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  1. Stilico wears sharpened wolverine claws on her hands.
  2. Stilico wears an ice girdle about her waist.
  3. Stilico wears a fireband on her arms.
  4. Stilico wears the amulet of champions around her neck.
  5. Stilico chokes as her lungs adjust to underwater breathing.
  6. Stilico wears a soulstealer's souls about her body.
  7. Stilico wields an Eldmarian Slayer in her right hand.
  8. Stilico holds the Necronomicon in her left hand.
  9. Stilico begins glowing with a bright light!
  10. Stilico wears a ring of sublime evil on her left finger.
  11. Stilico wears the boots of the fish on her feet.
  12. Stilico wears a conductive steel shield as a shield.
  13. Stilico wears basilisk scale leggings on her legs.
  14. There is a faint sound, a very high pitched shriek as Stilico's skin hardens.
  15. Stilico wears a fragment of a Medallion of Alyria around her neck.
  16. Stilico wears an alligator tooth necklace around her neck.
  17. Stilico begins moving much faster, almost seeming to blur before your eyes.
  18. Stilico wears a ring of power on her right finger.
  19. Stilico suspends an eye of a Kraken above herself.
  20. Stilico stiffens for a moment, then blinks and shakes her head.
  21. Stilico wears an engraved bronze breastplate on her body.
  22. Stilico wears a giant helm on her head.
  23. Stilico wears an amulet of spell delivery around her neck.
  24. Stilico wears a spectral aura about her body.
  25. Stilico wears a bracelet made of white marble around her left wrist.
  26. Stilico wears a bracelet made of white marble around her right wrist.
  27. Stilico wears a magical belt pouch about her hip.
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