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Deadly fingertips 2

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Jan 9th, 2015
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  1. Deadly Fingertips: The Departure
  2. From: Xorphix
  3. Sent: 2015.01.04 16:33
  4. To: Deadly Fingertips, Jake Patton, Ju0ZaS, Zeus Maximo,
  6. Sorry I've had limited time today to compose this mail, RL stuff/gf aggro/family stuff. Following the latest alliance mail, I got threats of over half our core members leaving, and those that don't always have time to commit to a roam constantly.
  8. Many of my guys absolutely love roaming, including myself, but also do resort to camping depending on RL schedules, etc. They enjoy the flexibility, and the laid backness about it.
  10. I personally loved hunting with you guys, however when most of my own corp threatens to leave due to a strict no-camp rule, Its usually a clear indicator to do something... Without those players who built up what Deadly Fingertips is today, then I'd have nothing.
  12. The wars worked well to weed certain players with silly losses, however many of our guys who station camp as well as roam are quite competent pvpers, and were deeply disgruntled by the latest alliance email.
  14. I've got to look out for whats best for the people who made what Deadly Fingetips is today. I truly hope you understand the weight behind my decision.
  16. I'm also very glad the leak is no longer a problem for you guys, but still remains a problem for me to continue looking into...
  18. With deepest respect,
  21. Xorphix / Andy
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