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MazaCoin Development Team Statement On The Release Of The Ma

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  1. MazaCoin Development Team Statement On The Release Of The Mac OS Wallet Client
  3. Saturday - February 22, 2014  12:00 Noon ET USA
  5. When we originally began planning this Public Launch it was our intention to release three wallet clients, Windows, Ubuntu - and Mac OS. And we want to make clear that we will release a Mac OS wallet client in the coming weeks. But we have decided to delay that release as a protest against Apple and their policy against BitCoin and BlockChain. Like so many of Apple's policies we feel that this was done for reasons of pure greed. We feel compelled to stand by our fellow developers at BitCoin and BlockChain and say: "enough is enough".
  7. Now, many Mac users may think this is unfair. We understand your disappointment. But if everyone must take into account any inconvenience of an end user, we will never be able to protest against big corporations. Big corporations know this, and try and basically hold you hostage as a consumer to prevent protests against them.
  9. This is not the first time Apple has been a bad corporate citizen. Your Apple products are made in factories in China where the conditions are so bad that suicide nets have to be deployed on the production floors. They have censored open source software and free speech with their monopolistic practices more than once. But now that they have attacked the Crypto community they have gone too far. And how is that working out for them with YouTube flooded with viral videos of people blowing up, smashing and even shooting their iPhones and other Apple products?
  11. We will make this stand with our fellow developers at BitCoin and BlockChain, and then in a few weeks we will release the Mac OS wallet client. While we do not apologize to Mac users for this, we do appreciate your disappointment. But you should direct your ire at Apple, not us.
  14. SINCERELY  --  MazaCoin Development Team
  17. MazaCoin Website - www.MazaCoin.org
  19. BTC Oyate Project - www.BTCOyateProject.cf
  21. MazaCoin Twitter - twitter.com/MazaCoin
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