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  1. I've tried making an amazon woman to fight and have sex with.
  2. First encounters with her trigger a fight, and if you win you could either talk to her or rape her. Talking to her lets you encounter her without triggering a fight. Raping her causes her to attack you next time. Rape her enough times and she'll stop fighting, since you have proven that you own her.
  3. Talking let's you be bros, have some sweeter fun sex. You can fight to train.
  4. Raping to win lets you turn the well trained tough fighter into a broken, cock addicted cum swollen whore if you have a dick. Or, she'll be a groveling weak willed slave if you're a lady and become her Chieftess.
  6.  It's just that I know that I'm terrible and no one would like it.
  9. Especially the part where some her sex scenes focus on her taut and well developed muscles. I like muscle on women, but when they're athletic not gigantic boulders. She isn't that large, just thin with lots of definition. She's rather embarrassed by her muscles and thinks people are repulsed by her, so unless you pursue it she won't focus in them.
  13.     There's a scene where you confront her about her body, she gets nervous, doesn't answer any questions you ask and starts getting annoyed. So you have the chance to show her how much you like her battle-hardened body. You could of course leave her be if really toned chicks aren't your thing. Otherwise you can tell her you'd like to "admire" her body, but she refuses because she thinks you're only mocking her. So you decide that she needs some persuading, which involves grabbing some of the rope she carries around, tying her up and bringing her  to her tent. Then once you arrive you suggest tending to her sore muscles, saying how tired she must be after a long day of hunting and gathering. you look through her items until you locate a couple pots of honey.  Slowly you pour the contents of one pot onto her bound up form. After that you undress and rub the honey across her skin, you also play with her lower body for a bit.
  16.   Eventually you  trace along her stomach with your tongue, comment on how great each muscle feels, while she becomes rather aroused. Reaching her nipples causes her to go a little crazy over how much you're turning her on but not satisfying her pussy . Smiling, you lift her legs while they're bound together. Then you proceed to thigh fuck her, constantly using one hand to hold her legs and using the other to massage her or slather some honey on her. During your leg assault she's begging you to fuck her pussy, however you ignore her and focus on the rest of her powerful body. You end it by thrusting forward through her delicious thighmeat and orgasming all over her.
  19.  Finally you cut away the rope, redress and start to leave. Right before you go she asks you to come back and finish the job, and she passes out due to orgasm denial. Unlocks a scene where she's super horny and acts much more slutty than normal, craves your cock like mad. will fight you if you don't choose to fuck her relentlessly. Winning lets you leave and she calms down when you come back. Losing means you have to sex her up. Unfortunately  you're so tired that half the time you aren't moving when you're on top of her. You fade in and out of consciousness, one moment she's in the dirt with her ass in the air, the next she's taking it missionary style and you're asleep on her tits.
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