Scania Tier 2 Hiten!

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  1. Key: BadgerFart
  2. IC name: Scania
  3. Item Apped for: Tier 2 Hiten
  4. ----
  5. Reasoning: Whilst the training never truly ends regardless, a certain someone pushes her to train harder and develop quickly. That person being Nanashi. His return brought forth a long awaited challenge, blade against cloth. The victor? Cloth, overwhelmingly. She was defeated with such ease, there was barely time for her to strike even once. This fact both baffled her and frustrated her, breaking through the collected calm she had build over the years. She had pushed herself hard and yet...somehow the gap had only widened. However, there is also a certain sense of dissapointment, for she has learned that her long standing rival nanashi has given up the blade. Which is one of the reasons she labeled him her rival to begin with.
  7. Development:
  8. With the loss against Nanashi, she begins her training in ernest once again. The style she has invented can go beyond what she already has, thats a fact and one she is well aware of. To her, it is not a matter of how or if, its a matter of when.
  10. (16th March) A sword full of sorrow - She embarked on the short adventure into the ruins of an ancient emperor alongside all the others. She had only gone to gain experience and broaden her horizons. But she got a little more than she bargained for. After fighting through skeletons, puzzles and such the Guardian said something to her "You cling to a blade full of sorrows". This both confused her and left her curious to its meaning, she had no idea what to make of it. Upon their exit of the tomb she asked the guardian what was meant by it. His reply left her yet more confused. Telling her that her Loss was eating away at her. It both confused and worried her, was she doing something wrong? Fighting for the wrong reasons? Was her purpose not good enough? It caused her to question herself immensely. Even so, she does not stop training.
  12. (18th March) The prophet once again - As always, the prophet is able to help her through her worries and help her come to a realisation. The Loss she is likely clinging to, though not what the prophet assumed, is indeed related to Nanashi. The boy had grown incredibly powerful, but he had abandoned his blade and replaced it with some fake power. A power granted to him by some sort of armour. To her, this was not power gained through effort and hard work; it was power given to someone freely. It dissapointed her. A man she respected and sought to surpass, so that they may one day clash blades as equals. it was something of a goal, a dream if you like. Now, knowing that this will never happen, it has become a sort of 'loss'. Its this realisation that helps her through her issues, She will continue to pursue the blade; but not to chase someones shadow. No, she will do it for herself.
  14. (18th March) The Keyblade wielder - She comes to battle Mercury, who seemingly has attained some form of special equipment. A large blade shaped like a key. Said key appeared to grant the man power many many times her own. She grows frustrated, partly because she personally believes power gained that way is wrong. Even so, she pushes harder to advance her own skill. She will prove that Skill does trump brute power.
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