Aug 6th, 2019
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  1. <color=#00ffffff><b><size=35><align="center">Welcome to the server!</align></size></b></color>
  3. <size=20><link=""><color=#a1b7ff><align="center">Feel free to join our discord. (Click here to join!)</align></color></link></size>
  4. <size=12><align="center">If you need help with anything or have any questions, you can add me on discord at Jonah#7469</align></size>
  6. <color="red"><b><size=25><align="center">Please read the server rules!</align></size></b></color>
  7. <color="red"><b><size=20><align="center"><link="">Click here to see the Server Rules.</link></align></size></b></color>
  9. <align="center"><size=16><b>PLUGINS</b> - Plugins are ways that servers modify the game for the players
  10. in very specific and sometimes unnoticeable ways, this server uses plugins which will be
  11. individually listed below with a description of how the plugin operates.</size></align>
  13. <size=20><color=#00ffffff><align="center">Server Plugins:</align></color></size>
  15. <align="center"><size=14><color=green>914INHAND</color> - <color=#858585>A plugin that allows you to upgrade items in 914 without dropping them- no more pesky D-Class
  16. stealing your keycards!</color>
  17. <color=green><b>ADMINTOOLBOX</b></color> - <color=#858585>A plugin that adds more admin commands.</color>
  18. <color=green><b>ANTISERVERCRASH</b></color> - <color=#858585>A plugin that helps protect the server from bot attacks which could potentially crash it.</color>
  19. <color=green><b>BLACKOUT</b></color> - <color=#858585>A plugin that adds a minigame which admins can initiate after a round restart.</color>
  20. <color=green><b>CUSTOM914RECIPES</b></color> - <color=#858585>A plugin that lets the server owner change what happens when you turn x into y in 914.</color>
  21. <color=green><b>CUSTOMANNOUNCEMENTS</b></color> - <color=#858585>A plugin that allows admin to play or create C.A.S.S.I.E announcements.
  22. <color=green><b>SCP008</b></color> - <color=#858585>A plugin that turns SCP 049-2 into a real zombie, creating a bleed effect whenever they hit a human
  23. and turning the human into another instance of SCP 049-2 once they've bled out.
  24. Bleeding can be stopped by using a medkit.</color></size></align>
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