Friday Night Fun by Anon (Anon/Fluttershy)

Mar 21st, 2016
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  1. Friday Night Fun by Anon
  3. ---
  5. >It’s Friday night
  6. >Be Anon
  8. >Your fiance Fluttershy and you are sitting on the sofa
  9. >It’s a big sofa
  10. >But she is right next to you
  11. >She’s sitting close and pretending to knit
  12. >But her progress is next to nothing
  14. >She’s looking at you while you write a school assignment in your notebook
  15. >You try to focus, but it’s hard with another pony looking over your shoulder
  16. >Even if that pony is Fluttershy
  17. >Fluttershy is trying to be sneaky, but she isn’t very good at it
  19. >You are about to ask her politely to stop reading over your shoulder
  20. >But she asks a question first
  22. >”What are you writing, Anon?”
  24. >You might be a little annoyed before
  25. >But the sound of her sweet little voice melts all of those bad feelings away in an instant
  26. >You smile
  27. >Shrug your shoulders
  29. “Not much. Just a report for classes coming up this fall.”
  31. >Fluttershy smiles, and goes back to knitting
  32. >You take a peek
  33. >Just as you thought, she’s still barely making any more progress on whatever it is
  34. >You ask her a question, this time
  36. “What are you knitting, Fluttershy?”
  38. >Easy question
  39. >But she acts like it’s a hard one
  40. >She messes up with her knitting needles and drops them with a blush
  42. >“Oh! Umm, nothing, nothing important! But, umm… so, does your report have to be done, NOW, or can you… you know, do it later?”
  44. >She deflects the question
  45. >But it’s more than a deflection
  46. >You see the blush is on her face
  47. >You get the cues that she’s throwing your way
  48. >Sitting close, pretending to knit, asking about your report
  49. >You know she is not a direct pony
  50. >But you know what she wants
  52. >You put down the pen
  53. >And you put down the pad and paper
  54. >You smile knowingly
  56. “I can do it later. Much later.”
  58. >Fluttershy’s hooves fumble with the knitting needles
  59. >But she picks up the mass of thread and the two needles and gently sets them down on the empty spot on the sofa
  60. >You see her eyes flutter
  61. >Shyly
  63. >She clears her throat
  64. >”Ach em! Oh, well… in that case… oh dear, I, umm…”
  66. >You may not be married yet, but the two of you have had sex more than a few times
  67. >Actually, many times
  68. >But usually, Fluttershy waits until you’re both in bed before she gives you her little tap on the back
  69. >Now, she’s asking you just after the sun has gone down
  70. >And she sounds nervous, too
  72. “Yeeees?”
  74. >Fluttershy is blushing like crazy
  75. >She is breathing hard
  76. >Then she asks you the start of a question that makes your eyes open wide
  78. >”I, umm, need to ask you… I mean, if it’s ok with you, if tonight we could try… something new? Oh, this is so embarrassing, ohhh…”
  80. >You see her flustered
  81. >You quickly reach a hoof around her withers
  83. “Something new? What kind of something? You can say, it’s ok!”
  85. >You encourage her
  86. >She knows you love her, but whatever this is, she’s obviously feeling embarrassed about it
  87. >Even more than the first night she asked you to have sex!
  89. >Fluttershy swallows and answers with a blush
  91. >”Something like… ooh, here goes… you give me a…you try spanking me?”
  92. >skip ahead to 1 hour later
  93. >You still can’t believe what you heard her ask
  94. >You didn’t know she could be kinky like that
  95. >Sure, she was the submissive one in the bed, a mare who liked to be cuddled and held still and tightly during sex
  96. >But spanking?
  98. >You asked her more, of course
  99. >Maybe just a little spank or two, just to see what it felt like?
  100. >Nope, not at all
  101. >Not what she was thinking of
  102. >She meant an actual spanking
  103. >She even mentioned something else that made your ears stand straight
  105. >The belt you wore
  106. >She wanted you to use that on her
  107. >She told you she was sure that she wanted you to
  109. >Fluttershy did make her demands known
  110. >But she also asked if you were fine with the idea
  111. >She said she wouldn’t push you if you didn’t want to
  113. >But you said yes
  114. >You felt nervous, and you still feel nervous, but you said yes
  115. >Fluttershy looked overjoyed when you agreed
  116. >Gave you a big kiss and a hug
  118. >You walked from the bathroom to your bedroom
  119. >Where Fluttershy is waiting for you
  120. >You are holding the belt in your mouth
  121. >It’s a wide leather one that isn’t very long
  122. >But it is kind of thick
  123. >You clench your teeth around the leather
  124. >You can’t imagine how this would be pleasurable to her
  125. >It feels like it’s going to hurt, a lot
  126. >But if this is what she wants, you’ll do it for her
  128. >You get to your bedroom door, and you crack the door open
  129. >The lights inside are off, but a candle is lit inside of a holder on her table
  130. >The only light in the room
  131. >But it’s enough to see Fluttershy
  133. >Your fiance told you about how she was a fashion model once upon a time
  134. >You understand how
  135. >There isn’t any shyness about how she’s posed when she looks over at you
  136. >She is laying on the bed, but her butt is in the air
  137. >Face down, ass up
  138. >Hindlegs straight
  139. >But they aren’t spread apart
  140. >Instead they are stuck together
  142. >”Hi, Anon. I’m ready… are you still ok with this?”
  144. >Fluttershy shakes her butt nervously
  145. >You hear the question, but you can’t stop looking at the lips of her pussy that are showing between the fine curves of her ass
  146. >You look down at the belt in your hoof
  147. >You nod your head slowly
  149. “Yeah, I am. Just… I don’t want to hurt you, so if I’m doing it too hard, let me know and I’ll stop!”
  151. >Fluttershy smiles at you
  152. >She looks much less nervous or worried than you are
  153. >A total switch up from the usual
  155. >”I will, Anon. But don’t be afraid to spank me hard. I’ll tell you “stop” if I need you to, ok?”
  157. >Fluttershy sounds like she is hot as fire right now, trying to be calm but holding herself back
  158. >She’s waiting for this with her legs shaking and her pussy dribbling down her legs to her hooves
  159. >You nod
  161. “Ok.”
  163. >It’s a secret that only you know about, but once Fluttershy became comfortable with you as a mate, it seemed like she was always in the mood for sex
  164. >It was the opposite of what most ponies would expect of her
  165. >Shy in public, but a passionate pony when you were alone
  166. >You didn’t know this about her until after you got engaged
  167. >Maybe she didn’t even know this about herself, either
  168. >But you weren’t complaining
  170. >You walk up to her presented ass
  171. >Her cheeks are smooth and round
  172. >And a total turn on
  174. >You get a hold of the belt in your hoof and fold it in half
  175. >Wrap the end with the buckle around it once and grab both sides together
  176. >It sticks out maybe two feet
  177. >Ready for use
  179. >Fluttershy curves her back lower to the bed and raises her rear end as high as it will go
  180. >She pants hotly through her mouth
  181. >You raise the belt up, looking at her butt and where you are going to whip her with it
  183. >You swing it down, and it smacks her sharp across her butt
  184. >Biting the skin
  185. >Fluttershy gasps and moans sharply
  187. >”Gyyaah! Ah ahhhh…”
  189. >Her finely shaped plot twitches with the first spank you give her
  190. >But the moan she replies with is approving of the deed
  191. >You know her well enough to know that
  193. >You breath a sigh of relief!
  194. >You were afraid that you would be too hard
  195. >But Fluttershy is keeping her butt stationary
  196. >Ready for a spanking
  198. >You shrug, and with a grin on your face you spank her again with the folded belt
  199. >It lands with a hard whack across the middle of her butterfly butt
  200. >Fluttershy’s moan turns to a squeal of pain, and then followed by fierce panting for air
  201. >You see how her pussy lips wink open and closed and how her musty fluids are leaking out of her
  202. >She’s loving this more than you ever would have thought she would
  203. >Like she’s been fantasizing about this very thing the whole time she’s been with you, and now, you are fulfilling that fantasy
  205. >You might as well keep giving it to her until she says it’s too much
  206. >That’s what she wants, right?
  207. >Thwack, shwack, shwack!
  209. >Fluttershy is beside herself
  210. >Her yellow butt is turning pink and red
  211. >Her moaning is much louder than the usual sex you have with her
  212. >Squeaking and squealing every time the belt spanks her willingly presented rump
  214. >You can’t avoid the truth
  215. >You can’t lie about the hard, throbbing erection between your legs
  216. >This is turning you on more than you thought it would
  217. >Tonight is just full of surprises for both of you
  219. >The belt hits the same spot where an angry red stripe already was before
  220. >Then again on the base of her tail
  221. >Then once again on the dead center of her butt
  222. >She pants and moans desperately, but she doesn’t tell you to stop
  224. >”Nyaa! Nya, aaah, ohhh…”
  226. >You do this for at least a minute or two
  227. >Maybe three, you lost track of time
  228. >Fluttershy is getting more vocal
  229. >She’s moving her ass around in little circles and from side to side, but like an obedient fiance you keep whipping the belt down
  230. >Not as hard as when you started, though
  232. >Her butt is red as a beet
  233. >So is her pussy, but not because you hit it
  234. >It’s so hot you can smell her sweetness from here
  235. >In fact, you can hear her starting to...
  237. >The belt whips her one more time, and Fluttershy’s voice breaks in a high squeak as she cums
  238. >Her hindlegs kick and trot in place as she shakes her hips from side to side
  239. >You hold the belt in midair and stare at your fiance with a mouth wide open
  240. >Her pussy squirts all over the bed and down her legs as she pants and gasps
  241. >You drop the belt on the floor, and you feel some premature jizz shoot out of your dick just from the sight and sound alone
  242. >And the smell
  244. >Fluttershy’s hindlegs are too weak to keep her butt in the air, so she falls down with an exhale to the bed
  245. >She squirms with aftershocks of her orgasm
  246. >Her warm red rump looks like it is on fire
  247. >Dark red slash marks in the skin on top of the lighter red around it
  248. >You can’t believe you did it, but you did it
  250. >You take a careful step toward her while she is laying down
  251. >Fluttershy moans weakly when you touch her flank
  252. >And you dig into her skin
  253. >Rub her ass
  255. >She bends her flank toward you with a wordless moan
  256. >She obviously likes it
  257. >And you feeling her boiling hot skin makes you sorely tempted to jump on top of her and plunge your cock straight inside her sensitive, soaking pussy which lies right in between her butt cheeks
  259. >That’s when Fluttershy does something that makes you think she had superpowers
  260. >Mind reading powers
  262. >She rolls over onto her back
  263. >She looks at you with eyes half closed
  264. >She spreads her hindlegs, and presents her steaming hot marepussy to you while she stares at your throbbing erection
  266. >Fluttershy winks her eye at you at the same time as her clit
  267. >Your eyes gape wider than your mouth
  269. >”Thank you, Anon… I know it was weird, but thank you so much for doing that to me. I really liked it. So…”
  271. >She spreads her pussy open with her hoof
  273. >”Consider this my thank you present?”
  275. THE END
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