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  1. “I'd definitely pick the redhead. She had the biggest tits.”
  3. “Nah gotta be the blonde. Her tits were almost as big and something about tall girls does it for me.”
  5. “No way, she was definitely into girls. Did you see her haircut? I'd go for the brunette.”
  7. “What? She was the plainest of the bunch.”
  9. “Yeah I know, but those are always the freakiest in bed.”
  11. Nadir sighed at his men. They'd walked past the group of Cadians five minutes ago, and his squad hadn't stopped discussing the relative merits of fucking each one of them since.
  13. “I bet the redhead sucks like a champ though.”
  15. “Can I pick more than one?”
  17. He tried to zone out the conversation. He found it disrespectful. The redhead did look like she sucked like a champ. And he would have bet his left arm the brunette was the freakiest in bed. But that was hardly the point. Women were to be cherished, not rated. Protected.
  19. The door to the bar opened behind them. He ignored it. Women, that was the problem. They were distracting. They didn't belong in a warzone.
  21. Slowly, as he started to form his thoughts, he became aware of his men growing quiet. Perfect. He had indulged them, and their fantasies for too long. It was about time he reinforced some order.
  23. “See, this is the problem with having women in the guard.” said Nadir. “Women aren't built for combat. They're too delicate. Women are for protecting, that's why they distract us. We naturally want to take them away from combat, keep them safe, snuggle them-”
  25. Too late he realised that his men weren't quietly paying attention to him, but deathly silent. They weren't even looking at him, but past him. He felt an ominous presence at his back, and the hairs on the his neck stood up; millions of years of evolution warning him of the approach of a dangerous predator. He gulped. He couldn't help it.
  27. “You were saying?” rumbled a voice.
  29. Nadir started to turn around, ready to tell his intruder exactly what he was saying. His words died in his throat and emerged as a splutter.
  31. She was huge. Larger than any woman he had seen in his life. Nadir wasn't short, and she was half a foot clear of him, more, maybe, and built like some ancient primate. He wasn't weak either, but his body was lithe, sculpted by his desert world for endurance, not strength. Emperor, her arms were even thicker than his. And her thighs! She looked like she would be capable of reaching over, taking his head in her hands, and crushing it between her palms.
  33. Nadir had the sudden, awful feeling that he was about to die.
  35. “Sarge?”
  37. His men! They were with him, standing behind him. He wasn't alone. They would support him. Everything was fine.
  39. The giantess burst out laughing.
  41. Other voices joined hers and he suddenly became very aware that she wasn't alone either. There were five of them, all clad the same way, tight white shirts over tighter sports bras, loose camouflage pants resting on wide hips below bare midriffs. They were all wearing red bandannas, damp with sweat from being outdoors in the Elucian heat. Half of them were wearing pendants or similar jewellery around their necks, nestled into their very visible cleavage. Catachans.
  43. The Catachan leaned forward, clamped a hand to Nadir's shoulder. It was like a vice, like steel. She pushed down, and his knees started to give way. She leaned past him, talking to his men.
  45. “You. Leave. Me and the girls are going to borrow your sergeant for a bit. He's going to tell us all about a woman's place in war, isn't he girls?” More laughter. “Don't worry lads, we'll bring him back to you in one piece.”
  47. His men didn't respond, just started to shuffle away. The Catachan who had spoken; Nadir supposed she was their leader, sat down on the chair opposite him. It creaked. Two of her fellows sat on either side of him. One rested an arm on his shoulder. He felt like he was propping up a bear.
  49. “So, little man,” she said with a smirk, “what's your name?”
  51. “N-n-nadir.” he managed.
  53. “Nadir! Cute. I'm Amanda. That's Ellen, Louise, Joan, and Becks.” she pointed round the table, indicating the other women. They all looked the same to him.
  55. “So why don't you tell us all about a woman's place in a warzone?”
  57. This wasn't how women should to act. They were supposed to be delicate. Submissive. Ready to take the orders of whatever man proved himself worthiest. They weren't supposed to take charge. Nadir readied himself to chastise them.
  59. They leaned in closer, all ears. He looked from one to the next, and realised he had forgotten their names already.
  61. “Do we need to be protected?” sung the one on Amanda's left, her voice high in mock femininity. “Are we too delicate?”
  63. “Do we need a big, strong man to take care of us?” said the one on the right. Louise?
  65. “Are you feeling distracted?” whispered the one on his left, close to him. Her tongue flicked his ear.
  66. Nadir felt a foot run up his thigh, and his heart skipped a beat. The foot continued, while the others continued to tease him, until it rested in his crotch. Amanda smiled cruelly at him from across the table, and started to move the ball of her foot in a circle. Nadir froze, unable to process what was happening to him, unable to escape.
  68. Then they all burst out laughing again.
  70. “Oh God-Emperor, I can't, he's just too cute.” said Amanda.
  72. “I know!” said Joan, unless it was Becks. “I wanna take him home with me.”
  74. “Maybe you could show him what we use men for in a warzone.” laughed probably-Ellen.
  76. The grin splitting Amanda's face changed with that, morphing into something more subtle.
  78. “Actually, that might not be a bad idea.” she said. “It's been a while. How about it, Sergeant, what was it, Nadir?”
  80. Nadir couldn't find the strength or the words to answer. This was all wrong. Men should take charge. They should be doing what he told him. Why didn't they see that? This wasn't how things were supposed to happen at all. Any moment now, he would open his mouth and tell them exactly what he thought of them.
  82. “I think we broke him,” said Louise.
  84. “Well, you know men,” said Amanda, “They do need us to take care of them sometimes. But I do like the idea of showing what we use men for...”
  86. She leaned closer, tilting her head, looking him up and down, assessing him. “Ahh, fuck it. Tell you what, Nadir, if at any point you want me to stop what I'm doing, you just cry out, okay?”
  88. With such a high level of adrenaline and confusion coursing through his system, it felt like too much effort to do anything but nod.
  90. “No complaints? Golden. Good boy.” said Amanda.
  92. Amanda made a signal he didn't understand to her squad, and two of them ran to the bar, craftily drawing the bartender's attention away from the remaining group. Amanda grabbed Nadir's hand, pulling him to his feet with her vice like grip. One of the others, he was pretty sure it was Ellen, took up place on the other side of him, and together they frog-marched him into the women's bathroom.
  94. After they had all entered the room, Ellen stood with her back against the door, blocking it with her huge frame. Amanda told him to lie down, and he did. She removed his pants, then her own, and stood above him so he could see everything. She stayed like that, running her foot up and down his member. He felt her toes against his cock, her skin touching his, rubbing up and down.  She grasped his member between big toe and the rest and continued to stroke him until she was satisfied he was ready. It didn't take long.
  96. Amanda spat in her hand and used it to lubricate herself, then mounted him. Friction pushed back as he entered her, a dryness that chafed painfully, just for a moment. He felt her pressing down, too tight to pierce, squashing him. Her expression faltered, disgusted, like she had sat on something unpleasant. Nadir concentrated, forcing his mind into a single place, willing his body to rise to the challenge. His cock rose, steady. It overcome the resistance, entered her folds, and she smiled. He was inside.
  98. She didn't look at him as she started to move, her body arched back. She didn't remove her top, or bra, denying him that view as well. Amanda moved slowly, at her own pace, and Nadir knew she was prioritising her own pleasure, rather than trying to make him cum.
  100. They continued like that, her head thrown back, eyes closed, making quiet noises of enjoyment. She grew wetter, and the motions became easier, but not faster. Nadir wanted to reach up, grab her chest, tear off her top, start moving himself, start fucking her; but the moment was too fragile. He was too afraid she would stop. He lay still, lying on his back, arms on the floor, too scared to move. She ground onto him, pleasuring himself, and he did the only thing he could; he watched. Watched the way her chest still heaved with her movements despite the tight bra. Noted the way her chin quivered slightly with each flex of her thighs. Observed her sliding up and down on his cock, her strong legs showing no signs of deviating from their rhythm.
  102. When she grew close, she started to use her hand as well. She licked a finger and it found her clit, softly rubbing it as she bounced up and down. She started to climax, bringing herself to orgasm because of him, or despite him. She continued to move as she came, sliding him in and out as sensation overwhelmed her. Nadir wasn't there yet, but he soaked in the moment, enjoying the feel of her tightening around him as she let out a drawn out moan.
  104. For the first time during the whole encounter, she looked down at him. She raised her hips, drawing her out of him, and looked approvingly as his cock. Before he knew what was happening she stood, nodded to Ellen, and they started to switch places.
  106. Nadir had forgotten the other woman was there. She must have been watching, the whole time, back to the door. She pulled off her pants, and straddled him as well; exactly the same as Amanda had. This time there was no resistance. He wasn't sure if it was the result of her voyeurism, or the remnants of the previous girl's fluid, but he slipped into Ellen like she was made for it.
  108. The second of the Catachan had different tastes to the first. Where Amanda had been slow, building herself up indulgently, Ellen was eager, vicious. She slammed herself down on him, again and again, grunting with pleasure as she did. Nadir's legs started to tense. Ellen dropped forwards, planting an arm on either side of his head, bringing her face close to his. She placed a hand on his forehead, caressing his hair.
  110. “Not yet,” she pleaded, “Not yet. I'm close. You can do it. Hold on. Just a little-little more. Just a little more. Hold on.”
  112. Nadir tried. He relaxed his legs, tensed his arms, anything. He pawed at Ellen, trying to focus on her chest instead of his cock. His hand ran upwards inside of her white top, tried to get it down into her bra. It succeeded, and he felt the skin of her breast, squeezed; she didn't stop him, just kept pleading him to hold on a little bit longer. Her nipple was hard, between his fingers, a point of focus. Nadir needed more. He started to pull off her clothes, trying to let this new goal surpass the other, removing her top until she bounced freely in front of him, never quite forgetting how close he was.
  114. When she finally sighed and began to shake, he let go as well. He wrapped his arms around her and they came together, his cock spurting inside her as she tensed everything, squeezing him tight. She held him close as time stretched like an eternity, the two of them shuddering into each other, their heads side by side.  Each movement transferred through her body, her breasts complimenting it, quivering against him in perfect disharmony.
  116. When they eventually stopped, he felt lightheaded.
  118. “You did well, little man.” said Amanda, as they started to stand and replace their clothes.
  120. “T-t-tallarn's are known for their endurance, ma'am.” Nadir stuttered, still not quite sure what had happened, or why he had said that.
  122. “Is that so?” she laughed.
  124. There was a knock at the door, frantic, a strange rhythm the Catachans seemed to recognise. Amanda flung it open immediately. One of Becks-Louise-Joan was standing outside.
  126. “Boss, we gotta go.”
  128. “Ellen. What happened?” said Amanda. Wait, that was Ellen? So who had he just fucked?
  130. “Noise on the vox. Some Commissar, Fell or something. Catachan 297th, Tallarn 405th, Cadian 312th, all to report straight back. Inquisition special order. We're shipping offworld.”
  132. Amanda sighed, turned back to Nadir. “Well, little man, I guess this is goodbye. It's been fun.”
  134. “A-Actually,” said Nadir, regaining some of his confidence, “I'm 405th”
  136. “Huh. What are you waiting for then? Lets roll.” Amanda paused, like she was thinking about something, then turned back to him and gripped his shoulder. “Oh. And just in case we get separated in transit, report to our quarters at 10pm tonight. Understood?”
  138. *******************************
  140. It had taken Nadir twenty minutes, sweating in his room, then pacing up and down the corridor outside, to decide to sneak out to the Catachan's quarters. The five of them had been bundled into a room designed for four, one makeshift bed made up in the middle of the floor. They had told him to lie down in it, then taken turns to ride him until they were satisfied, waited until he recovered, and started again.
  142. When they were done, hours later, Amanda had told him to stay the night. He hadn't refused. She had bundled him into her bed and lay behind him, her larger frame curled up around his small one, her arms around him.
  144. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. This wasn't how women were supposed to act. He felt used, and feeble, and pathetic. Emasculated.
  146. Then Amanda made a noise, some combination of a bestial growl and petulant hum. She wrapped her arms around him, drew him close. She purred as she did so, running her nose back and forth against the back of his neck, nuzzling him. Like a Terran feline making sure its litter was safe. Content.
  148. The emotional walls he had built in his mind fractured, broke. He had felt weak, but what did it matter; he was. Amanda wrapped her huge arms around him, and he melted back into them. He felt safe. Protected. Cherished. He snuggled back into her embrace and waited for sleep to find him.
  150. These women weren't what he had expected, and they hadn't treated him like a man.
  152. But maybe this way round wasn't so bad after all.
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