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  1. Rend                 Rend the flesh of your foes.
  2. Raze                 Remove the defences that would keep your weapons from your foe.
  3. Smash                Deliver a crushing blow with your shield.
  4. Combination          Link your blade and shield attacks into devastating combinations.
  5. Drive                Deny them of breath with a precise strike to the throat.
  6. Slice                Speed is the mark of a true master.
  7. Impale               Pin them to the ground with your blade.
  8. Concuss              Rattle their brain with a mighty blow.
  9. Trip                 Send them sprawling.
  10. Club                 A brutal display of power.
  11. Cleave               Rend your opponent's body in two.
  12. Dedication           Your dedication to victory can overcome all barriers.
  13. Ferocity             Channel the ferocity of battle.
  14. Strike               Unleash your ferocity against your foe.
  15. Guardbreak           Exploit holes in their guard.
  16. Disembowel           Tear the entrails from a target.
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