Apr 28th, 2019
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  1. "This is dumb."
  2. >You looked down at yourself, down at your feet more specifically
  3. >You wore socks
  4. >Fluffy, long socks that went all the way up to the thigh
  5. >They were relatively comfortable
  6. >Not something you'd walk around in all day, but definitely pajama worthy
  7. >You lifted a leg, examining the socks for several seconds
  8. >Your gaze then wandered over toward the girls in the room
  9. >All of them were staring at you wide-eyed
  10. >Twilight had a nose bleed, and Applejack at her hat partially covering her head
  11. >You were pretty sure Fluttershy was out cold, and Pinkie was blushing so hard that her entire face was cherry red
  12. >You frowned
  13. "I get Sunset--she's a weird horse thing-- but this is a thing with you guys too?"
  14. >"Ab-sol-ultely," Rainbow said with a nod. "Now clap them cheeks for us, sexy."
  15. "Hey, anymore of that I'm tossing you out of here," you said, pointing at the suspect lesbian. "But really though, they're just socks. Everyone in this room wears socks everyday."
  16. >"T-They're different kinds of socks," Twilight stuttered
  17. >"I have to agree with Twilight, darling. Those are... more intimate," Rarity said, her gaze glued to your groin
  18. >To get the best look possible of your socks, you had gone out in just your undies, rolling them up to so the leg bits weren't showing
  19. >You hear Pinkie mumble something about ball bras as you began to pace the room
  20. "And it's just the socks then?"
  21. >"It's not JUST the socks, but they're a big part of it," Rarity said
  22. "...Really?"
  23. >"Yes."
  24. "Socks are sexual here?"
  25. >"They can be. Especially when they're flaunted like you're doing now."
  26. "They're just socks though!"
  27. >"And our breasts are just breast but you seem to enjoy staring at them all the same."
  28. "That... is different."
  29. >Rarity raised an eyebrow
  30. >She leaned forward, using her biceps to push her tits together
  31. >Of course you looked at them
  32. >You weren't made of fucking stone
  33. >Slowly, Sunset leaned forward, falling off the couch and onto the floor, out cold
  34. >You took a deep breath
  36. >And immediately exhaled as Rainbow pulled out her phone and snapped a picture of you
  37. >"Nice..."
  38. >Man...
  39. >Fuck this weird world and it's dumb sock-fetish bullshit
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