Ai's Investigations

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  4. (2:42:07 PM) ***TWM|Ai huffs, then moves away from Johnny, feeling vaguely annoyed.
  5. (2:49:33 PM) Darkened: The shelf-maze turns, leading Ai out of sight.
  6. (2:53:50 PM) Darkened: And she finds herself in a set of files, files and files and files as far as the eye can see, stacked up around each other aimlessly, confusingly.
  7. (2:55:07 PM) ***TWM|Ai blinks, glares suspiciously at the files, then grab one of them to read
  8. (2:57:59 PM) Darkened: It looks to be an unsigned marriage certificate.
  9. (2:59:09 PM) ***TWM|Ai frowns, and put that one, before grabbing another.
  10. (3:03:39 PM) Darkened: Contract promising eternal love!~
  11. (3:03:44 PM) Darkened: Unsigned
  12. (3:04:10 PM) ***TWM|Ai blinks.
  13. (3:04:29 PM) ***TWM|Ai digs the files, trying to find anything strange, but looking for signed contract
  14. (3:05:30 PM) Darkened: There are a few odd signed contracts, here and there.
  15. (3:05:40 PM) Darkened: And msot of them are varying degrees of strange.
  16. (3:06:13 PM) ***TWM|Ai set aside the signed contract at it's own pile, then digs for more signed contract.
  17. (3:06:15 PM) Darkened: Promises to trade 10 souls for a promotion, agreement to trade one's sense of self-worth for a better chance at romance, a contract stipulating 'more than I have' as the payment.
  18. (3:07:58 PM) Lian|Fox [] entered the room.
  19. (3:11:13 PM) ***TWM|Ai blinks.
  20. (3:11:22 PM) Darkened: Ai might realize that mountains of unorganized files may prove rather difficult to search conventionally.
  21. (3:11:28 PM) ***TWM|Ai began actually read the contracts. All the contracts.
  22. (3:13:01 PM) Darkened: She reads a lot!
  23. (3:13:07 PM) Darkened: Ranging fromt he boring to the extraordinary
  24. (3:13:22 PM) Darkened: She also finds that a lot of time is passing and she has yet to make a dent in what's there, much less find the one she's looking for.
  25. (3:13:40 PM) ***TWM|Ai pursed her lips, then try to find the one that covers Lindley or anyone close to her.
  26. (3:16:27 PM) ***Lian|Fox a man in an imaculate white suit wearing a traditional japanese fox mask follows her in
  27. (3:16:32 PM) Lian|Fox: "WHat are you trying to do?"
  28. (3:17:15 PM) ***TWM|Ai looks at the man, raise her eyebrow, then goes back at searching the contract.
  29. (3:17:35 PM) ***TWM|Ai mumbles. "Trying to find a contract signed by Lindley and her friend."
  30. (3:18:23 PM) Lian|Fox: "Why?"
  31. (3:20:02 PM) ***TWM|Ai shakes her head. "It will hurt her. And I... want to help her."
  32. (3:22:21 PM) Lian|Fox: "You need to cheat"
  33. (3:23:07 PM) ***TWM|Ai huffs. "Not my things."
  34. (3:23:19 PM) ***TWM|Ai reconsider. "...well, unless it is about love."
  35. (3:24:39 PM) Lian|Fox: "Do you know the best way to beat a chessmaster?"
  36. (3:26:22 PM) ***TWM|Ai things. "Not to play chess in the first place?"
  37. (3:26:47 PM) Lian|Fox: "nah flip over the table and hit him over the head with your shoe"
  38. (3:27:56 PM) ***TWM|Ai ponders. "Well, the chessmaster still wints at chess though."
  39. (3:27:57 PM) Lian|Fox: "yes but you've beaten him"
  40. (3:27:57 PM) Lian|Fox: "litterally'
  41. (3:28:11 PM) ***TWM|Ai giggles.
  42. (3:28:47 PM) ***TWM|Ai clears her throat. "Well, can you help me, sir, in my search of correct contract?"
  43. (3:29:48 PM) Lian|Fox: "Well lets think about why she signed the contract?"
  44. (3:30:55 PM) ***TWM|Ai humms. "The problem is not that she signs the contract, it is she signs the contract without knowing it was one in the first place." Then frowns. "Plus, we are still on the cold war with the storekeeper outside."
  45. (3:33:19 PM) ***TWM|Ai sighs when she finds the answer, and start setting the pile aside to get at the contracts.
  46. (3:34:10 PM) Lian|Fox: "hand me one if you would?"
  47. (3:34:58 PM) ***TWM|Ai snatches one of the romance-related contract, and give it to the fox-man
  48. (3:38:32 PM) Darkened: Lindley's contract seems to be fairly simple. 500$ and some good dreams in exchange for a charm to help with love.
  49. (3:39:25 PM) Lian|Fox: If the charm fails to live up to expectations does it invalidate contract?
  50. (3:39:35 PM) Darkened: Results not guaranteed.
  51. (3:39:55 PM) Darkened: Of painful note is the whole 'death via accident if you act against the shop' NDA clause.
  52. (3:40:00 PM) Darkened: And discounts for introducing new customers.
  53. (3:41:36 PM) Lian|Fox: are dreams defined? and shop
  54. (3:42:22 PM) Darkened: Not specifically, but it seems to already have been paid.
  55. (3:42:36 PM) Darkened: And it's pretty clearly all above board.
  56. (3:42:42 PM) Darkened: There aren't any big loopholes or the like.
  57. (3:44:52 PM) ***TWM|Ai frowns.
  58. (3:45:03 PM) TWM|Ai: "That is? That's all the contract says?"
  59. (3:45:47 PM) ***TWM|Ai hmms. "Wel, the NDA clause seems unnecessarily broad though."
  60. (3:56:01 PM) Lian|Fox: "how much is her long term survival important to you?"
  61. (3:58:58 PM) ***TWM|Ai frowns. "I... no. It is..." she sighs. "It is actually not important, in the grand scheme of things. But... I can't just let her die!"
  62. (3:59:50 PM) Lian|Fox: "Well a sufficiently focused contract could just cancel his out"
  63. (4:01:11 PM) ***TWM|Ai look at the fox-man. "I sense a but incoming."
  64. (4:01:58 PM) Lian|Fox: "One can only own so much"
  65. (4:02:38 PM) TWM|Ai: "How so?"
  66. (4:04:11 PM) Lian|Fox: "Sign her to a contract to be a champion, but you'd only have so many options for that"
  67. (4:05:49 PM) ***TWM|Ai bits her lips.
  68. (4:06:23 PM) Lian|Fox: (I may have mis read something hold on)
  69. (4:07:05 PM) ***TWM|Ai swipe Lindley and her friend contract, nevertheless, just to be on the safe side.
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  71. (4:16:05 PM) Lian|Fox: "Or you could try to buy out their contract"
  72. (4:57:26 PM) ***TWM|Ai looks to the ceiling, narrows her eyes, then, "Nope."
  73. (4:57:59 PM) ***TWM|Ai turns to the fox-man. "That's a good solution, but we kinda need to find out how to kick out the storekeeper from here."
  74. (5:25:47 PM) Lian|Fox: "Solve desire"
  75. (5:26:35 PM) ***TWM|Ai shrug. "Something more concrete, please."
  76. (5:32:23 PM) Lian|Fox: "His game is to give people wha they desire"
  77. (5:33:13 PM) ***TWM|Ai hmms. "And?"
  78. (5:52:48 PM) Lian|Fox: "So how to break it"
  79. (5:56:14 PM) Lian|Fox left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
  80. (5:56:27 PM) ***TWM|Ai shakes her head. "Doesn't have to break him, simply makes him leave this realm."
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  83. (7:42:20 PM) ***TWM|Ai looks toward the sky, hears the sound, and blinks.
  84. (7:43:10 PM) ***TWM|Ai scowls, pockets the contracts, and walk toward wherever the sound is. "I hope he doesn't... destroys the place or something." Then blinks, and slap her cheeks. "No, wait, that's actually not a bad idea."
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