Broken wing short

Jan 7th, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous and it is Day evening night in Equestria in your own house in moth village
  2. >and you are currently on the couch with a rather sour looking mothpony
  3. >it’s Hexferry, and her wing is tattered and broken
  4. >Caramel talked her into a flying competition earlier today and in her tsundereness she accepted the challenge
  5. >and then crashed pretty bad
  6. >Hexferry once again shifts on the couch, not finding a comfortable position for herself and her broken and ripped wing
  7. “Auuuuggh!”
  8. >you try your best not to laugh and let out a slight chuckle, making Hexferry stare daggers at you
  9. >”Don’t worry, the doctor said it’ll re-grow with a good nights rest”
  10. >Hexferry just humphs at you and keeps trying to find a comfortable position
  11. “Stupid Caramel, this is all her fault!”
  12. >”well, technically it was you who fell for her ruse so it’s kinda your fault”
  13. >Hexferry blushes but stares more daggers at you
  14. >you sigh and Hexferry keeps moving around
  15. >honestly this is way too distracting for you
  16. >ok, that’s it
  17. >you scoop Hexferry into your arms as she squeaks in surprise and put her onto your lap
  18. >and then you sit there, a blushing Hexferry in your lap
  19. >she’s surprisingly warm and soft, it feels very pleasant to hold her in your lap
  20. “...What d-do you think you’re d-doing?”
  21. >”Helping you stay still, you’re distracting”
  22. >Hexferry stays silent but does not move away
  23. >you spend the rest of the evening with a warm blushing Hexferry lying on your lap
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