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P&C v0.17 -> v0.17.Frosty Changelog

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Feb 4th, 2021
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  1. v0.17.Frosty
  2. Additions and changes:
  3. -Chillbite Blessing will take place somewhere in the Northern Islands every ingame night from 12/22 to 01/06
  4. -Chillbite Blessing will take place somewhere in the Northern Islands every ingame last week of the year
  5. -New costume added! "Cozy Rootdweller" for Kobold Princess and Progeny
  6. -New costume added! "Arctic Angler" for Human Princess and Progeny
  7. -New costume added! "Fruity Frost" for Slime Princess and Progeny
  8. -New costume added! "Fanged Automata" for Golem Princess and Progeny
  9. -New costume added! "ChillProof Vest (XS)" for Insect Princess and Progeny
  10. -New costume added! "Chillbite Spirit" for Skeleton Princess and Progeny
  11. -New costume added! "Snow Fashionista" for Desert Princess and Progeny
  12. -New costume added! "Yukinba" for Ghost Princess and Progeny
  13. -New costume added! "Lich's Little Helper" for Goblin Princess and Progeny
  14. -New costume added! "Festive Night" for Moth Princess and Progeny
  15. -New costume added! "Nekomono" for Cat Princess and Progeny
  16. -New costume added! "Fenrawr" for Dog Princess and Progeny
  17. -New costume added! "QT-SNO-8849" for Mouse Princess and Progeny
  18. -New costume added! "Furry Resort" for Rabbit Princess and Progeny
  19. -New costume added! "Krampus Suit" for Harvest Princess and Progeny
  20. -New costume added! "Frigid Dream" for Wyvern Princess, Dragon Princesses and Progeny
  21. -New costume added! "Frozen Jewel" for Finhead Princess and Progeny
  22. -New costume added! "Campus-Lwyd" for Mermaid Princess and Progeny
  23. -New costume added! "Silky Mittens" for Drider Princess and Progeny
  24. -New costume added! "Frost Priestess" for Lamia Princess and Progeny
  25. -New costume added! "Ice Floes" for Crystal Princess and Progeny
  26. -New costume added! "Mistletoe Fairy" for Fairy Princess and Progeny
  27. -New costume added! "'Unwrap Me'" for Mimic Princess
  28. -Added "A Day of Giving" Achievement
  29. -Added "Chilly Queen" Achievement
  30. -Slime Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1!
  31. -Added new icons for many old items (Lost Shipment, Reptilian Scale, Reptilian Tooth, Moth's Dust, Plump Helmets, Wish Wisp, Ghost Ashes, Queen Praline)
  32. -Added new status: "Chillbite Blessing"
  33. -New weapon added: Freezing Whip
  34. -New weapon added: Chillbite Fist
  35. -New armor added: Iceberg Armor
  36. -New armor added: Chillbite Crown
  37. -Fairy Princess can now be dressed up
  38. -Dragon Princess II's ice can now be broken with any ice-resisting equipment/status
  39. -Succubus/Satyr Desert Progeny now have their own class name
  40. -Succubus Progeny can now interact with the Love Machine you can build in the Chapel
  42. Fixes:
  43. -Missing Spookfest dialogue for Insects
  44. -Double nun veil being shown on Sea Dragons
  45. -Wrong headgear placing for some Fairy Progeny
  46. -Wrong ear placing for some Rabbit Progeny
  47. -Wrong horn color for some Kobold Progeny
  48. -DIY Wyvern and DIY Shark can now be used on Princesses' mannequins
  49. -Donating Cogs to R-005TY and selecting 0 won't work anymore
  50. -Aleph Stone missing sprite
  51. -Duplicate Princess sprite sticking near the log at the Campsite after a scene is over
  52. -Ghost costumes sometimes ending up over the front hair
  53. -Skeleton Princess love-y naked portrait swapped with a SpookFest one
  54. -The Forge Menu now reacts better to inputs
  55. -Vesta's Forge crashing if opened after interacting with other forges
  56. -Crashes when interacting with the Succubi at night in the Chapel
  57. -Slime Princess animations menu crashes
  58. -Most statuses sticking to characters after going to NG+
  59. -"Chonger" enemies not attacking
  60. -Skeleton Princess' "Killing Wish" causing crashes when using ranged skills
  61. -Various typos and minor bugs
  63. v0.17.12
  64. Additions and changes:
  65. -Added animation selection to Tent and Throne Room "encounters" (currently not working on Custom Princesses)!!
  66. -Works in special spots like Frog Princess' throne and Kobold Fortress room too
  67. -Human Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1!
  68. -Dog Princess NSFW animation #2 added!
  69. -Rabbit Prince NSFW animation #1 added!
  70. -NSFW animations that can't be unlocked normally will start the game as unlocked at Babs' (Merchant Princess #1, Slime Prince #1, Rabbit Prince #1)
  71. -You can now have your Progeny evaluated and sold at Goblin's (Affinity with their race will drop considerably)!
  73. -DIY Shark costume added!
  74. -Added new icons for many old items #1 (Potion, Mega Potion, Elixir, Purifying Salts, Honey Syrup, Slime Salts, Royal Present)
  75. -Added new icons for many old items #2 (Queen's Scale, Goblin's Package, Sleep Powder, Oxytocin Salts, Testos-X, Princess Diaries, Golem Stones)
  76. -Added new item: Mega Elixir
  77. -Added new item: Ultra Potion (only available at Human Castle and Mice Clocktown)
  78. -Added new item: Full Recover (only available at Mice Clocktown)
  79. -Added new item: Gazer Medal!
  80. -Added new armor: Lucky One
  81. -Patron NPC added: Dahlia
  82. -Patron NPC added: Faint
  83. -Patron NPC added: Nyapan
  84. -Patron NPC added: Nibbs
  85. -Food item added: Cat Pirujo
  86. -Food item added: Cat Concha
  87. -Food item added: Cat Bun
  88. -Gazer Prison can now be reached by air and sea!
  89. -4th pet added! "Gazzetta, the Beribboned"
  90. -Your Progeny can now join Gazer Princess "GazeWalks"!
  91. -"Tasty Gourd" SpookFest costume for Mimic Princess added!
  92. -Randomized Princesses can now go THICC if fed enough
  93. -Beast Choker (obtainable during Wyvern Princess' route) can now be used to stop Dog Princess yandere fits!
  94. -Dog Princess and Progeny will now show the "locks" over their costumes if the Beast Choker is being worn!
  95. -Sperm obtained by Princesses during lewd acts will now deplete over time
  96. -Sperm levels can now give to Succubus Princesses increased stats!
  97. -The actual class of the Princess is now shown in her Diary (instead of always being "X Princess")
  99. Fixes:
  100. -Non-distributed points not being reset when going to NG+ (for both Princesses and Progeny)
  101. -Golem human-like face showing with certain costumes ("Big Mommy Suit" and "Golem Bunnygirl")
  102. -"Holy Passing" costume not showing ghost Progeny halo and wings
  103. -Winged Knight not reverting to his normal flight when flying to Mice Clocktown or through the mountains
  104. -Camera not reverting to its correct position when unable to proceed to the next step of Slime Princess' route by the Slime Pool
  105. -THICC Cat Progeny being sometimes naked when not intended (not inherently bad)
  106. -Expressionless Human Progeny whenever the "angry" one was supposed to be shown
  107. -Crashes while loading old saves / getting to NG+
  108. -"X" tiles in Faun's Tavern (Dragon Princess I' route)
  109. -Dog yandere fits not being triggered by (female) Harvest Princess
  110. -Desert Princess tail/horns showing over the "DIY Shark" and "DIY Wyvern" costumes
  111. -Fairy Forest crashes when loading the map
  112. -Female Harvest Princess still giving male animations
  113. -Moth Princess giving only random animations in the new menu
  114. -Crashes with Slime Princess using the new animation menu
  115. -Game not correctly progressing to the next day most of the times, except when resting in Tent, Faun's Tavern or waiting for a new day in the World Map
  116. -Reduced Knight's speed after the 3 mermaid sisters scene
  117. -Goblin's Package merchant showing old face portrait when met outside Human's Castle
  118. -Inn resting price bloating in some cases
  120. v0.17.Spooky
  121. Additions and changes:
  122. -SpookFest will take place somewhere in the Scarecrow Fields every ingame night from now until the (real time) 2th of November included
  123. -Spookfest will take place somewhere in the Scarecrow Fields every ingame weekend night, during (ingame) Bitterleaf
  124. -Snail Princess appears! She can be found in Spookfests and around the Kingdom Below selling her fatty delicacies!
  125. -Added food! Chefcargot
  126. -Added food! Foie de Potus
  127. -Added food! Stuffed Eclair
  128. -New costume added! "Plumed Terror" for Kobold Princess and Progeny
  129. -New costume added! "Spooky Ribs" for Human Princess and Progeny
  130. -New costume added! "Slime Grinder" for Slime Princess and Progeny
  131. -New costume added! "Wormhole" for Golem Princess and Progeny
  132. -New costume added! "Green Stomach" for Insect Princess and Progeny
  133. -New costume added! "The Bone Crusher" for Skeleton Princess and Progeny
  134. -New costume added! "Unveiled Nun" for Desert Princess and Progeny
  135. -New costume added! "Holy Passing" for Ghost Princess and Progeny
  136. -New costume added! "The Slayer" for Goblin Princess and Progeny
  137. -New costume added! "Batwing Shroud" for Moth Princess and Progeny
  138. -New costume added! "Pickle Cat" for Cat Princess and Progeny
  139. -New costume added! "The Good Vet" for Dog Princess and Progeny
  140. -New costume added! "Witch's Apprentice" for Mouse Princess and Progeny
  141. -New costume added! "Ceremonial Vixen" for Rabbit Princess and Progeny
  142. -New costume added! "Lady of Scarecrows" for Harvest Princess and Progeny
  143. -New costume added! "Veiled Moon" for Wyvern Princess, Dragon Princesses and Progeny
  144. -New costume added! "Yanagi Ba" for Finhead Princess and Progeny
  145. -New costume added! "Kraken Hat" for Mermaid Princess and Progeny
  146. -New costume added! "Red Assault" for Drider Princess and Progeny
  147. -New costume added! "Reptile Centipede" for Lamia Princess and Progeny
  148. -New costume added! "Cracking Miner" for Crystal Princess and Progeny
  149. -New costume added! "Hungry Venus" for Fairy Princess and Progeny
  150. -New costume added! "SpookFest Queen" for Scarecrow Princess
  151. -Added Slime PRINCE NSFW animation #1 to the Gallery!
  152. -New Knight Trait added: Houndmaster!
  153. -Added "Sweet Tooth" Achievement
  154. -Added "Spooky Queen" Achievement
  155. -Kingdom Lewdness cheat added (to set it 0-99)
  156. -Previously "female-only" costumes (or "male-only" for Harvest's) will now also work on the other sex' Progeny, showing the costume's headpiece or other parts
  157. -Other costumes like Mice's T.C.V., Slimes' Pectin Powder and more will now show on male Progeny too
  158. -Added pregnant portraits for Ghost Princess Living form
  159. -Added THICC Skeleton Progeny
  160. -Added THICC Insect Progeny
  162. Fixes:
  163. -Chubby Insect Progeny with Courtesan costume bug
  164. -Dragon Princesses Courtesan costume not working
  165. -Nun costumes on Sea Dragon not working
  166. -Lamia Princess' NSFW scene sometimes not triggering correctly by breaking stones in her room
  167. -"Food Fetchers" showing wrong resource icons in the quests menu
  168. -Arrow stuck on screen after leaving Kobold Fortress' management menu
  169. -Fixes errors in Dragon Princess II's NSFW scene
  170. -Added many needed fixes for Grub -> Moth transformations
  171. -Cardinal Bell not working correctly on lamias
  172. -Wings overwriting kobold Progeny headresses
  173. -Beards on female Human / Harvest Progeny
  174. -Mermaid Princess delivery scenes being shown as "not available"
  176. v0.17.11
  177. Additions and changes:
  178. -50+ Campsite dialogues added! Princesses will react to other Princesses and Progeny in the Campsite!
  179. -Rabbit Princess Succubus NSFW Animation #1 added
  180. -Moth Princess Succubus NSFW Animation #1 added
  181. -Insect Princess Succubus NSFW Animation #1 added
  182. -Harvest Princess NSFW Animation #2 added
  183. -Frog Princess NSFW Animation #3 added
  184. -Difficulty now scales with NG+
  185. -New BGM added to the jukebox! Seamaid Seadance
  186. -Added "A Stray Slayer" (Cat Bad Ending) illustration to Sonnet's Gallery
  187. -Added "Time Flies and Time Falls" (Turtle Loop Ending) illustration to Sonnet's Gallery
  188. -New item added: Keaton Pin
  189. -Keaton, the Nine-Tailed Faux, is now recruitable
  190. -Added portraits for Ice Maidens
  191. -New icons added for "Death Not" , "Keaton Pin " and the unobtainables (yet) "Sea Terror" and "Abyss Flaps"
  192. -New costume added! "Grand Delice" for Slime Princess and Progeny
  193. -New costume added! "Reverse Bunnysuit" for Rabbit Princess and Progeny
  194. -New costume added! "DIY Wyvern" for Rabbit Princess and Progeny
  195. -New NPC added! Grampa Khul
  196. -Added Patron NPC! Shanty
  197. -Added Patron NPC! JobJob
  198. -Added Patron NPC! Hunie
  199. -Added Patron NPC! Sylvia
  200. -Added Patron NPC! Feather
  201. -Desert's Reign will show purple lamps on the World Map when a Moon Festival is being held
  202. -New haircuts and hair colors for human Progeny in Moth's Reign "Papillon Rose" (obtainable only if moths and humans are in good terms)
  203. -Leaving Slave Auctions is now possible
  204. -The Status Screen will now show if two Reigns have a bad Diplomacy score
  205. -Drider THICC Progeny added! (standard, humanoid)
  206. -Fairy THICC Progeny added!
  207. -Lamia THICC Progeny added! (standard, gorgon)
  208. -Mermaid THICC Progeny added! (standard, huge, twin-tailed)
  209. -Satyr THICC Progeny added!
  210. -"Plain Clothes" can now be sold
  211. -Crafting in the Slums, giving powered up Stat stones!
  212. -Powered up Stat stones have a lot of calories for golems!
  214. Fixes:
  215. -Crashes on load for old savefiles are now getting prevented
  216. -No more game being stuck on a Black Screen upon loading a save
  217. -Moth / Harvest / Mermaid first reign event wrongfully triggered after their Reign got defeated and re-instated
  218. -Goblin-Cat and Ghost-Cat wars balance getting stuck after peace is declared
  219. -Aleph Stone not being labeled as "Food" item in the menu
  220. -"Knight's INC." experience not levelling up if it would be enough to raise the level by 2
  221. -Fixed most moths being shown with one covered eye
  222. -Fixed Finhead's and Mermaid's Souls not answering correctly in the room under the Chapel (the Putridarium)
  223. -Fixed Knight equipment being locked after Dog Princess' ending
  224. -Fixed placeholder fairies being shown during Dog Princess' ending
  225. -Faun/Fairy/Frog/Drider/Dragon Princesses/Holstaur costumes are now correctly resetted when going to NG+
  226. -The hilarious crab-dance won't happen anymore when fighting Shogun and Daimyo, unfortunately
  227. -Adjusted some dialogues in Moth Princess' events, more will follow
  228. -Off-hand maces / axes enabling the spinning attack
  229. -Skeleton / Mouse / Goblin Princess default THICC-ness
  230. -Flight being disabled for a day (happened when trying to fly while the game Autosaves) can now be fixed by re-entering the world map or one of the Menus. Should also be way less frequent.
  231. -Various typos and minor bugs
  233. v0.17.10
  234. Additions and changes:
  235. -Slime Princess Route is now complete!
  236. -Sonnet, the Book Fairy, is available in the Monastery's Library in NG+ (after reaching one of the Princess' endings)
  237. -Sonnet's "Faerie Tales" book, showing illustrations of routes you've completed, is available
  238. -Added descriptions to every "Faerie Book" ending illustration
  239. -Komachi NSFW Animation #1 added
  240. -?Battle System? update!
  241. -Added simple command references to the combat HUD
  242. -Swords are standard slashing shit
  243. -Fists and Daggers have greatly reduced range
  244. -Spears and Whips have increased range
  245. -Daggers and Spears have thrust attacks
  246. -Maces and Axes attack speed got reduced by a lot, but they can now SPIN if you don't move and attack repeatedly
  247. -Special categories like Rapiers (thrusting Swords) and Scythes (slashing Spears) have been added
  248. -Added "Peak Slime Performance" Achievement
  249. -Added "Sisters in Peril" Achievement
  250. -Added "Slime End - Good" Achievement
  251. -Added "You Spin My Head" Achievement
  252. -Updated Ghost Princess first event / flashbacks to use her Living Form portraits and sprites
  253. -Updated younger mermaid sister (Doris) lines when saving her from the goblin slavers
  254. -Added new Game Over mechanic: "Corruption Fog"
  255. -Added new Game Over event and illustration: "Corrupt King Silenus"
  256. -Added system option to disable Kingdom Lewdness/Silenus game over
  257. -Vesta, the Hearth Maiden, added
  258. -New forging system added! Guts & Gets!
  259. -Updated drop mechanics and added new drops for King Cucco, Queen Cocca, Hippopotus, Chiseled Crab, Giant Tsuchinoko and Pumpking
  260. -Reworked Elite monsters drops! Now everything "elite", from bats to the new Chongers, drop unique materials you can sell or craft into something!
  261. -Added new weapons and armors to be forged at Vesta's:
  262. #New weapon added: Cucco Sickle!
  263. #New weapon added: POTUS Mallet!
  264. #New weapon added: Crunchy RAD!
  265. #New weapon added: Tsuchinoko Saber!
  266. #New weapon added: King Leash!
  267. #New weapon added: Tactical Bat!
  268. #New weapon added: Slingaxe!
  269. #New armor added: Scarab Cover!
  270. #New armor added: Molten Core!
  271. #New armor added: Gaze o' the Abyss!
  272. #New armor added: Spongy Shirty!
  273. #New armor added: Cucco Style!
  274. #New armor added: POTUS Shield!
  275. -Drider Princess mechanics reworked! Spiders now drop Silk Strings that she can forge into her Magic Silk with the Guts&Gets system
  276. -Reworked Lump on a Stick (Merchant Princess) and Beast Choker (Mouse Tinkerer in Wyvern's Route) to be forged with the Guts&Gets system
  277. -Added Guts&Gets forging mechanics to R-005TY (Sacred Candle -> Hen Hunter Suit)
  278. -Momoko, Minister of Style, added
  279. -New haircuts and hair colors for moth Progeny! These new styles can't be passed down by breeding (the "natural" hair style/color is)
  280. -Frog Princess won't eat moths with dyed hair (!!!)
  281. -New monsters! Chongers + their Chilly and Elite variants added to certain water zones
  282. -New weapon added: Frozen Core
  283. -Bunnysuits for goblin Progeny added
  284. -New costume for Amelie added! Mitra's Paladin
  285. -THICC Progeny of many races added! These new NPCs you can meet in the Kingdom have a unique body, an unique costume and can be recruited by them usual means!
  286. -Kobold THICC Progeny added!
  287. -Human THICC Progeny added!
  288. -Desert THICC Progeny added!
  289. -Harvest THICC Progeny added!
  290. -Moth THICC Progeny added!
  291. -Mouse THICC Progeny added!
  292. -Cat THICC Progeny added!
  293. -Rabbit THICC Progeny added!
  294. -Harvest THICC Progeny added!
  295. -Finhead THICC Progeny added!
  296. -Slime THICC Progeny added!
  297. -Dragon THICC Progeny added!
  298. -Golem THICC Progeny added!
  299. -Ghost THICC Progeny added!
  300. -Goblin THICC Progeny added!
  301. -Queen's Milk now has a 50% chance of causing Progeny to be born THICC, if used on a pregnant Princess
  303. Added / Locked in Beta:
  304. -Mermaid Princess NSFW animation #1 added
  305. -Mermaid Princess' Mannequin can be used to change her outfit
  306. -Selkie Priestesses can be found around the Deep Merk...
  307. -Selkie Veil costume added for Mermaid Princess and NPCs
  308. -The Selkie Harp can now be obtained
  309. -Added assets for THICC and Pregnant Mermaid Princess (standard and Succubus form)
  311. Fixes:
  312. -Spriteless mermaids
  313. -Big Mermaid portrait size and position adjusted in the Progeny Box
  314. -Lina now sells standard costumes for finheads and mermaids
  315. -Slime Titan Game Over freezing the game as she destroys 3 Reigns
  316. -Digital Hourglass not working correctly in Mermaid Reign
  317. -Lapin Headband breaking stats
  318. -Cardinal Bell not updating stats
  319. -Cardinal Bell crashing with fairies
  320. -Wyvern / Mermaid Princess not going to their SUCC form at 10 Corruption
  321. -Sphinx Fortress not resetting correctly after its first completion
  322. -Various optimizations during character sprite calls
  323. -Framerate drops in rooms crowded by enemies almost completely removed
  324. -MYSTERY BOX crashing when too many items are in
  325. -Placing of certain races' portraits in menus
  326. -Shiny fairies and crystals
  327. -Cat/Goblin/Desert Princess wonky portraits in the latest Beta
  328. -Spinning attacks' kill counter going up when attacking rocks
  329. -Some Trait bonuses sticking on the Knight even after going to NG+
  330. -Many portraits (Progeny and Shade Princesses) not centered in menus
  331. -"Cat Princess-Bad End" now results in being sent to NG+ rather than a Game Over
  332. -Flying during auto-saves with a Progeny causing its sprite to be stuck as the flying one, even on land
  333. -Crashes when shopping for the "Till the Cows Come Home" quest
  334. -Mimic Princess rewarding with a MYSTERY BOX even if the Player already has 1
  335. -Various typos and minor bugs
  337. v0.17.9
  338. Additions and changes:
  339. -Finhead NPCs NSFW animation #1 added
  340. -Improved Progeny menu -> Progeny Box!
  341. -Sprites to easily recognize and quickly navigate between up to 500 of them
  342. -Sort your Progeny by race, name or level
  343. -New Signposts for Rattesein, Holstaur Milk Bar and Kobold Princess "I Want You" added
  344. -New Game Over screen - Defeat in Battle
  345. -New Game Over screen - Knightly Failure
  346. -New Game Over screen - Succubus Death
  347. -New nightly mechanics with succubi: only with enough Endurance to reach morning you will survive the night
  348. -New Game Over screen - Yandere Death
  349. -Metabolic speed added to the System options (0 to 3, 0 stopping completely weight gains and losses)
  350. -THICC cheats added (THICCen all Princesses / Revert to normal weight)
  351. -Nurse costumes for Rabbit Princess and NPCs added
  352. -Added Nun costumes for all Dragon Princesses, Wyvern Princess and dragon Progeny
  353. -Reworked the gift / switch costume systems for Dragon Princess I and II
  354. -Dragon Princess III can now be dressed up
  355. -Wind Blade skill removed (on new games or by accessing the new available skill)
  356. -New item added: Arcane Leash
  357. -New item added: Nick's Birdcage
  358. -Dur, Arcane Hound, is now recruitable
  359. -Old Nick, Pirate Octopus, is now recruitable
  360. -Weapons can now have bigger sizes and reaches
  361. -Increased size of Big Game weapons series (sword, hammer, axe)
  362. -Increased size of Galatea's Love weapon (fist)
  364. Fixes:
  365. Includes 10062020 hotfix
  366. -Points not distributed not being reset when going to NG+
  367. -"Marshal Dump" crash during autosaves
  368. -Diamond Hermit event failure now results in a Game Over
  369. -Set "Lumpy Frish" price to 0, making it not marketable
  370. -Fixed Captain Coat being gifted outside Slime Route
  371. -Fixed Captain Coat not protecting from Freezing temperatures
  372. -Adjusted Cucco food (Oeuf a la Cucco/Cucco Drumstick/Beefy Baked Cucco) prices
  373. -All progeny sprites/faces turning to succubus if Cat/Insect/Rabbit/Goblin/Finhead Princess is a succubus
  374. -Missing resources for succubus Cat Princess
  376. Includes 30052020 hotfix
  377. Holstaur Milk Bar adjustments
  378. Hammerhead Port missing overlays
  379. Slime Pool adjustments
  380. Scene bugging in Wyvern's room, after beating her
  382. And...
  383. -Missing item sprite in MYSTERY BOX causing crashes
  384. -Accessing the Cheat Menu right after Wish Wisp causing random cheats to be activated
  385. -Some kind of mermaid types being assigned the wrong sex
  386. -Crash when skipping text after defeating the wendigos for "The Rational Thing" quest
  387. -Some save crystals not working (in battle areas)
  388. -Wyvern Princess Cinder Ribbon clones having wrong sprite/portraits
  389. -Reduced slowdowns when fighting many enemies in Finhead areas
  390. -Other typos and minor issues
  392. v0.17.8
  393. Additions and changes:
  394. -Hammerhead Princess NSFW scene added
  395. -Hammerhead Princess NSFW animation #1 added
  396. -Frog Princess new events! Help her get to her new Throne room!
  397. -Frog Princess NSFW animation #2 added
  398. -Autosaves work again and we're testing a new Save menu, showing names and other additional infos of your playthrough
  399. -Cheat Menu moved to the Main Menu!
  400. -Wish Wisp item reworked!
  401. -"Croaking Up" Achievement added
  402. -New Affinity bar at castles' entrance
  403. -Mermaid Egg portraits added
  404. -Mermaid warning sign in the waters around their Reing added
  405. -Added Bunnysuit costumes for Mermaids
  406. -Added Battlesuit costumes for Mermaids
  407. -Added Courtesan costumes for Mermaids
  408. -Added Keroic Suit costume for Frog Princess
  409. -Added Patron NPCs (Polt, Mialee, Mallow, Humer, Tsukimi, Dew)
  410. -Added portrait for Starchy
  411. -Shadow Scarf can now be used during infiltrations
  413. Fixes:
  414. Includes 10052020 hotfix
  415. -Crash on load in the Gate of the Abyss zone
  416. -Rain/other weathers remaining when entering the GotA zone
  417. -"Unknown" reward from the Stone Knife/Brothel
  418. -Holstaur minigame starting if an egg hatches while in the Milk Bar
  419. -Actors will now regain 1 HP when forced to switch during a scene (like the forced switch to the only swimming actor while underwater)
  420. -Buggy particle for Cat Sith projectile
  421. -(Succubus) Desert Princess female progeny crashing the game during their delivery
  423. Includes 14052020 hotfix
  424. -Cow race wrong item rewards / quest completion triggers
  425. -Missing Human Princess dialogues in her castle
  426. -Bunny Hoodie -> Plain Costume
  427. -Mermaids can't be obtained from Life Pearl resurrections anymore (for reasons)
  428. -Mermaid -> Other Reigns war declarations are now prevented
  429. -Crashes when attempting to use "Prayer: Purify!" on Cat Princess Nekomata form
  430. -Fairy NPCs appearing were they shouldn't (Milk Bar, Hunter Terrace, Golden Stump, Clocktown, Goblin Brewery, Dance Club of Death)
  432. And...
  433. -Color adjustments on yellow kobold NPCs animations
  434. -Dog NPCs Bunnysuit ears position fixed
  435. -Depositing/Withdrawing from Progeny Menu adding Points to distribute
  436. -Progeny being born with 0 Points to distribute
  437. -Some wrong sprite calls for Finhead / Mermaid NPCs
  438. -Nya Nya Doll not being given through Breeding Contract (Rabbit)
  439. -Not-existing item being given through Breeding Contract (Rabbit)
  440. -Big Bad Woof costume avaiable every time you enter the Wolf Cave
  441. -Slime Sea Salts quest not completing correctly
  442. -Camping while underwater disabled
  443. -Other typos and minor issues
  445. v0.17.7
  446. Additions and changes:
  447. -You can now enter Slime Princess' route! The next steps are already in the making.
  448. -Kingdom status/worn costumes/NPC level now influences the requirements for its recruitment (using the Hero Banner)
  449. -Knight now gain points on even levels + an extra one at level 10, 20 and 30, lowering the total points he gets to 20
  450. -Stat gains per point assigned to the Knight increased by (roughly) 50%
  451. -Level 1 Progeny also gets 2 points to distribute as soon as they're born/bought/recruited (distribution locked on eggs)
  452. -Added Holstaur Princess NSFW scene
  453. -Added Holstaur Princess NSFW animation #1
  454. -New Patron NPC added! Rose, the Kobold Squire (recruitable in Dragon Princess I's route)
  455. -Unlocked Succubus form for Skeleton, Ghost, Goblin, Moth, Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Harvest and Finhead Princess
  456. -New Campsite/Tavern dialogues for Insect / Skeleton / Ghost / Goblin / Moth / Cat / Dog / Rabbit / Harvest / Wyvern / Finhead succubus forms
  457. -New sprites (flying and walking) for all of them
  458. -Updated the Succubus sprite for Desert Princess
  459. -Added full-sized icons for Crescent Moon, Hero Banner and Frog Girl Bath Water
  460. -Added the chance for Moth Courtesans to appear in the Hunter's Terrace, ruining everything
  461. -Added new Courtesan event during Tea Parties
  462. -New signposts around the Kingdom
  463. -New portrait for the Knight wearing the Hero Banner
  464. -Mermaid Progeny can now be found (it's using placeholder sprites)!
  465. -Mermaids will now appear during slave auctions (at a reduced rate)
  466. -Mermaids can be obtained using some of the game mechanics
  467. -"A mermaid egg is yours for the taking, But you'll have to find it first!"
  468. -Added Prisoner costumes for Mermaids
  469. -Added Maid costumes for Mermaids
  470. -Modified cost for Army/Walls upgrades (1000/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000 -> 1000/2000/3000/5000/8000/13000)
  472. Fixes:
  473. -Desert Princess delivery's crash
  474. -"Death Not" causing teleport to the Old Church if the Skeleton courtesan in visiting
  475. -Distribution points are now correctly reset for Progeny when reaching an ending
  476. -Expanded Spandex costume now works on Rabbit Progeny too
  477. -Missing sprites for the succubi inside the Chapel
  478. -Bath's Furnace (hut in the Hunter's Terrace) crashes
  479. -Sea Dragons portrait placing during dialogues
  480. -Green Moth Progeny sprite/portrait body color mismatch
  481. -Crash-on-load in the Beach area
  482. -The fight against the undead Nun Agathe starting over in the Monastery - Graveyard area
  483. -the party leader being automatically set as the Knight in underwater areas, if he's not wearing the Fish Lungs
  484. -some NPCs being assigned the wrong race
  485. -Beach area crashing on load
  486. -Nun Agathe's fight starting a 2nd time
  487. -Forced (underwater) leader switch to the Knight if he can't breath underwater
  488. -Seahorse / Snake dragon progeny found on the Human Castle's roofs
  489. -Succubi appearing in the Chapel but not interactable
  490. -Finhead Courtesan sprite not being shown in Hammerhead Port if it's night
  491. -Progeny being born at high levels
  492. -Shiny Finhead progeny crashing the game when the egg hatches
  493. -Beach area occasionally losing the treetops
  494. -Other typos and minor issues
  496. v0.17.6
  497. Additions and changes:
  498. -Meet & Recruit system in place (grab the Hero Banner at the Tavern and start recruiting the travelers you meet around the Kingdom!)
  499. -Recruits can fight and have sexy times with the knight
  500. -Recruits will keep the costume they have at the time of recruitment
  501. -Kingdom status/worn costume/recruit level now influences the recruiting stat requirements
  502. -New knight trait added! Man of the People
  503. -Slime Princess' route opens!
  504. -Merchant Princess NSFW animation #1 added (to Babs' Gallery)
  505. -Succubus variant of Desert Progeny cannot be met of bred normally anymore (you now need the Princess to be in her Succubus form to get one)
  506. -The fairies in the Fairy Meadow now get cycled daily (the ones you capture in a bottle won't EVER come back though)
  507. -Added "Nun" NPCs to the Chapel, with unique recruitement requirements, dialogues and 100% not lewd
  508. -Recruiting Nuns in the Chapel and Fairies in the Fairy Meadow gradually empties theplace, which will need time to return back to normal
  509. -New Level 9 Quest added! "Queen Troopers"
  510. -New NPC added! Basilissa, the "Demon Queen"
  511. -New weapon added! Crescent Moon
  512. -Added Nun costume for Human Princess and NPCs
  513. -Added Nun costume for Lamia NPCs
  514. -You can now enter Slime Princess' route!
  515. -Knight now gain points on even levels + an extra one at level 10, 20 and 30, lowering the total points he gets to 20
  516. -Stat gains per point assigned to the Knight increased by (roughly) 50%
  517. -Level 1 Progeny also gets 2 points to distribute as soon as they're born/bought/recruited (distribution locked on eggs)
  518. -New Patron NPC added! Rose, the Kobold Squire (recruitable in Dragon Princess I's route)
  520. Fixes:
  521. -Missing fairy during Skeleton Princess' ending
  522. -Finhead NPCs in places they're not supposed to visit
  523. -Insect Princess declaring war when still underground
  524. -Dialogue in the Fairy Meadow leading to more than one of the possible choices at once
  525. -Love Machine being in the Chapel at the beginning of the game
  526. -Lumpy Frish not giving the hidden key
  527. -Finheads appearing in Old Church/Forgotten Garden/Goblin Brewery/Moon Festival and boats
  528. -Ghost Princess speaking (!) in some occasions
  529. -Desert Princess crashing upon delivery
  530. -"Death Not" causing teleport to the Old Church if the Skeleton courtesan in visiting
  531. -Distribution points are now correctly reset for Progeny when reaching an ending
  532. -Expanded Spandex costume now works on Rabbit Progeny too
  533. -Missing sprites for the succubi inside the Chapel
  534. -Bath's Furnace (hut in the Hunter's Terrace) crashes
  536. v0.17.5
  537. Additions and changes:
  538. -Succubus form for Kobold / Human / Slime / Golem / Mouse Princess added (new sprites, standard and pregnant portraits)
  539. -Succubus mechanics added (new dialogues, flight at night, feeding through sex, unescapable sex in the tent, *whipping* enemies into submission)
  540. -"Broken" status reworked (now needs Succubus status + 10 Corruption + Kingdom Lewdness < 5)
  541. -Fairy Progeny added
  542. -Fairy NPCs NSFW animation #1 added (9 different versions)
  543. -Fairy NPCs (huge tats) NSFW animation #1 added (9 different versions)
  544. -New events in the Fairy Meadow added (trapping fairies in bottle, Sexy Time, recruiting fairies...)
  545. -Crystal Progeny added
  546. -Prismatic Eggs (obtained with S.C.R.A.B. + any egg) will now hatch into Crystal Progeny
  547. -Seahorse variant of Dragon Progeny added
  548. -Seahorse dragons are the only ones able to Swim now
  549. -Dried Riverbank map reworked completely
  550. -Added patron NPC! Acerola, the tree girl
  551. -Big Bad Woof costume for Dog Princess and NPCs added
  552. -Majorette costume for Mouse NPCs added
  553. -Many items reworked for a more streamlined use (Prayers, Pumpkin Seeds, Cursed Porgy Meat, Moth's Dust, Purifying Salts, Testos-X,
  554. -Mannequins in the Princesses' rooms have been updated for all the costumes added up to now
  555. -Progenies born from Princesses now have a unique "quality" value that influence their stats
  556. -Added food! Acerola Syrup
  557. -Added "Stranger in the night" Achievement
  559. Changes:
  560. -Lowered the love requirements for the 2nd Slime Princess' campsite scene (from 4? to 3?)
  561. -Removed scripted "fairy flights" in the overworld
  563. Fixes:
  564. -Stop character control during climax in tent/sneaky sessions
  565. -Kobolds being the only race appearing in slave auctions at the beginning of the game (kobolds, dogs, driders, lamias and fairies are now available from the start)
  566. -Stat mismatches for Progeny
  567. -DP2 appearing mid-flight
  568. -Population changes not affecting finheads
  569. -Fixed wars between northern reigns and Finheads causing Mouse to request taxes from either one
  570. -Changed some of Merchant Princess lines
  571. -Fixed Finhead guild quest listing as complete before its delivery
  572. -Fixed Harvest being taken hostage actually affecting Rabbit instead (if the siege solves itself while the player is in the world map)
  573. -Fixed Finhead being taken hostage actually affecting Harvest instead (if the siege solves itself while the player is in the world map)
  574. -Fixed the chance of Princesses ending up neither sold as slaves / taken hostages / killed after a siege
  575. -Fixed the goblins not being able to sell Princesses as slaves at low Wealth (<2), even if they're the ones that conquered her Reign
  576. -Skeleton / Ghost Progeny "delivery" increasing Life Force
  577. -Queen Milk not affecting Finhead Princess
  578. -Fixed bunnygirl costume not working to increase the quality of finhead's offsprings
  579. -Chunga Root can now be gifted to Finhead Princess
  580. -Fixed crashes when accessing Skeleton Princess diary while she's in her living form
  581. -Moss/Crystal/Crusader/Mimic/Scarecrow Princess not being able to equip "Jewelry" items
  582. -Sunken Ruin's treasure chest misplaced when re-entering the dungeon after its completion
  583. -Other typos and minor issues
  585. 12032020 hotfix
  586. -Buggy stat distribution after delivery in a full team
  587. -Chilled Wisps now count as "Ghost" type food too
  588. -Skeleton Princess / Human form now showing the correct frame in Diary
  589. -Cat Princess showing the "Egg" icon even after delivering in the Campsite
  590. -Some items causing the active party member to switch in the Campsite
  591. -Other typos and minor issues
  593. v0.17.4
  594. Additions and changes:
  595. -Cat Princess Route is now complete!
  596. -Wyvern Princess NSFW animation #1 added
  597. -Wyvern Princess pregnancy announcement scene added
  598. -HumanP x FinheadP campsite fluff scene added
  599. -Magical Larva costume for Insect Princess added
  600. -Magical Larva costume for Insect NPCs added
  601. -Rin, the Cyber Mouse, added
  602. -"Go with the Flow" quest added
  603. -Added portraits for the Knight in the Level-Up Menu
  604. -Added patron NPC! Vertid, the huntress
  605. -Added "Cat Ending" Achievement
  606. -Added "The Beast" Achievement
  607. -Added "Beginner Flow-traveller" Achievement
  608. -Added food! Oeuf a la Cucco
  609. -Added food! Cucco Drumstick
  610. -Added food! Beefy Baked Cucco
  611. -New item added! Flow-RDR
  612. -New BGM added to the jukebox! Silver Ceremony
  613. -Added sprites for Knight wearing G4sM-ausk
  614. -Upgraded Cardinal Bell and Feline Bell to work correctly on Progeny too
  615. -Harvest Princess' gender can now be changed while their Reign is still up
  617. Fixes:
  618. -Merchant Princess offering to restore
  619. -Cauldron still working after Babs "disappears"
  620. -Snake in Sphinx' Dungeon secret boss not moving
  621. -Dog Princess THICC forms missing portraits
  622. -Chunga Root can now be gifted to Finhead Princess
  623. -Insect Princess being shown leading Holstaur Farm when in the Kingdom Below
  624. -Fuzzy Inferno Nip not working on Progeny
  625. -Lump on a Stick being restorable outside Faun's Tavern (again)
  626. -Leader switch possible during Sexy Times inside the Tent
  627. -Fertile fields showing Insect Princess leading when Skeleton is
  628. -Other typos and minor issues
  630. v0.17.3
  631. Additions and changes:
  632. -Golem(human) THICC form added!
  633. -Skeleton(undead) THICC form added!
  634. -Ghost(human) THICC form added!
  635. -LeChef can now be found in Faun's Tavern after defeating him!
  637. Fixes:
  638. -Lump on a Stick being restorable outside Faun's Tavern
  639. -Battle System "line 2163" crashes
  640. -Komachi not resetting correctly after the 16th Prisoner costume she gives
  641. -Missing costumes for Finhead Princess
  642. -Missing naked THICC portraits for most Princesses
  643. -Missing sprite of the succubi that may appear in the Chapel
  644. -Missing Harvest Diary assets
  645. -Mismatching Ghost Diary assets
  646. -Progeny deposited in Bunny Garderie not resetting correctly when going to NG+
  647. -Cinder/Shade Wyvern and Finhead assets
  648. -Ambassador dialogue in Jewel Trench not starting if running 2fast
  649. -Harlot tributes giving crashes if a non-existing item gets called
  650. -Some quests not resetting correctly when going to NG+
  651. -Harvest Diary not being sorted in its own ("Diary") item category
  652. -Lamia NPCs not reverting to their own race after the Lapin Headband removal
  653. -Crash if skipping text during "The Rational Thing" quest dialogue
  654. -Other typos and minor issues
  656. v0.17.2
  657. Additions and changes:
  658. -Item Menu reworked! Items are now split into categories, with fancier previews
  659. -Diaries upgraded, you can now cycle between all the ones in your possession
  660. -Slave auctions upgraded, you can now use your funds in the Rattesein too
  661. -Additional step to Cat Princess route added
  662. -Cat Princess NSFW animation #4 added
  663. -Trust Funds added at the Rattesein! Fund new buildings and machines around the Kingdom: L(ove)M(achine)! U(nderground)P(rogeny)! A(utomatic)S(perm)M(achine)!
  664. -Amaterasu costume for Dog Princess added!
  665. -Amaterasu costume for Dog NPCs added!
  666. -Added patron NPC! Emilia, the succubus
  667. -Added patron NPC! Amy, the Dog maid
  668. -Mushroom Rootbeer now falls under the "Vegetable" category too
  669. -Finhead Princess pregnancy lenght reduced (15->10 days)
  670. -Skeleton siege Boss updated!
  672. Fixes:
  673. -Reworked entirely how Stats attribution for Progeny works (both for new ones and withdrawing deposited ones)
  674. -Weight can now increase or decrease by less than 1 Kg (it won't show on the Diary, but the changes will build up)
  675. -Fishcat Princess portrait fixed
  676. -Mermaid Tail passability issues
  677. -Mimic Princess appearing in her dungeon when not dealt with on the previous floors
  678. -Missing sprites in Insect Princess "Lump on a Stick" nightly event
  679. -Creamy&Emi resetting the maps they're encountered in (instead of their own map)
  680. -Wrong reward listed for "My Dear Love" quest
  681. -Prism Egg making calling the wrong portrait
  682. -Various typos and minor bugs
  684. 06022020 hotfix
  685. -Big fixes thrown at stat allocations for newborn Progeny
  686. -Creamy & Emi staircase passability issues
  687. -Finhead NPCs sprite in Tavern and Campsite not loading correctly
  688. -Komachi now only accepts Lump on a Stick to stop her hunger permanently
  689. -Other typos and minor issues
  691. 05022020 hotfix
  692. -Wrong Lump on a Stick obtained from Magic Silk AND cheats
  693. -Crash during dialogue with the sailor at the Cat Docks
  694. -Hunters Terrace male kobold lewd dialogues not working
  695. -Sprite Reloader not working on classic princesses
  696. -Chiseled Crab fight not starting correctly if running past the triggering tiles
  697. -Other typos and minor issues
  699. 03022020 hotfix
  700. -No more multiple feather drops from King Cucco and Queen Cocca
  701. -Merchant Princess not going to Diamond Seashell when sent there
  702. -Faun Princess not feeding enough the Princesses you leave in her care
  703. -Random Finhead Princess possibly having male body type
  704. -Wyvern and Finhead Courtesan costumes description
  705. -Crash in Rabbit Garderie
  706. -Wrong Lump on a Stick obtained from Magic Silk
  707. -Other typos and minor issues
  709. v0.17.1
  710. Additions and changes:
  711. -Feeding System is now live! Calories! Metabolism!
  712. -Diaries upgraded with a weighing scale (in kilos!)
  713. -Faun's Tavern can be used to keep your Princesses well fed (for a price)
  714. -THICC form for Kobold Princess added
  715. -THICC form for Human Princess added
  716. -THICC form for Slime Princess added
  717. -THICC form for Golem Princess added
  718. -THICC form for Insect Princess added
  719. -THICC form for Skeleton Princess (human form) added
  720. -THICC form for Desert Princess added
  721. -THICC form for Ghost Princess added
  722. -THICC form for Goblin Princess added
  723. -THICC form for Moth Princess added
  724. -THICC form for Cat Princess added
  725. -THICC form for Dog Princess added
  726. -THICC form for Mouse Princess added
  727. -THICC form for Rabbit Princess added
  728. -THICC form for Harvest Princess (causes swith to female) added
  729. -THICC form for Wyvern Princess added
  730. -THICC form for Finhead Princess added
  731. -Added "THICC" Achievement
  732. -Added "Maximum Chub" Achievement
  733. -60 old and new items are now categorized as food
  734. -Reworked and balanced every "Food" item effect and price
  735. -New item added! Pumpkin Pie
  736. -New item added! Strawberry Creampie
  737. -New item added! Chocolate Whoopie-Pie
  738. -New item added! Rabbit Sangaree
  739. -New item added! Chateau Lapin
  740. -New item added! Dippy Fries
  741. -New item added! Spooky Sushi
  742. -New item added! Chilled Wisps
  743. -New item added! Spicy Mansaf
  744. -New knight trait added! Traveling Chef
  745. -Kobold NPCs (male) NSFW animation #1 added
  746. -Kobold NPCs are now more frequent around the Kingdom (regardless of being in the Princess' route)
  747. -Kobold males can be found in the Stone Knife (the Brothel) now
  748. -Creamy & Emi can now be found around the Kingdom (at Lewdness > 50)
  750. Fixes:
  751. -Climate changes now work correctly when resting in the various Inns around the Kingdom
  752. -Dead bandit sprites not matching the "living" ones
  753. -Party limit (of 4) breaking when refusing to deposit the 5th in the Tavern
  754. -Windmill door glitches
  755. -Hammerhead port overlay glitches
  756. -Sieges on Hammerhead Port glitching
  757. -Missing dialogues in Diamond Seashell
  758. -Party Poppers not *pop*ing
  759. -Ghost Princess refusing Frog Princess Water normally
  760. -Finhead Princess always being shown in the Campsite after the first night
  761. -Finhead NPCs not centered in the Level Up menu
  762. -Passability issues in Sunken Ruins
  763. -Moving underwater between the Oasi and Lamia Sanctuary causing the Knight to drown if not equipping water-breathing gear
  764. -Breeding Contract (Rabbit) now works as intended
  765. -Finhead Maid costume headpiece placing
  766. -Nun Agathe fight starting even when she's in peaceful mode
  767. -Tiles not walkable as intended in Mimic's boss room
  768. -Crashes during special delivery events (Kobold in her room, Skeleton in Old Church...)
  769. -Various typos and minor bugs
  771. 19012020 hotfix
  772. -Game freeze when equipping the Digital Hourglass
  773. -Game freeze when refusing being stepped over by Finhead
  774. -Prince Knight trait giving faction Affinity instead of Relationship with Finhead Princess
  775. -Adjusted the dialogue for the finhead in the Green coral house to adapt to Player's actions
  776. -Other typos and minor issues
  778. 18012020 hotfix
  779. -Reduced stuttering during Desert's Dancing quest
  780. -Mine carts crashing against Skullcrawlers
  781. -Crash after donating more than 99 Cogs to the Mouse Tinkerer
  782. -"My Dear Love" quest not accepting Finheads
  783. -Underwater leader switching (TAB button) not working as intended
  784. -Finhead freeding scene repeating when visiting the Chiseled Tunnel again
  785. -Missing finheads' dialogues
  786. -Crash in Dragon Princess I' route battle against Finhead Troops outside the Tavern
  787. -Other typos and minor issues
  789. 17012020 hotfix #2
  790. -Quarters and Farm can now be "cleared" as intended in Kobold route
  791. -Mute Finhead NPCs now speak!
  792. -Finhead Reign stats can now be upgraded (check in Hammerhead Port)
  793. -Cat Princess' route questline doesn't show when not intended
  794. -Harvest -> Insect / Ghost conquers sending Rabbit's ambassadors instead of Harvest's fixed
  795. -Pyramid doors on the 2nd floor now unlock correctly
  796. -Sped up the "retake" of cities that were conquered before
  798. 17012020 hotfix
  799. -Crashes when getting sperm from enemies
  800. -Crashes when riding carts against Wendigos
  801. -Crash happening when entering the Greenkin Brewery
  802. -Prince Knight trait not increasing Affinity to Finhead's Reign
  803. -Human Knight trait not increasing Affinity to Harvest's Reign
  804. -Other typos and minor issues
  806. 16012020 hotfix
  807. -Crashes when picking random eggs / other births
  808. -NPC fights not spawning enemies
  809. -Stealth failures at finhead sending to wrong location
  810. -Spinel fight in the underwater house not starting
  811. -Water breathing status removed from eggs / other characters being sent to the daycare without physically leaving finhead
  812. -Removed underwater status when leaving Sunken Temple, fixed the random CoinCoin in there
  813. -Finhead Princess not being on throne as intended on old saves, while her reign is still up
  815. v0.17
  816. Additions and changes:
  817. -Finhead Release!
  818. -Complete overhaul of the old Battle System!
  819. -60 enemies right now use their own unique fighting style, the rest uses a generic version of the new Battle System
  820. -Finhead Princess is now recruitable
  821. -Finhead Reign questline and pregnancy announcement scene added
  822. -Finhead visitors added around the Kingdom
  823. -Finhead courtesans may appear around ports
  824. -Finhead eggs may be found around the Kingdom
  825. -Added quest! "The Chisel"
  826. -Added quest! "Daimyo & Shogun"
  827. -Added quest! "Feral and Savage" (Cat Princess route)
  828. -New monster added! Chiseled Crab
  829. -New monster added! Spinel Hermit
  830. -New item added! Torquoise Piercing
  831. -New item added! Suction Urchin
  832. -New item added! Candyphage
  833. -New item added! S.C.R.A.B.
  834. -Minor item(s) added! Finhead Jewels, Kraken Skewer, Oozing Shield
  835. -Additional steps to Cat Princess route added
  836. -Finhead Princess NSFW animation #1 added
  837. -Finhead Princess NSFW animation #2 added
  838. -Desert Princess NSFW animation #3 added
  839. -Courtesan costumes for Finhead Princess and NPCs added
  840. -Regalia costumes for Finhead Princess and NPCs added
  841. -Maid costumes for Finhead Princess and NPCs added
  842. -Battlesuit costumes for Finhead Princess and NPCs added
  843. -Prisoner costumes for Finhead Princess and NPCs added
  844. -Prisoner costumes for Harvest NPCs added
  845. -Prisoner costumes for Rabbit NPCs added
  846. -Added "Chisel and Rice" Achievement
  847. -Reduced AGI bonus to weapon attack speed
  848. -Shorty Special now won't appear anymore once the Goblin Reign falls
  850. Fixes:
  851. -Crashes during Komachi dialogue
  852. -Portrait in Holstaur Bar shows the correct portrait
  853. -Curvy human swimsuit costume placement
  854. -Golden Stump patron not loading correctly
  855. -Stealth in Hammerhead Port resuming correctly after leaving the Golden Stump
  856. -King Cucco / Queen Cocca getting stuck when jumping onto the player
  857. -Insect Reign crash upon first visit
  858. -Red Thread Ring threads sticking to Harvest when turning it male
  859. -Goblin NPCs always in lewd mood!
  860. -Sprite Reloader / Panic Button ending into the MYSTERY BOX
  861. -Custom Dragon Princesses not wearing their standard costumes
  862. -Various typos and minor bugs
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