Marshmallow Milk [abandoned]

Nov 7th, 2015
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  1. >Rarity drops off Sweetie, who runs inside and takes her stuff to your guest bedroom.
  2. >She thanks you profusely for watching her little sister for the week.
  3. >hands over a bag of groceries and various toiletries
  4. >"oh, and if she asks for help with her... exercises, just play along and do what she asks. I certainly don't approve, but father says it's good for her to have a hobby and mother just seems to think it's cute."
  5. >"it has done wonders for her self-esteem, I suppose. Do take her shopping if she needs, but she's supposed to be buying product with her own money."
  6. >before you can ask what the hell she's talking about, Rarity is already leaving.
  7. >you wish her a nice trip and take the groceries to the kitchen
  8. >thank fuck Rarity thought to bring some food, otherwise the poor kid would be eating hot dogs and beans all week
  9. >there's pasta, veggies, milk, all sorts of stuff
  10. >what the hell?
  11. "Yo, Sweetie! What's the deal with this flaxseed oil? Am I supposed to cook with this or what?"
  12. >"That's for me, I'll take it!"
  13. >fucking kids and their oil, these days
  14. "Uh, sure. Anyway, I'm going to start cooking dinner. Spaghetti alright?"
  15. >"sure! I'll be right back!"
  16. >she grabs her oil and scampers off
  17. >time to get your cook on
  18. >you remember how to make things that don't involve the microwave, right?
  20. >it's a good twenty minutes before she's back from whatever she was doing
  21. >just in time for dinner, at least
  22. >the two of you share some idle chit-chat over the meal
  23. >which is mostly just Sweetie complaining about how Rarity never lets her do anything fun
  24. >"and she keeps trying to get me to wear bras! Like, I get that clothing is her thing, but no way am I keeping these things all strapped down!"
  25. >She wiggles a big, trying to show off her (mostly) flat chest
  26. >you just nod along, trying to figure out how you're supposed to keep her entertained.
  27. >"besides, why would I want to wear some dumb lacy bra when my milk starts coming in? I'd just ruin it anyway."
  28. >what in the actual fuck is she talking about?
  30. >at least she helps with the dishes
  32. >after dinner, you figure you'll put on a movie to keep her busy
  33. >maybe a nice, wholesome action flick.
  34. >Perfect! Terminator 2, a hundred and thirty-something minutes of thrilling robot action!
  35. >that'll hold her all the way through to bedtime
  37. >thankfully, she's actually in to it
  38. >it's about half way through the movie when her watch chirps
  39. >"Oh! Mind pausing it for a sec?"
  40. >whatever, it's that boring part in the desert, anyway.
  41. >she runs off, returning a moment later with a towel and the bottle of oil.
  42. >"Hey anon, you've got pretty big hands, wanna help me with something?"
  43. >you think this is almost certainly a bad idea as you resume the movie
  44. "sure, what's up?"
  45. >she pops off her shirt and climbs in your lap
  46. >what the fuck
  47. >"can you massage my breasts for me? Just fifteen minutes or so!"
  48. >Rarity's encouragement to "play along" echoes in your head
  49. >their family always was a bit out there
  50. >what the hell, might as well go for it
  51. >in an insane world, it was the only sane choice.
  53. >whatever, it's going to be a long week if you can't keep her happy
  54. >might as well oil up and give it your best, right?
  55. >she shivers a bit at your apparently cold hands, but otherwise manages to sit still
  56. >you start with a gentle touch, but she whines and tell you to really get after it
  57. >fuck it, she wants you manhandle her? You can manhandle her.
  58. >god, her skin is so soft
  59. >her nipples poke out ever so delicately
  60. >and here you are, pawing and squeezing like a goddamn animal
  61. >there's not much there, just a bit of extra padding, but you're working it and she seems to appreciate it
  62. >soon enough, she hops off your lap and towels herself dry
  63. >"Thanks, anon! You're way better than Scootaloo, but we'll need to work on your technique."
  64. >this fucking kid
  65. >at least she settles down and gets back in to the movie
  66. >leaving you to sit and think about how you're totally going to hell for this
  68. >the next morning, you're munching on breakfast when she comes running in.
  69. >"ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh, look! I grew so much last night! You're totally going to have to do all my massages from now on! I never grew this much on my own!"
  70. >she's got on a tank-top and sure enough, it's a bit more filled out than it was last night.
  71. "that's very nice, Sweetie. Are you really sure we should be doing that, though?"
  72. >"of course! I've been trying for weeks to get bigger boobs. Looks like you're my key to success!"
  73. >she punctuates this by taking a long pull of milk straight from the carton
  74. >well, you can't rag on someone for pursuing their dreams, right?
  75. >"so come on, it's time for my morning session!"
  76. >she practically pulls you out of the chair and on to the sofa.
  77. >if Sweetie wants you to grow her boobs, then by God, you are going to grow her boobs.
  79. >while last time you pretty much just had free reign to mash at her chest, this time she's she's intent on making you do it right
  80. >you even remembered to your hands nice and warm for her
  81. >so now you're basically letting her guide your hands in concentric circles, working from the outside on
  82. >you give her now-puffy nipples a light tease before she whines and forces your hands against her chest
  83. >fine, you'll give her a good kneading
  84. >with a "thanks! I'm gonna go take a shower now!" she pops up and leaves you alone and bewildered
  85. >you had hardly even gotten started, had it you really been at it fifteen minutes?
  87. >A few minutes later, she walks in wearing a pair of board shorts and a bikini top
  88. >"it's so nice out, can we go to the pool today? At least for a little while?"
  89. >you agree, thinking it'll be good to get her out of the house
  90. >it's not like you had anything else planned, anyway
  91. >so you walk her down to the pool, send her off, grab a deckchair, put on your headphones and take a nap in the sun
  93. >you awaken to hear a chirping watch and Sweetie poking your shoulder
  94. >oh come on, she doesn't really expect you do to this in public, does she?
  95. >the look on her face assures you that she does
  96. >rather than get yourself arrested, you lead her to the unisex restroom between the locker rooms
  97. >with the door firmly locked, you take a seat on the toilet and get to work
  99. >your moment of semi-public indecency complete, you send Sweetie back out to swim and return to your nap
  100. >you're not sure how long it lasts, but soon enough some jackass kid splashes you awake
  101. >since it looks like you're starting to burn, you figure that's enough
  102. "Hey Sweetie Belle! Come get your stuff, it's time to go"
  103. >"Aww, alright."
  104. >watching her climb the ladder out is something else
  105. >she is undoubtedly starting to fill out
  106. >watching the water cascade down her body only emphasizes the effect
  107. >you lecherous fuck
  108. "Go get showered off, and think about where you want to go for lunch"
  109. >"Milkshakes! Where can we go that has milkshakes?"
  110. "There's a burger place nearby, we'll go there."
  111. >"Awesome! Be right back!"
  113. >the burgers are good
  114. >the shakes are good
  115. >the fries are good
  116. >and goddamn this girl can pack down a meal
  117. >at least she's getting your money's worth of the unlimited fries
  118. >you're not really sure how someone her size can down a double burger with egg, bacon & all the trimmings while still finishing a shake and lord knows how many baskets of fries
  119. >but this girl can fucking eat
  120. >sure, she did skip breakfast and had an active morning
  121. >but what the heck
  122. >with the cutest little burp she announces she's finally had enough
  123. >so you settle out and head back home
  125. >you're cutting through a park when you hear that faithful chirp of her watch
  126. >you take a quick look around, but there's no bathroom in sight
  127. "Not now, Sweetie. You'll have to wait until we get home."
  128. >she looks like you just drowned a kitten
  129. >"b-but..."
  130. "oh come on"
  131. >"please? there's no one around"
  132. >you are kind of tired from the walk, it would be nice to have a seat for a bit
  133. >and you haven't seen anyone else for a while
  134. >oh whatever
  135. "fine, geez."
  136. >with a jump and a cheer, she gives you a hug and leads you over to a bench
  137. >as usual, she's got her top off and she's in your lap as she pulls the flaxseed bottle out of her bag
  138. >yup, definitely going to hell for this
  139. >prison too, probably
  140. >whatever, it's worth it to see her smile, right?
  142. >you're a few minutes in to a trance-like state of kneading and massaging when you feel it
  143. >there's something different about the oil
  144. >well, not the oil itself
  145. >it's like it's polluted with something, more watery than usual
  146. >you write it off and go back to work
  147. >eventually you give each one a firm squeeze, and shoo her off
  148. >enough is enough, empty park or not you're still in public in the middle of the afternoon
  149. >at least she seems satisfied as she towels off and gets dressed
  151. >you're back at your place
  152. >she was going to get changed, but but apparently she only got as far as taking off her shirt
  153. >"Anon! Look!"
  154. >she's cupping her bikini top, it's clearly more full than it was, even when you were leaving the pool
  155. "I know, Sweetie. You're getting pretty big."
  156. >"no, not that... but I totally am, right? But look, wet spots! My milk's starting to come in!"
  157. >...
  158. >you're pretty sure a teenager should not be producing milk
  159. "uh, is that supposed to be happening?"
  160. >"Sure is! My book says that happens when you rub them enough, even if you're not preggers."
  161. >thank fuck, apparently that's a thing?
  162. >"Can you take me to Zecora's shop?"
  163. >Why does she want to go visit that weird lady that lives outside of town?
  164. >Surely no good will come of this
  165. "Yeah, alright. Go get dressed, we'll leave in a minute."
  167. >"Ah, Sweetie Belle, my diminutive friend. How goes your quest to enlarge your front end?"
  168. >As if Zecora couldn't see her cleavage
  169. >Pretty sure she should not have that kind of cleavage at her age.
  170. >Of course, when you're standing six foot six with your own set melons your perspective might be a bit off.
  171. >"It's going great! I finally started milking, do you still have that pump I was asking about?"
  172. >"This enchanted pump should do quite fine, and it can be yours for merely nineteen ninety nine."
  173. >Sweetie pulls out a wad of cash and counts it out
  174. >"Oh, and some more flaxseed oil too, I've almost finished that last bottle."
  175. >"Sure! For free, I'll include a serum of aloe vera. On chapped or sore nipples, it's good to smear-a"
  176. >"Ooh, thanks! You're the best!"
  177. >The amazonian shopkeep simply smiles and nods as she bags up the purchases.
  178. >Ever bubbly, Sweetie practically skips towards the door.
  179. >You take a moment to lean in ask Zecora what she thinks.
  180. "Hey, between you and me, don't you think it's a little odd for her to be so... enthusiastic about her tits?"
  181. >"The dreams of others, I do not judge. What's poison to a dog, is to you: free fudge."
  182. >you think on that for a moment, before realizing she's holding out a plate of fudge bars
  183. "huh, thanks!"
  184. >another smile and nod sets you at ease
  185. >the delicious chocolate helps too
  186. >there's something to it, maybe a bit of cayenne?
  187. >that, and something else that's hard to place
  188. >whatever, looks like Sweetie's at the car and eager to get home.
  189. >with a final wave, you're off
  191. "A milk pump, huh? You've really going at this, aren't you?"
  192. >"Yup! Once I get going with this thing, I'll really start seeing some gains!"
  193. "And just how big are you planning to get, anyway?"
  194. >"I dunno yet, but I'll know it when I see it!"
  195. "Right, and you're not worried about overdoing it, like, at all?"
  196. >"Nope!"
  197. >Well then, what's the worst that could possibly happen?
  199. >You figured she'd start pumping as soon you were home, but apparently it's time for her yoga routine
  200. >she says it's to keep her back strong
  201. >which is fine by you, you've got a date with your couch
  202. >maybe there you'll figure out why your body is so goddamn heavy
  203. >and why you feel so light
  204. >oh goddamn it Zecora
  205. >you forgot she also runs a dispensary
  206. >must have been "medicated" fudge, because you're clearly high as fuck
  207. >between the new-age soundtrack, the weed and the little show Sweetie Belle has decided to put on in your living room, you're feeling pretty good
  208. >she's looking pretty good too
  209. >considering in the span of a day she's gone basically flat to carrying around a couple of apples on her chest
  210. >and oh what a pair they are
  212. >a familiar chirp brings you (slightly) back to reality
  213. "Let me guess, you want me to pump you now?"
  214. >"Not exactly"
  215. >the predatory look on her face might concern you, if you weren't the epitome of relaxation right now
  216. >wait, why's she straddling you like that
  217. >oh come the fuck on
  218. >really
  219. >shirt's off, she's lowering her bosom to your face
  220. >is this what's happening?
  221. >"Go on, drink up."
  222. >yes, this is what's happening
  223. >she guides your head in and you instinctively latch on to a nipple
  224. >a lusciously salty-sweet nipple
  225. >that's not just sweat, that's milk
  226. >there's not much, it's more of a dribble than a flow, but that's milk
  227. >"mmmm, that feels so good!"
  228. >she giggles as you give the nipple a lick, trying to coax out the meager flow
  229. >evidently, she can tell when she's running dry, as she pulls back and presents the other
  230. >again, you latch on, and again you're rewarded with a trickle of sweet, sweet milk
  232. >It's a couple hours before you start to sober up
  233. >apparently she was content to pump herself and watch you play video games all afternoon
  234. >but now you're fuckin' starving and you're pretty sure she is too
  235. "Pizza okay? I'm not really in the mood to cook."
  236. >"Sure!"
  237. >god she's so bubbly
  238. >it would be sickening if it weren't so cute
  239. >you dial 'em up
  240. "Yeah, a large hawaiian for delivery?"
  241. >"get a large meatlovers too!"
  242. "and a large meatlovers too"
  243. >a growing girl needs her protein, you guess
  245. >a knock at the door
  246. >you're still a bit loopy, so you toss Sweetie your wallet and ask her to take care of it
  247. >she says you're silly when you're like this, and does so
  248. >fuck yeah, pizza
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