."
  45. >Shit, no wonder this pony wouldn't open the door. I'd be suspicious too if ponies were treating Celestia like that.
  46. "Miss, please, whoever you are. Let us in, we've traveled a long long way to meet with Celestia. It's really important"
  48. >"And I said to leave! We're not having visitors today! Just go!"
  49. >D-dammit...
  50. "Please, if you could just let us plea our case. Just at least hear us out. We're desperate"
  51. >"Why should I? I know the moment I open this door you bratty kids are going to lob something at me. So nice try, but I'm smarter than that" She just wouldn't relent
  52. >"What if we said we hate the kings and wished they would burn in Tartarus?" Chrysalis asked
  53. >"......Ok, that's a new one. Do you know how dangerous it is to say that? Even as a joke?"
  54. >Godammit Chrysalis, you're a genius
  55. "We don't care, we just met with them and they were super rude and mean..and jerky and shifty..and all those other bad words"
  56. >There was silence behind the door for a moment. "....you two are either crazy or just stupid. But ok..fine...I'll open the door. But that doesn't mean I'm letting you in. I just want to get a look at the both of you...but first..what are your names"
  57. >It appeared the door didn't have a spy glass. odd, you'd think a pony who was as suspecting as this would have one. Maybe she didn't have one because the home came like this? Maybe they have to keep it a certain way.
  58. "Anon"
  59. >"Nymous"
  61. >And then the door opened...no...fucking way
  62. >...no.it couldn't be.....
  63. >But it was.......
  64. >You just stood there, frozen..mouth once again agape..because there stood.
  65. >Sunset Shimmer....as a pony of course.
  66. >Theres....no...way...this is an alternate future...but still..She shouldn't.....but she did....
  67. >...and she was....Celestia's former pupil...
  68. >Sunset looked over the both of you. Chrysalis gave a smile, but you were speechless.
  69. >"Ok...umm.." Sunset looks over to you "..What's with him?"
  70. >Hmm?" Chrysalis breaks her gaze as she looks over to you, she found your reaction....odd and out of place. "Anon! what's wrong with you? Snap out of it! We already got her to come out!Say what you need to say to her!"
  71. "U-uhhhh"
  72. >"......Ugh, I knew it. Another dumb joke. Ha ha, you got me to step out of the door and waste my time" Sunset steps back into the home and slams the door shut "Stupid kids are so lazy these days they can't even prank properly anymore. That's good actually"
  74. >"Anon! What's the matter with you! We nearly had it! snap out of it!" Chrysalis growls at you
  75. >You step back, and give your head a small shake. You weren't seeing things...That was her
  76. "S-shit!.."
  77. >You dash up to the door and knock at it in desperation
  78. "W-wait! WAIT! I'm sorry! I just froze up for a second! Please! Come back out!"
  79. >"You had your chance, Now just leave us alone. At this point you'll bring in one of those stupid cops, I don't want to waste my time explaining to them that two crazy ponies tried to get in here. We're done..."
  80. >SHIT!
  81. "WAIT..PLEASE!"
  82. >No answer
  83. "PLEASE!"
  84. >No answer still.
  85. >"Well Anon, that was perfect. She finally steps out and you screw it up. And to think, I was about to praise you on your good work on being able to deceive and negotiate. Let's just go back to the hotel and plan our next move, she's never going to let us in now" Chrysalis turned, prepared to walk away.
  86. >...no, no...nononono. You got this far. But you fucking tensed up due to the fact that in this future. EqG is somehow canon. How is she even here? She should be a dick and a douchebag...maybe she is one?..No, she didn't sound like it. NONE OF THIS MADE SENSE!
  87. >.....Wait...That might get her to come back out. It didn't make sense to you why she was here. So if you gave her a reason for something not to make sense on the same coin....She'd come back out.
  88. "Hold on Chrysalis...I actually have one last ace up my sleeve"
  90. >"One last ace? hmmm?" Chrysalis turns around, having next to no confidence that you can make it work. "Ok then, try. If you can make it work then I'll give my word to be nice and sweet to your "Aunt" in all of my encounters with her without a hint of snark. But if you fail, you drop everything, and join me on my side. I'm tired of these games. And it doesn't ever look like we're leaving anyway. So I need to keep my options open, even if I have to use you as a food source."
  91. >Well geez, that was quite the ultimatum all of a sudden. She must really be losing hope without actually admitting it.
  92. "...You really think we'll be stuck here?"
  93. >She nods "I'm starting to. Face it, Discord left us to rot. He probably doesn't even realize it himself yet. And I don't even know if he'd be smart enough to pull us out...if he even can. But if saving this world does happen to be the key to leaving then now would be a good time to make a deal with you. I know you are always good to your word. And...." Chrysalis stops, she was about to admit that she didn't want to be alone. But she meant it in her mind as needing your love. Just the same, it sounded sappy.
  94. "..And..what?"
  95. >you ask
  96. >"And just do what you need to do already!" She snaps "Surely the deal is tempting, if you're that confident this will work then you won't have a problem accepting. Right?"
  97. >.....You had to stop and think. But it didn't take you very long. You were sure this would work. It may be an alt future. But it still had to go through most of the rounds. Sunset being good..or at least seeming good was odd. But just the same, you had to go with this assumption that you were about to pull. If you take the deal, then..well..she might shirk on it anyway. But it was something...losing would be a problem. But if she wants to play, you'll play...and you'll play to win.
  98. "You're on....watch this Chrysalis. You're gonna see that sometimes...the truth is the way to go"
  99. >...the irony in that statement...god.
  101. >You hope Chrysalis would never have to be truly reminded about "Gertrude"
  102. >You look towards the door, take a deep breath, and prepare your "ace"
  103. "You're name is Sunset Shimmer!"
  104. >.......
  105. >No answer
  106. >".....Well, that was a bust. Shall w-" But Chrysalis is cut off as you continue
  107. "You were Celestia's pupil! But you didn't want to learn about friendship and harmony! You thought it was useless! So you jumped into the human world where you would wait for a chance to get the elements of harmony. During your stay, you ruined the friendships of five individuals and had a boyfriend named Flash Sentry!"
  108. >Chrysalis was so fucking confused. "....What in the hay was that? That's your ace? You don't even know this pony. Anon.....This world, it's gotten to you worse than it has me. Come, we'll recooperate at the hotel and try something else."
  109. >But you didn't move, you stared at the door. took another breath and yelled.
  111. >"Oh great. He's lost it. Maybe if I drain him enough he'll fall asleep and contemplate on his stu...pid..what?" Chrysalis was surprised when the door opened. Revealing a worried,confused, and very suspicious Sunset Shimmer.
  112. >"..........Who are you? How did you know all that?" Sunset not only looked surprised, but..there was a hint of shame in her voice.
  113. "Please...let us in. and I'll explain"
  115. >Sunset lets you both enter. And you could tell just from peering in from the door that the place wasn't kept too well...or maybe it was kept to the best Sunset could. It was confusing. There was stuff from the castle like armors and books and chairs and even neat little moon and sun knick knacks. that were crammed in every corner. But there was barely any dust and it didn't really block any path. It was just organized clutter.
  116. >"Sorry for the mess, we don't really have any room for what we could take before the castle was renovated. Here.."
  117. >Sunset moves over to a table and uses her magic to set up some seats, four seats to be exact. "I have afternoon tea ready. Would you two like some?"
  118. >You nod, as does Chrysalis. Sunset then goes off to another room to get the tea as you just take in the house. it was semi dark. lit by some candles magically lit on the wall. it was kinda spooky.
  119. >"So then Anon, how did you know that would work? How do you know her? I've never seen her in my life." Chrysalis asked. Confused. "I thought Twilight would be her pupil, this doesn't make sense to me"
  120. "It's actually perfectly sensible. Remember how I knew about your Aria?"
  121. >".....Ohhhhhh....." Chrysalis realizes it now "So then, her human world would be different from yours then. I almost thought you came from the same world at one point. Well, there goes my enthusiasm...I wanted to ask her about her experiences. So, there's even multiple human worlds. What was hers like?"
  122. >You groan just from the thought of it "Singing, Happy Humans everywhere with pony counterparts, Stupid kid friendly version stuff of my world, an-"
  123. >"Stop!" Chrysalis holds her hoof to your mouth "Stop right there, you had me at pony counterparts...I get it now. It was basically an alternate dimension where the ponies are humans.....egggghhhh..I shudder to think what my counterpart would be like...you wouldn't know, would you?"
  124. >you shake your head with a chuckle
  125. "Nope, and it's probably better that way"
  127. >"...probably." Chrysalis could only imagine how she would act like in that world.
  128. >Sunset soon returns with teacups, a teapot, and those little plates and sets everything up before sitting down herself. a cup remained set up. but the one who would drink from it was not here.
  129. >"Ok....So, I'm weirded out, I admit. Because there's like, no way you could have known all that unless you were actually there. So what's up with that. You have to tell me."
  130. >Ohhh lordie, here we go. How to approach this.
  131. >As you sat there thinking, Chrysalis took a sip of the tea, if only to be polite, she then looked to you and spoke "Just tell her the truth Anon, she's our last obstacle to be sure and since she will most likely be on our side...given the love that still permeates from her..and the fact that we won't be staying here forever. There's no reason to hold back."
  132. >Wut?
  133. "A-are you sure? You don't think that'll backfire? I mean, we don't have to say that much do we? Shouldn't we keep it on a need to know basis?"
  134. >"Well...yes, and she needs to know everything. So tell her" Chrysalis took another sip
  135. >"Ok, now you both are seriously freaking me out. Who are you?"
  136. >....ok then
  137. >you take a deep breath.
  138. "My name is Anon, I come from a different human world from your own...in my world, your world and that human world was part of a cartoon television series called "My Little Pony" and..."
  139. >And you talked, and told her everything. Being Discord's son, what you've done, why you were there...being kinda vague on that part as to not tell the truth to Chrysalis, in fact..you don't reveal who Chrysalis is. You hold that back just in case.
  140. "So..what do you think?"
  142. >"........That's the craziest story I've ever heard" Sunset didn't seem to pleased, she didn't believe it at all. "Our world is a TV show? Even if you explain the fact that Discord's dimension explanation is an actual thing. You still lost me in the fact that he's walking around among us while adopting you as his son. You can't seriously tell me he's just turned a new leaf like that. I was taught by Princess Celestia herself that he was a being of pure chaos, a jerk, and a bully that would never be anything more than a problem for Equestria. How can he just turn" She claps her hoof onto the table "Just like that?"
  143. >Chrysalis boredly moves her cup around. "Because the dolt heel turns whenever he feels a pain in his heart. He may seem insane and powerful, but deep inside he's a lost and lonely puppy who yearns for friendship. Though, he's also a childish little moron who thinks the world should bend to his will just because it's fun. No real rhyme and reason to what he does yet his actions can still be dictated by the bonds he has with others. Pathetic really...so" Chrysalis looks to Sunset with a smirk "If you don't believe his story, how about I tell you mine...or better yet, how about I show you?"
  144. >Oh god...you left out the changeling part because you didn't want to alarm her. Dammit Chrysalis!
  145. "Nymous, maybe you shouldn't"
  146. >"Maybe she should, your story was pretty bad." Sunset was wanting to see Chrysalis's explanation. Maybe that'd be the "real" reason to how they knew. "I mean come on, that's just so far fetched. That'd be like if I watched you from the human world I came from, it just doesn't work that way. What are you trying to hide anyway?...unless...hmmmm" Sunset looks at you suspiciously.
  147. >"...oh good, she now thinks were spies. Good job Anon" Chrysalis snickers "Don't worry, I'll show you how to convince somepony"
  148. >oh come onnn! Why does this shit always happen to you?!
  150. "Gyah! Come on! Were not spies..it's the truth..N-Nymous, don't do what your about to do alright? We can still prove it with the horn...This horn here"
  151. >you point to it
  152. "It has his magic! And gyah! I forgot to even show you my Cut-NYMOUS NO!"
  153. >"TOO LATE! YOU SHOULD HAVE MENTIONED THE HORN FROM THE GET GO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Chrysalis laughed as she burst into a green flame and changed into her normal form "NOW SHE SHALL GAZE UPON THE QUEEN OF THE CHANGELINGS!"
  154. >"Gertrude?...They let you regrow your wings and horn?" Sunset looked to her..confused...rather than scared.
  155. >...oh noooooo...this was gonna be worse than you thought.
  156. >"Getrude?" Chrysalis just stops laughing immediately "...Who is Gertrude? Why did you call me that?"
  157. >"....great, I knew it. You're spies!" Sunset jumped to attention, her horn glowing, ready for battle "Why can't you just leave her alone! I keep telling you she's fine! It was just one slip up on her part! That's why you let me be her caretaker didn't you?! Go back to your kings and leave..US..ALONE!"
  159. >"You dare..YOU DARE THINK I'M WITH THOSE.....wait..." Chrysalis is suddenly hit with the memory that caused her initial rage. and then she turned to you with extreme anger, her vicious leer making you fall backwards on your chair "YOU LIED TO ME YOU LITTLE TWERP! I'M GERTRUDE...NO...THAT MISERABLE HASBEEN IS GERTRUDE! YOU DARE LIE TO ME? YOUR FRIEND? YOUR QUEEN?!""
  160. >You start pushing yourself back with your legs as you look up at her, frightened
  161. "Y-yo! Chrysalis! Wait! I-I lied because you lost your cool. Your losing your cool now! You gotta stay calm, this world is screwing you up! Come on! I only did it to help! I'm sorry!"
  162. >Chrysalis stopped paying attention to Sunset and started to slowly advance on you. "YOU ARE IN NO POSITION TO WORRY ABOUT ME! I AM THE QUEEN. i AM MORE THAN CAPABLE OF STAYING CALM! I HAVE DONE IT FOR YEARS! I AM A MASTER AT IT!"
  164. "B-but you haven't eaten right since you got here! It's been affecting you. You said yourself that our Equestria still has traces of love floating around that can be fed from. Even at the house. There's not of that here...remember?"
  165. >You back up into a pile of stuff, and cannot move further as Chrysalis now towers over you
  166. "C'mon! We're friends!"
  167. >Sunset at first thought this was some sort of act. But she had never apparently seen "Gertrude" act so hostile. She also knew details about her that didn't match up at all with the way Chrysalis was acting. She was afraid to admit it, in case this would cause some incident, but you may have been telling the truth. How else could you know? At first she thought Flim and Flam may have had really good spies..like really good...but this was too much. "Wait! Stop! I believe you! Don't hurt him!"
  168. >"Stay out of this!" Chrysalis growled at her "This is between me and him! Now then..." Chrysalis looked down at you as you cowered. ".......geez Anon, you're so pathetic. When you have a point to defend, you don't cower..you press on." She sighed in disappointment "Didn't you learn anything from when your marefriend talked you down?"
  169. >Wuut?!
  170. "...You knew the whole time? YOU KNEW?! THEN WHY?!"
  171. >What the fuck! If she knew, then..no what.
  172. "Were you faking the reaction the whole time just for this?!"
  174. >Ok, now you were pissed. But the moment you got up, she just shoves you down with a chuckle "Ah ah Anon, you had your chance. No reason to get angry now..."
  175. >"Ok..I'm confused...what is even going on?" Sunset...had no fucking clue what was going on anymore.
  176. >"Of course you don't. This little boogerball here happens to be a friend of mine, but you see, his time in our world has made him insufferably pathetic. He's been getting better, but still has a few issues, such as standing up for his beliefs. I thought that if made him have a reason to fight back, he would...But I was wrong. He's improved...but he's just not there yet. As for you.." Chrysalis gazes at Sunset "I do think it's your turn to do some explaining."
  177. >"Wait.." Sunset wanted to make sure you were ok first, and went over to your side. She then looked to Chrysalis with a mean look "He's just a colt, you shouldn't do that to him...here.." She uses her magic to stand you up. "Are you alright?"
  178. >"Oh please, he's suffered worse. But..you believe us now, right?" Chrysalis asked
  179. >"I believe it. You're definitely Chrysalis, the one I've only read about. The one I met is nice and sweet. And then there's this cutie mark. It's the symbol of chaos, I hadn't noticed it before. But Ponies don't have cutie marks like this. They don't have anything like this at all. and then theirs this horn..." She gazes upon it "I hadn't noticed it before. but after using my detection spell...that horn has magic unlike I've ever seen. It's all over the place. I'm sorry I didn't believe you before...it just sounded all far fetched."
  180. "Yeah well..I tried to tell you"
  181. >You weren't too happy, you were dusting yourself off. You then looked to Chrysalis, pissed at her.
  182. "And you! You can't just do crap like that! I didn't want to fight you at all Chrysalis, we're friends!"
  184. >"..and that's exactly the problem. Time and time again I tell you our friendship is different, and it just doesn't click within you. Anon, this is no time to be pathetic. I need you to be my temporary captain. You may not have an army to lead. But you must have that kind of tenacity. Do you understand?" Chrysalis sits back down. "And to answer your earlier question, Yes..I knew. I admit, I did actually lose my cool. But did you really think I'd forget something like that? No, I just devised a quick way to test how ready you'd be when the time comes. Anon, I keep telling you, you must think like a changeling. Always planning, always scheming. As much as I hate my captain having pony friends, at least he still schemes of a way to please me and help my cause."
  185. "...That's because he's an idiot who's super loyal to you"
  186. >Oh man, you were just...really mad. You just looked at her angrily as you went back to your seat.
  187. >"True, but he's sooooo adorable...." Chrysalis looks to you with a smirk "Remember Anon, now's not the time to lose your cool, the time to prove yourself is over. Now is the time to see how well you can control your temper"
  188. >...Dammit, what was the point in being angry? She doesn't fucking listen and she always does what she pleases. And now you were angry at yourself. You should have just bit right back.
  189. "...You're right, ugh...I hate to admit it..but you're right. I just..I should have been more assertive. But I was afraid of..I dunno, hurting your feelings. I just didn't want you to be angry...y'know, it's kind of an ass thing to do pretending to come at me over a lie, considering that too was a lie."
  190. >"Get over it. I don't care what you think about my methods. How are you even supposed to speak to Twilight about your little stupid problem if you just bend and break like that? In fact, that's a trait Discord has. That whole...heel turn thing. Maybe he should toughen up as well."
  192. >...wut?
  193. >..nooo..really?
  194. ".....Are you saying...wait. So you really did pay attention last night?"
  195. >"Drop it Anon, we have more important things to attend to" She points to Sunset Shimmer. You'd really would have to drop it for now. Goddammit Chrysalis, was she reforming? you don't know. But, she was being a friend...sorta...thats some progress.
  196. >".....you two are a real trip, you know that? I have no idea what you're talking about. But, it looks like you two are actually friends. Really really weird...but, you don't see anypony willing to be friends these days." Sunset sits down, and tries to make sense of everything "So, you both really came from another Equestria ,huh? Where even the Spirit of Chaos learned about friendship. And made friends with an element of harmony"
  197. >"Yeah...pretty much. Sunset, I know it's really hard to believe, but you have to believe us. But Chrysalis is right. We need to know some things that we were left out of the loop. Can you tell us how this all came to happen? I mean, last I knew...you were..and please don't take offense...a huge jerk"
  198. >Sunset looked down in shame. If what you said is true, then she knew that you knew at what extent that was. "I guess you'd know huh?....Yeah, when I went through the mirror. I was really angry, Celestia just.....no. Princess Celestia was right, if I had just listened to her. But I was angry, I did everything she told me and she just piled on more, I thought it was ridiculous, especially when she expected me to learn about friendship...I thought it had nothing to do with the elements or my studies. And since she wouldn't teach me anymore until I learned. I left. And I used the human world to show that I was the best...but I wasn't, Nobody really liked me, I was only popular because I always won the Fall Formal. My real goal was to wait for the prophecy of Nightmare Moon to happen, then I'd keep track of whoever gained the element of magic until I could take the crown for myself..."
  200. "Yeah, that sounds about right so far...so what happened?"
  201. >Curious..it sounded right. But there had to be a change.
  202. >"The gate closed all of a sudden, It's supposed to be open for a couple of days at around every thirty moons. But, it was like there was some kind of dimensional distortion. That's the only way to seal up that kind of portal for so long. Well, that or destroying one of the entry points. I thought it was the latter for the longest of times. It didn't help my disposition..thats for sure. But I always checked on it every day. And after a few years. It finally happened...it opened up. When I found out that it did, I already began planning to spy on what was going on, find the element of magic, and steal the crown. After so long, I was sure nopony would recognize me anyway...."
  203. >"Well then, it must have been quite the surprise when you stepped into....this" Chrysalis notes.
  204. "...Yeah..." Sunset gripped her cup between her hooves. Feeling more and more shame. "When I saw all this...I didn't know what to think. In fact, I actually thought Nightmare Moon had taken over, everypony I asked to help me find out what was going on was either afraid of me or just really......mean. And the mirror?...it was thrown in a dump, so when I popped out. It fell over..and shattered..." Sunset cringed, a few tears coming from her eyes
  205. "...Sunset..."
  206. >...she never fixed those friendships she ruined, you could tell.
  207. >"I-it's fine, I was just thinking about how it nearly crushed me..ehehe" She chuckled nervously "..Anyway..the main reason I thought Nightmare Moon had taken over was the fact it was night..for far too long. Since nopony would help me, I headed straight to the castle. I came upon a construction team who was having trouble renovating the castle because it was so dark...it''s also how I first ran into the kings."
  209. >Sunset sighed "I didn't know what was going on at first. But when I saw them moving things out of the castle and moving their statues in. I realized what was going on. I could hear them talking about Princess Celestia. So I hid and eavesdropped. I found out she was the one causing the eternal night. Which was apparently against their agreement. And they were trying to find a way to get her to cooperate without resorting to extreme measures....that...was terrifying. I then realized that whatever happened to Equestria. It was because of these two. And there was nothing good about them. And it just..sunk in. It sunk in that this was the world I thought I wouldn't mind. Where no friendship or harmony exists. It...was as cold and heartless as I became. Nopony would even help Princess Celestia...they were just going to force her to do what they want..It sounded like something I would do. And...Princess Celestia, of all ponies...my teacher..she didn't deserve that. So I revealed myself. I told them I could solve their problem. I just wanted to try, so they wouldn't do anything to her. And so they made me a deal. If I could fix the problem, If I was who I said I was, Then I could be her caretaker. And I'd be responsible for her"
  210. >....why...did Celestia?
  211. "...So what happened next?"
  212. >"I went over to where she stayed. It was...so..dirty. It hadn't been cleaned in awhile. I went up into the tower. And found Celestia at the top on the balcony. She was just.....staring at the moon."
  213. "...Why?"
  215. >"....I don't know. When she saw me, she just...hugged me. and treated me as if I never left. She never told me why. And ever since, I've taken care of her. I took in as much of her things as I could. I cleaned up. And I take care of whatever she needs. It's my burden to bare....maybe If I had listened....mnnn." Sunset looked to the side, looking distraught, tears in her eyes. "Look, that's basically it. Princess Celestia is fine as long as she doesn't step out. And she loves visitors...Which is always trouble because usually they are trouble. I've learned there are still one or two good ponies out there...but, it's as rare as making friends with a dragon. So please...Chrysalis, could you change back into that other form..and be nice?...And Anon, can you be courteous to her? Please..I just want her to be genuinely happy for once.."
  216. >"...." Chrysalis changes back into Nymous, but she is staring at Sunset stoically "...I'll grant you this request, but only because it would be disadvantageous otherwise."
  217. "...And I'll just do it because I like her. Princess Celestia has always been pretty great. If I could make her smile, then I will make sure to do it! I mean, who can resist this cuteness? hmm?"
  218. >You wiggle your front hooves around as you give a cute beaming smile
  219. >Sunset, sighed in relief, and smiled a gentle and warm smile "Thank you...the both of you"
  220. >And not soon after, you could hear steps. In the right side of the room was a circular room. This room had a spiral staircase...no doubt leading up and down the tower that was in the center of the home...an odd house indeed. where all the rooms on both floors revolved around the center piece.
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