Pokemon Island Adventure Quest

Dec 3rd, 2016
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  1. Herb
  3. Real name, John Johnson
  4. Blonde spiky hair. Average, skinny teenager with a flair for fashion and cooking. Not a bad student, either. Herb suffers from terrible luck and a dense layer of naivety and innocence. Herb seems to like making friends even with people or pokemon that insult or attack him, and somehow his disarming manner seems to work. So far.
  6. Herb also has a history of stepping up to a tough challenge, but never when anyone is looking. There's a spark of a badass buried somewhere deep, deep within. Only time will tell if it grows, or if Herb's friendly manner is all he needs to get by.
  8. Stuff:
  9. A fairly large amount of money
  10. Light cooking kit
  11. Camping lighter
  12. Pokedex
  13. Spices
  14. Goggles
  15. Three pokeballs
  16. Two antidotes
  17. One potion
  18. Burn heal
  19. Paralyze Heal
  20. Awakening
  21. An Old Rod
  22. A Super Rod
  23. Polu's bone hairclip
  24. Never Melt Ice
  25. Silk Scarf
  26. TM: Sunny Day
  27. TM: Natural Gift
  28. Black Sludge
  29. Absorb Bulb
  30. A crystal for focusing aura energy
  31. - A misc assortment of berries. -
  32. Pecha Berries
  33. Sitrus berries
  34. Rawst berries
  35. Occa Berry
  36. Others (ask)
  37. Shards from Eelilee, Kaitwe, and Take
  41. Pokemon:
  42. Gobble (Munchlax) - Silk Scarf
  43. Ability: Thick Fat
  44. Nature: Relaxed
  45. Special Potential: Iron willpower. Gobble has incredible control over himself under most circumstances. This stoicism may make it hard to judge his current state sometimes.
  46. >Tackle
  47. >Metronome
  48. >Lick
  49. >Last Resort
  50. >Amnesia
  51. >Focus Punch (Some training in ignoring flinching, and defense is higher when using it)
  52. >Chip Away
  53. >Odor Sleuth
  54. >Recycle
  55. >Sunny Day
  56. >Body Slam
  57. >Natural Gift
  58. >Fling (maybe?)
  59. >Surf (can aim it)
  60. >Rest
  62. Training: Dance! Gobble has begun learning how to dance and move gracefully, using his weight as a ballast.
  64. Mace (Roggenrola) - Absorb Bulb
  65. Nature: Adamant
  66. Ability: Sand Force
  67. Special Potential: Mace is very, very old. He has experience from observing people, pokemon, and seasons, and has great predictive instincts because of this.
  68. Training: Energy control (can vent excess energy (PP) like a jet to get around.
  69. >Tackle
  70. >Mud Slap
  71. >Headbutt
  72. >Harden
  73. >Sand Attack
  74. >Rock Blast
  75. >Iron Defense
  76. >Gravity
  77. >Tri Attack
  78. >Sandstorm
  79. >Smackdown
  83. Mace suffers from excess energy from not evolving. His energy should form crystals, but instead fires out. He has decent control, and some good training in using it to move about.
  88. Belladonna (Roselia) - Black Sludge
  89. Nature: Sassy
  90. Ability: Technician
  91. Special Potential: Belladonna gains extra health from draining and healing moves, and is extra sensitive to foods and soils.
  92. >Absorb
  93. >Pin Missile
  94. >Growth
  95. >Water Sport
  96. >Stun Spore
  97. >Mega Drain
  98. >Worry Seed
  99. >Leech Seed
  100. >Leech Seed/Pin Missile combo
  101. >Toxic
  102. >Cut
  103. >Sunny Day
  104. >Poison Sting
  105. >Poison Jab
  106. >Natural Gift
  107. >Attract
  108. >Razor Leaf
  109. >Synthesis
  110. >Laser Focus (Can quicken it at the cost of only highly increasing the odds of a crit instead of guaranteeing it)
  111. >Magical Leaf
  112. >Petal Dance
  114. Belladonna is a sassy plant that likes to pick on everyone she can. She's got a small sadistic streak, but she's not cruel. She just likes dominating, like Laki.
  116. Dice (Feraligatr) - Sitrus Berry
  117. Nature: Quirky
  118. Ability: Sheer Force
  119. Special Potential: Fierce loyalty. Dice is very protective his his fellow pokemon and friends, making him an powerful but possibly unreliable double battler.
  120. >Scratch
  121. >Leer
  122. >Water Gun
  123. >Rage
  124. >Bite
  125. >Scary Face
  126. >Ice Fang
  127. >Aqua Tail
  128. >Natural Gift
  129. >Surf (can aim it)
  130. >Flail
  131. >Endure
  132. >Dragon Dance with a evasive spin
  134. Dice is a bit of a goofball and wierdo. He likes to gently bite as a show of affection. He seems very oblivious to events around him but curious about his surroundings. He has some evasion training.
  136. He also seems to like to sniff out and chew up materials made of vispum.
  138. Sorbet (A-Vulpix) - Nevermeltice
  139. Nature:
  140. Ability: Snow Cloak
  141. Special Potential: She can emit an icy mist that activates Snow Cloak and has to potential to freeze things around her with enough time. She can also form a light, ablative ice armor.
  143. >Powder Snow
  144. >Tail Whip
  145. >Baby-Doll Eyes
  146. >Ice Shard
  147. >Confuse Ray
  148. >Icy Wind
  149. >Payback
  150. >Mist
  151. >Feint Attack
  152. >Hex
  153. >Aurora Beam
  154. >Extrasensory
  155. >Safeguard
  156. >Blizzard
  157. >Natural Gift
  158. >Hail
  160. Sorbet is cautious and timid, usually looking to run before she fights. She enjoys being spoiled and provided for, but is very standoff-ish otherwise.
  162. Ghost Pepper (Rotom)
  163. Nature:
  164. Ability: Levitate
  165. Special Potential:
  167. >Flash
  168. >Discharge
  169. >Charge
  170. >Trick
  171. >Astonish
  172. >Thunder Wave
  173. >Thunder Shock
  174. >Confuse Ray
  175. >Uproar
  176. >Ally Switch
  177. >Electroweb
  178. >Frustration
  180. Ghost Pepper is playful when left to it's own devices, but also quick to become scared of people, and seems to have a particularly strong drive to please Herb and stay on his good side.
  182. ---
  184. Jane
  185. Toned, but not an athlete. She’s driven. Competent and serious. The child of a native and a mainlander. She sees her journey as an opportunity to learn more about the culture and also prove herself. She feels she’s between two worlds.
  188. Eagle eyes, rarely smiles except when facing a tough challenge.
  190. Pokemon:
  191. Hitmonlee
  192. Ability: Limber
  193. Fletchinder
  194. Dewpider
  195. Nidoqueen
  196. Hydreigon
  197. Ability: Levitate
  199. ---
  201. Laki (It means lucky)
  202. Tone, sporty, and dominant. Instead of going on a journey, she trained hard for the pole vault to compete internationally, but choked and flubbed it in front of everyone. She spent the next two years taking it hard and becoming hard herself. Takes what she wants and takes few things in life seriously. She knows that the time she’s spent being miserable is nobodies fault but her own, but doesn’t want to admit it. From Akaneki.
  204. Laki avoids responsibility these days as much as she can. But despite that, she feels a little responsible for Herb's egg, which has hatched and turned into Bella. This has transferred to a small but nagging sense of responsibility towards Herb.
  206. Physical: Shapely and toned as can be. Wide hips on strong, toned legs, and a large bust that probably makes pole vaulting even harder. Strong arms, a very hard six pack, but still very womanly.
  208. Pokemon:
  209. Chatot
  210. Nature: Sassy
  211. Ability: Keen Eye
  213. Notable moves:
  214. >Heatwave
  215. >Hyper Voice
  216. >Chatter (BEER MONEY)
  217. >Confide
  218. >Taunt
  219. >Peck
  220. >Growl
  221. >Mirror Move
  222. >Sing
  223. >Fury Attack
  224. >Taunt
  225. >Round
  226. >Mimic
  227. >Echoed Voice
  228. >Roost
  229. >Uproar
  230. >Feather Dance
  233. Wailord
  234. Nature: Gentle
  235. Ability: Pressure
  236. Notable moves:
  237. >Surf
  238. >Liquidation
  239. >Soak
  240. >Heavy Slam
  241. >Growl
  242. >Water Gun
  243. >Rollout
  244. >WHirlpool
  245. >Water Pulse
  246. >Brine
  247. >Rest
  248. >Bounce
  251. Persian
  252. Nature: Quiet
  253. Ability: Technician
  254. Notable moves:
  255. >Scratch
  256. >Growl
  257. >Bite
  258. >Fake Out
  259. >Fury Swipes
  260. >Screech
  261. >Feint Attack
  262. >Taunt
  263. >Pay Day
  264. >Slash
  265. >Nasty Plot
  266. >U-turn
  267. >Thunder
  270. Bergmite
  271. Nature: Calm
  272. Ability: Sturdy
  273. Notable moves:
  274. >Tackle
  275. >Bite
  276. >Harden
  277. >Powder Snow
  278. >Icy Wind
  279. >Take Down
  280. >Sharpen
  281. >Curse
  282. >Ice Fang
  283. >Ice Ball
  284. >Rapid Spin
  285. >Recover
  286. >Barrier
  287. >Mirror Coat
  289. ---
  291. Keira
  292. Short and small. Has been very culturally isolated for most of her life. Climbs trees and people. Loves food and fireworks. Very in tune with nature. Is a ghost priestess primarily, but also trained in grass type duties and ways. Open for anything. Anything. A bit detached to the concerns of the living since it’s all temporary. Likes to have fun in the moment, but still a reasonable person that can plan. She’s chaotic neutral in the D&D player’s guide sense of the word, not LOL I’M PLAYING KENDER type.
  294. She likes to prank people, but not out of malice. “You should live while you’re alive.”
  296. Part of keeping herself protected is puttin on different make up masks to hide from angry or vengeful spirits.
  298. Physical: Smaller, thin body. Hair in two hair buns. Agile. Moves like a dancer crossed with a monkey.
  300. Pokemon:
  301. Shedinja
  302. Ability: Wonder Guard
  303. >Be spoopy
  304. Ninjask
  305. Ability: Speed Boost
  306. >Be cute
  307. Tropius
  308. Ability: Harvest
  309. >Be cute
  310. Cutiefly
  311. Ability: Honey Gather
  312. >Be cute
  314. ---
  316. Hana:
  317. Reserved and shy. She’s optimistic and bright when she can get over that. Except of course with anything to do with water travel.
  319. A native to the islands that has spent a lot of time in a hospital, due to a car accident that left her an orphan. Has three artificial limbs that give her exceptional physical strength, but because of it she can’t swim. As a child, she wanted to be a water gym leader.
  321. Hana is a big film buff, thanks to having nothing else to do in the hospital. She will get very enthusiastic about movie trivia and frankly won’t shut up about it if started. She’s also extremely perverted, again, partly because of being in a bed all the time and having nothing better to do, but she keeps that a closely guarded secret.
  323. Physical: A torso full of burns and scars. Her core is pretty cut from all that post-rehab, but not as rock solid as Laki. From her posture you'd never know it, though. Shoulder length hair, big brown eyes. She has two cybernetic legs and one cybernetic arm.
  325. Pokemon:
  326. Togepi
  327. Ability: Hustle
  328. Notable Moves
  329. >Metronome
  330. >Charm
  331. >Growl
  332. >Sweet Kiss
  333. >Yawn
  334. >Encore
  335. >Follow Me
  336. >Bestow
  337. >Double-Edge
  338. >Wish
  340. Tirtouga
  341. Ability: Swift Swim
  342. Notable Moves
  343. >Bide
  344. >Withdraw
  345. >Water Gun
  346. >Rollout
  347. >Bite
  348. >Protect
  349. >Aqua Jet
  350. >Ancient Power
  351. >Crunch
  352. >Wide Guard
  353. >Shell Smash
  355. Chinchou
  356. Ability: Volt Absorb
  357. Nature:
  358. Notable Moves
  359. >Bubble
  360. >Supersonic
  361. >Thunder Wave
  362. >Electro Ball
  363. >Water Gun
  364. >Confuse Ray
  365. >Bubble Beam
  366. >Spark
  367. >Discharge
  369. Glaceon
  370. Notable Moves
  371. >Icy Wind
  372. >Helping Hand
  373. >Tackle
  374. >Tail Whip
  375. >Sand Attack
  376. >Quick Attack
  377. >Bite
  378. >Ice Fang
  379. >Ice Shard
  380. >Ice Beam
  381. >Yawn
  383. ---
  385. Valerie:
  386. Rich, blonde, and shines like the sun! Wants to be an idol or contest champion. Valerie is the daughter of Jacob, the vispum magnate and industry titan. She doesn’t seem particular close (or bitter) to her father. Travel, the high life, and all the good things in the world are mostly all she knows. She recognizes this, though, and wants to try to rough it on her journey. Old habits die hard though, and how do you get dirt out from under your fingernails if not with a pedicure?
  388. Physical: skinny and little tall. Blonde curly hair, doe eyed.
  390. Pokemon:
  391. Herdier
  392. Pikipek
  393. Mudkip
  395. ---
  397. Polu:
  399. A friendly native surfer and a complete bro. Very direct and friendly. A “Goku” type personality that loves to compete but in a respectful way and isn’t a prick.
  401. Physical: Looks a bit older than he is, thanks to all the sunshine and surfing. He goes nowhere without his surfboard and bandanna, and usually shades. He’s able to pull it off, just barely.
  403. Pokemon:
  404. Aggron
  405. Ability: Rock Head
  406. Spiritomb (Ring Target spell tag from Keira)
  407. Ability: Infiltrator
  408. Volcarona
  409. Bulbasaur
  411. ---
  413. Abigail:
  415. A punkish, mischievous girl from Tabo island. She likes to get under Laki's skin, likes to tease, and loves to confront people on their views.
  417. Physical: Petite, redheaded, skinny, and pale. She's older than Laki, but looks younger than anyone else in the group. She can pass as a young boy in the right clothes.
  419. Pokemon:
  420. Conqueror (Vivillion)
  421. Ability: Shield Dust
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