Mr DadMilk HCIM Eulogy

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  1. Standing before you today to farewell our son Mr DadMilk is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Words cannot describe the sorrow and loss that I am feeling, but I will try.
  3. Mr DadMilk was a wonderful, sweet HCIM.  Even as a Lvl-3, he had a calm temperament and as he grew into a mid level, always took things in his stride.
  5. I remember his first day of wintertodt—I think I was more nervous than he was.
  7. I held his little hand and walked to the gate thinking that he was about to cry, but Mr DadMilk calmly turned to me and said, “This is going to be fun, Daddy… Will there be lots of players here for me to shitpost with?”  I laughed and assured him there would be.
  9. Being the youngest of three, Mr DadMilk was always special to his brothers, Dad_Milk and dadmilk2.
  11. They would back him up and take him out for walks in the wildy—they were just so excited to have a little brother and when he started training, they became fiercely protective of him.
  13. As Mr DadMilk grew from a mid tier into a ranked account, I could see the man that he would become—strong, steadfast and assured.
  15. He loved grinding and loved his bank.  Every afternoon after work, he would race down to fossil island to do bird house runs with his mates.
  17. When he passed 3k rank, we were so proud.  He was always competitive, but humble.  It was such an endearing quality.
  19. Mr DadMilk and I had some wonderful times together.
  21. After the main had become mostly inactive, the two of us would go slaying together on the weekends.  Mr DadMilk loved slaying—he loved the adventure and variety of it.
  23. After a day of slaying and alching, we would set up camp and spend hours bankstanding.
  25. It was those times that I will never forget.  I was watching a mid level grow into a young main—a young main with so much enthusiasm and with so many plans for the future.
  26. Recently, all he talked about was the Priffdinas trip he had planned with his main after they finished their training.
  28. But he also looked forward to training to become a max main—a vocation that was a perfect choice for Mr DadMilk as he was a gentle soul, unwavering in his patience, and with a real desire to flex on others.

Mr DadMilk was adored by his friends and family and it is testament to him how many of you are here today to farewell our boy. 

  32. Not only was he a loving son and brother, he was a kind and giving friend.  Someone who was always a pleasure to be around. 

  34. To have lost Mr DadMilk is heartbreaking—it has come as such a shock to us all.  His life was far too brief.
  36. My family wishes to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who have given their support, compassion and love throughout this very difficult time. 

  38. I know in my heart that he would not want us to grieving for too long.  Rather, Mr DadMilk would want us all to remember the good times we all shared with him.

  40. Goodbye, my son.  You will live in our hearts forever.
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