A Nordion Princess' Wishes

TheStarlette Oct 22nd, 2019 81 Never
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  1. I lost you that day...
  2. My dear and close brother
  3. Nothing will bring you back
  4. Even after killing that man for you
  6. He had you by the strings, unfortunately
  7. I did my best to try and get you to understand
  8. Little did I even know how twisted politics are
  9. As you were executed by a person I despised
  11. As I write this letter in disgust
  12. I will save it for my daughter to deliver
  13. I want her to deliver it to your son
  14. So that he knows exactly what happened
  16. I'm afraid he'll be told a lot of lies
  17. That may lead him to get the wrong idea
  18. Sigurd and you were always good friends
  19. So I want that truth to be known
  21. As for me? I'm off to find my son
  22. I haven't the slightest idea where he is
  23. My husband is here, safely watching things
  24. I entrust my daughter to him.
  26. I hope I get the truth out one day.
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