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  1. [br0] dummy: hey joe do you think yz50 is getting good fast?
  2.  [br0] dummy: hes actually pretty new
  3.  joE_kickass: He just has a nasty rail thats all.
  4.  [br0] dummy: ah
  5. JILLI0 was railed by YZ50
  6.  [br0] dummy: yea his rail is crazy
  7. ]\condump
  8. usage: condump <filename>
  9.  joE_kickass: Fuck I hate waiting.
  10. JILLI0 was electrocuted by YZ50
  11.  [br0] dummy: yea :<
  12.  joE_kickass: I wait 25 mins for someone to play.
  13.  joE_kickass: Then i have to wait more?
  14.  joE_kickass: Fucking retarded.
  15.  joE_kickass: You don't get better by waiting.
  16.  [br0] dummy: did u make this server?
  17.  joE_kickass: Its not prem.
  18.  [br0] dummy: oh
  19.  [br0] dummy: just followed through friends didnt see
  20.  [br0] dummy: well just motivation to win though
  21.  [br0] dummy: then u get to stay in forever
  22.  joE_kickass: No, just anger.
  23.  [br0] dummy: why u mad though?
  24. JILLI0 was electrocuted by YZ50
  25.  joE_kickass: Cuz i hate waiting around.
  26. <QUAKE LIVE> czm is now online.
  27.  [br0] dummy: its worth the wait
  28.  joE_kickass: Not always.
  29.  joE_kickass: Get jewed by an epic stupid start, then my waiting for 10 mins,
  31.  joE_kickass: was completely pointless.
  32.  [br0] dummy: what if he has to go after this lol
  33.  [br0] YZ50: @_@
  34.  TOOL JILLI0: :)
  35.  [br0] dummy: that would suck
  36.  joE_kickass: Another bullshit thing about waiting.
  37.  joE_kickass: :|
  38.  [br0] dummy: yea true
  39. JILLI0 was electrocuted by YZ50
  40.  [br0] YZ50: @_@
  41.  TOOL JILLI0: :)
  42.  [br0] dummy: lol look at his accuracies
  43.  joE_kickass: Yeah, thats retarded.
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