WarpedRealm release 1.35

Dec 11th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.35 Changes:
  2. - Fixed uncommon deepslate ores still dropping custom drops when mined with silk touch
  3. - Fixed arrow damage modifier on gaia
  4. - Fixed missing space in elder guardian spawner reward message in the spawner crate
  5. - Added quick links to /adaptations, /bossdungeons and /customcrafting
  6. - Fixed barbarian armor (Helmet and Leggings) not having a rarity modifier
  7. - Fixed magic damage modifier on gaia
  8. - Fixed enchants showing on Voters substance, voters stake and longbow stave
  9. - Fixed wiki connectivity speed sometimes taking way too long
  10. - Tons of preparation for the next questing update
  11. - Added a kit that automatically gets applied to new players joining the server including Iron armor, Food and Iron tools
  12. - Increased builder job exp, income and point scaling curve by 500%
  13. - Increased weekly quest giveout and cap from 4 to 5
  14. - RandomTeleport ignores ice and snow biomes to find safe places. No ice and snow anymore!
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