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  1. back in my day we wielded 700+ arrows to enchant them
  3. throw a bunch of scrolls at ugly things
  5. back in my day we would fly over the bees' pool to melt some darn wax just to see what was back there
  7. we detected curses bah god
  9. we would walk into vaults which was a stair mind you not a spiffy fruity hole my god it was a > and I'm sure I dropped twelve potions ten scrolls before marching through a big empty warehouse full of squares and we liked it
  11. I'll tell you that damned pit of rectangles was eight floors deep, no less and the dungeon itself was 27! 27! a proper number not some casual 'round' number spoiled brats
  13. my first speedrun I managed nausea and sickness you ever heard of that son? didn't think so
  15. we prayed to the same gods kid but not like you, you sad sacks of, millennial namby-pambies, we screamed His name and carved the corpse, the old ways, you wouldn't dream
  17. millennials are pussies. what is a man in 2015? a man's man have you ever met one? ever shaken a mands hand and known you could count on him? :lol: :lol:
  19. don't make me laugh Ctrl.Flight, know what that mean? resist slowing? Projected Noise? get a life kid; my grandmother can win crawl in 2015 learndb tavern my ass we had to ASK for help and, did you ever STEP on a blade trap to get the blade? no. you READ about it. you READ spoilers millennials don't knw what they want. you want a sillicon valley job? wive does crossfit and eats paleo and now your a gluten free house I never heard such rubbish
  21. hows it feel sitting on a bosu ball in an air cond office with a boss that wont kiss an ass to get an egg and in the name of EQUALITY :lol: :lol: and when you come ome to a wife that cant cook without spending all afternoon on pinterest enjoy your fuckin chia soup from a mason jar while you get back in touch and decompress at black rock city where you can butt shoulders with 60 thousand other green pussies who never planted a tree, never shouldered a stone, driving a japanese car with no clutch, a fucking disgrace, while she doesnt love you, you're too meek, too understanding, the modern man, but that's the way the fucking boss wants yout o be, your own mother taught you, school teachers, a fucking self-help book. You never read the bible, philosophy. You never killed an animal weighing over a poind have you?
  23. Your great-great grandfather cleared the soil and his wife had eleven kids and your great grandfather planted some seeds and eked out a living and your grandfather finally made it big. for what? for your father to move to the city pushing pencils and your life is hollow but don't blame him. how does it feel to know this is waht you come from, this is your ancestors and the only people working with his hands is an IMMIGRANT. the man comes here and does the job you ought to do and lives a life ten times more fulfilling because of it. HE knows how to detect a curse...HE knows Duane, killed and ate brown frogs and yellow snakes and had the skill to cure poison. a man of his fuckin word, no less, and what are you?
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