Anon - Gullible Sepia

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. “What about that mare there Anon?”
  2. >you take a look in the direction Virgo is pointing towards
  3. >”That red one with the...umm...”
  4. “Yes the one with the huge butt”
  5. >You look at the mothpony mare in question, who happens to be standing just in the perfect way to make her assets be more, assessable
  6. >”Oh wow, how can that rump be so unf~”
  7. “Yeah tell me about it”
  8. >You and Virgo both take a swing of your drinks
  9. >you are out at the local bar with Virgo and the two of you are currently checking out the mares
  10. >You spot something in your field of vision
  11. >”Hey Virgo, look over there by the door”
  12. “What is it An- Oh wow!”
  13. >What you spied with your little eye is Sepia at one table, wearing some rather thought-provoking clothing and accessories
  14. >You are not even sure if those are pony clothes or just sexy underwear meant into the bedroom only
  15. “I bet you ten bits this was Caramels or Goldies idea”
  16. >”You’re on”
  17. >The two o you swing down the rest of your drinks and make your way to the table where Sepia is sitting down and playing with the little cocktail umbrella in her drink
  18. >as the two od you approach the table Sepai notices and waves at you to join her, much to the dismay of the many stallions that are eyeing Sepai and her raunchy outfit
  19. “Hi Anon, Virgo! Nice to see you here too”
  20. “Hiya Sepia”
  21. >you lift your hand and give her a little hi and then the two of you sit down at her table
  22. >”So let me guess, Caramel or Sepia chose your outfit?”
  23. >Sepia shakes her head
  24. “No, I chose it myself! It’s the first set of this sort of clothes. Do you guys think they look good on me?”
  26. >Sepia poses a bit on her seat and you can’t help but to take notice the overall erotic nature of this outfit she’s wearing. She must have been her oblivious self once again
  27. >Virgo gulps before answering
  28. “Yeah, really good...”
  29. >”I agree on that”
  30. >Sepia seems happy at this and gives both of you one of her bright smiles before continuing
  31. “I’m really happy you guys were here, I felt like trying out how my new outfit works but none of my friends had the time to go out. I’ve not been at this bar a lot so I was kind of nervous, but now that you’re here I can relax and hang out with you guys”
  32. >Virgo gives Sepia one of his grins that he considers to be a handsome grin on mares
  33. “We’d be happy to keep you company, and maybe you’ll keep us company as well~ if you now what I mean~”
  34. >Sepia tilts her head
  35. “But I am already keeping you company”
  36. >Virgo lets out a small laugh as you shake your head
  37. >you are starting to feel one of Virgos new past time funs s saying suggestive things to Sepia and watch them fly over her head
  38. >You and Virgo order something to drink for yourselves as you sit with Sepia
  39. >then you notice something again, a mare is looking at something on the floor with her face awfully close to that something
  40. >meaning her butt is high and her tail is raised just enough
  41. >”Yo Virgo look at that over there”
  42. >Before you know what you are doing you give a little point and Virgo takes a glance, and then a second one and keeps it
  43. “The things I would do to get in there...”
  44. >a third voice breaks your ogling session
  45. “Why are you looking at that mares behind?”
  46. >you and Virgo both turn to look at Sepia with some sweat starting to form on your faces
  47. >Sepia looks at the two of you confused
  48. “I mean I know that stallions like to look at mares behinds, but why?”
  49. >Ooh boy
  51. >Virgo looks at you and then Sepia and then you again
  52. “That’s... a very good question, and who better to answer it than Anonymous!”
  53. >you shoot a glare in Virgos direction as he wipes the sweat from his forehead
  54. >Sepia is looking at you expectedly
  55. >”Well, you see... guys just like the butts of the opposite sex. They are like... nice paintings that calm the soul, nice scenery what to look at”
  56. >you decided to not say “We just want to sink our dick in them” since you have a feeling that would backfire on you somehow
  57. >Sepia seems happy with the explanation though
  58. “Ok, so that’s what it’s all about”
  59. >Suddenly it is like a light bulb lights itself above her head
  60. >Sepia suddenly stands up and turns around while pushing her butt out
  61. “Am I calming you Anon?”
  62. >Virgo spits out the drink he’s drinking and starts to choke on it as Sepia more than enticing butt is right there, looking at you almost as if it taunts you with the lewd clothes she’s wearing
  63. >You pull on your shirt and fan yourself
  64. >”Y-Yes that’s really calming...oh god...”
  65. >Sepia gets back to normal sitting position and smiles happily
  66. “You know, maybe you should try calming us again?”
  67. >As Sepia starts to get up again you look Virgo in the eyes and shake your head
  68. “On second thought, no need, we’re good and calm, yeah”
  69. >Sepia sits back down again
  70. “I can’t believe I’m having my first threeway tonight!”
  71. >Now Virgo and you both spit out your drinks
  73. >”E-excuse me?”
  74. “A threeway, isn't that where you have fun with two guys?”
  75. >you and Virgo both sigh
  76. “Yeah, that’s what it means, kind off”
  77. >”It’s a bit more... private, a real threeway”
  78. >Sepia seems a bit hurt now
  79. “You guys don’t want to have a threeway with me?”
  80. >Virgos face suddenly grows very serious
  81. “I do”
  82. >you stare at Virgo in mild shock
  83. >”Dude”
  84. >Virgos face stays serious and he just points at Sepia
  85. >You turn and look at Sepia
  86. >She tilts her head in confusion with that happy look on her face, and those clothes tightly hugging her petite body and all that lace and... oh boy
  87. >”I understand Virgo, but that’s not a cave for us to explore”
  88. >Virgo nods
  89. “Life is cruel”
  90. >Sepia does not understand
  91. “What are you guys talking about?”
  92. >You both answer in unison
  93. >”Just stuff”
  94. “Just stuff”
  95. >It’s going to be a long evening
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