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  1. <blinK> broKing we lost 5-1 and i made your medic look horrible in every category
  2. <kev> DAMN
  3. <HiveMind> top lel
  4. <broKing> xD except you lost
  5. <kev> SHOTS
  6. <blinK> but now that we have a demoman and no ringers
  7. <gr8stalin> "we lost 5-1"
  8. <blinK> we'll 5-0 you next time
  9. <broKing> i think my medic didnt lose
  10. <gr8stalin> hhehhehehhehhhe
  11. <broKing> xDDDDDD
  12. <cond_> DAAAAAMN
  13. <r3medy> its ok blink they made your whole team look terrible in every aspect
  14. <broKing> this is my le jew face XDDDD
  15. <HiveMind> hopefully you make it past the first two stages in playoffs
  16. <blinK> we'll see
  17. <blinK> you guys always talk but youre all bad
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