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  2. Shiba Koshiro
  3. ( this is now a tea house)
  4. Its a clean sunny day. So people are as happy as you can be when you are living in a time where you are not even safe in you own home.  Always  in constant fear of infiltrating shadwlands creatures and traitors , even the clear sky and a warm day do not manage to put people at ease.
  5. The more it is strange that Koshiro smiles when he walks towards the tea house without any hurry or fear present in his eyes.
  6. Shinjo Kurosawa
  7. Kurosawa drank tea, it was a pretty fantastic drink after all. Perfect for winding down a day after getting stabbed in the leg. He was out of the filthy peasant garb from the mission and no longer had mud on his hair and face; he was squeaky clean. Hair status: white like fresh laid snow. He definitely stood out, just a little bit, with his deep purple kimono and the Unicorn mon emblazoned on the back. He gripped the tea cup in his fist most improperly, while looking around. Looking for what? Friends maybe. He saw the Phoenix approaching, very confident and cool. He whistled loudly to get his attention, and gestured towards the empty seat next to him, waving like an idiot. How to make friends in Rokugan, by KS
  8. Shiba Koshiro
  9. Koshiro looked into the driection of the sound and spots the Unicorn.  The unciorn obviously wanted that he joined him but he was a bit puzzled about doing it is such a culturally interesting way but since it is already a nice day and Koshiro did not have his daily tea yet he decided to followed though and joins the Unicorn after going through the polite greeting procedure.
  10. Shinjo Kurosawa
  11. The Unicorn is seated at the tea shop, the Phoenix could maybe get his fill there. "Greetings, Phoenix-san." He almost attempted a bow from his seat, but elected to nod instead. "Please, sit with me today and enjoy the daywith some tea. It's beautiful out, and we are not in immediate danger."
  12. Shiba Koshiro
  13. Koshiro answers " Greetings Phoenix- Sama" with an emphasis on the sama. " It is indeed a beautiful day . The sun intensifies the nearly perfect imperial blue of the sky. But even if there is no immediate danger visible you never can know what lies beneath the surface. But anyway I hope they brew a good tea, here. Quality of tea is important as the perfect relaxation is only possible if you brew it exactly right and use either high quality phoenix or dragon tea. the green dragon well tea is probably one of the best in the spring but the late snow Dragon tea also can have its own charm. Ofcourse if you want some thing special the late yellow mountain fur Peak from the phoenix lands is a certainly a taste you will not forget."
  14. Shinjo Kurosawa
  15. The Unicorn blinked once. Then twice. And then cocked his head to the side. This Phoenix guy knew his tea, while to him, tea was cool and all but he didn't realize how deep the teacup really went. But he was referred to as sama. He hadn't realized this was a more formal occasion, and he straightened himself in his seat now, trying to look more 'cultured' than the bumpkin he actually was. "Forgive me, Phoenix-sama, I did not intend to offend." He waved a servant over, to get the man some tea. Although some of the brews he mentioned were not likely served there today. "I do not know what tea they serve here, only that it is passable. I am ignorant in teas. But," he paused. "You seem to be, a man of culture. If you are willing, I am your humble student." He bowed his head, deeper this time.
  16. Shiba Koshiro
  17. Koshiro speaks a bit with the servant but looks a bit disappointed before returning to the conversation. " Oh no I my knowledge is hardly worth mentioning. You see brewing tea is artform that was granted to us by the ancestors. With the right gear and the right water you can get a brew that amplifies the taste of the tea and helps to bring out the aroma. But there is also the time. You need to wait the exact right time before you take the leaves out too short and the tea did not bring out the full aroma yet. Too long and it turns bitter and don´t forget temperature. If you get it wrong you burn he tea and the taste will be as warped as the corruption of the taint warps the mind of the clueless. Every sort of tea has its own temperature and time of course so you should not try to treat green tea like black and black like white. In addition there are also so called tea flowers. They bloom when coming into contact with water and while you have to fish them out they look very pleasing during the time they spread their aroma into the water. But that is all known so making the right tea should be easy enough for anyone with this tiny bit of common knowledge." he smiles a bit after finishing
  18. Shinjo Kurosawa
  19. The white haired man's eyes stared attentively, but there was so much to process. You just boiled some leaves in water and boom, tea. Should he be taking notes? That was a fantastic idea. Luckily, there was a brush and a lot of ink nearby, seemingly free for now. He pulled his arm free of his sleeve and hastily began to scrawl some notes upon his fair skinned forearm. "Exact... time... Important..." He murmured, not even close to keeping up with the Phoenix's diatribe. "Burnt... bitter, tea different, flowers? Aroma." Yes, useful information. And he still had room on his arm. "Is that all, one must know about tea?" He looked up expectantly, brush betwixt his fingers and ready for more.
  20. Shiba Koshiro
  21. " Must know yes that are the basics of tea. Of course there is more to know but I am sure you can find this in dedicated scrolls for example the different regions where tea is harvested and how the right water for the plants can have an enhancement effect on the crops.  That often is uses by the crab when making their famous jade petal tea. Besides that you surely also have heard that the can have relaxing but also invigorating effects on the human body. But yes in essence that is what is important to know to make good tea and I hope the personnel here knows at least this  tiny bit of information. "
  22. Shinjo Kurosawa
  23. There was only so much room on his arm left, but he was sure he could squeeze this in. At least now he was about to be a master of the basics. "Scrolls for tea... Crab jade..." And now he was out of room. He was finished with the brush but now he didn't have water to clean it with. So he plopped it back into it's pot and scooted it away, before concealing his note arm. "I do not think they do know that, as while I am relaxed I do not feel invigorated whatsoever." Then again the only time he'd felt invigorated his time here was during combat and hunting yesterday. "Maybe you should teach the owners of this establishment to make a finer tea. Maybe even reun the shop yourself." Wouldn't that be nice, an actually decent tea shop here in the post apocalypse.
  24. Shiba Koshiro
  25. "Teaching is a great thing but it is not that easy. You always have to follow the etiquette. II can´t just go and ask them, that would be an insult to their craft. Not the polite thing is to just deal with what they bring and smile friendly. I am sure they will find a way to make the best out of their efforts and brew at least acceptable tea."
  26. Shinjo Kurosawa
  27. The Unicorn strokes his chin in thought. If you were better, why not just go ahead and do it? Koshiro could totally have turned this place around. "Perhaps then, another time, we can arrange to have proper tea between us. I will keep an eye out if any," he took a quick peek at his notes, "Crab flowers, come my way." He stepped away from the table, and bowed at the Phoenix. "Until we meet again, Phoenix-sama." With that, he would depart since he did not have a bill to attend to aw yes.
  28. Shiba Koshiro
  29. Koshiro wonders when what crab flowers are and when they came up in the discussion but then returns to enjoying his tea, as much as possible. Before standing up to leave he makes a tiny note how to improve the tea and leaves it under the cup. Then he leaves as well.
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