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  1. I am tired of the lies being said and people not hearing the truth so I am going to tell you everything, even the bad parts. The night Krystian, Kim and I went out, we picked up Emily and Taylor. We went to the mall and shopped. After the mall was about to close, Zach texted us and asked us to come to twistee treat. We drove to twistee treat and that's when Zach met Emily. This night was absolutely crazy, this 'car show' zach says he goes to is nothing but potheads, people using extreme vulgar language, girls wearing almost nothing, and people doing absolutely stupid things to attract police, an overall toxic environment. We had to take Krystian home as his curfew was approaching so we took him home and returned to the car show. During this time Kimberly offered Taylor and I to go to the car to make out by ourselves. We went to the car solely to get away from the crowd and waited for us to leave the carshow. (Don't care if you believe that or not, I'm telling you everything as it went, nothing left out) after this happened we went to Zach's friend Justin's house. The ride to his house was absolutely crazy. We ended up going around 80 MPH past a cop, getting it's attention, and hiding from the police, getting away. At this time, it was around 12:30 and we just got to Justin's house. Everyone but Taylor and I played basketball for a good hour outside the house and then we went to Sonic. We got to Sonic and as we walked up to sit down, this guy who was obviously intoxicated approached Kim, Taylor, Emily and I and said "I have a predicament, I've lost my number, can I have yours?" In which I stepped in and said "this is my sister, my girlfriend, and my girlfriends sister, get the fuck out of here." He went away and hung out with his friends by his car. We sat there and talked with Justin and his other friend for a little when they started to do stupid stuff like lifting the tables and moving them around when I told Kimberly we needed to go as they are being idiots and I did not want to deal with police if Sonic called them. So we went to neenee and poppys house where the night finally ended. Taylor and Emily did sleep in Kims room with her while I slept on the couch. The whole car ride to my grandparents, my sister was saying how I only use her and all I do is ruin plans for her all because I saw a situation as dangerous and threatening so I told her to go. She would have been okay with us staying at sonic and having the risk of the police being called or having the intoxicated dude do something to one of us. After this night, Emily and Kimberly started hanging out without Taylor and I and with Kim came Zach. This is when the lies started. When I told you about Emily liking Zach, you listened to what my sister said when she said quote "nothing was going on". I am here to show proof that indeed something is going on and has been going on. Ever since Taylors mom knew about Zach, she told Emily that while Taylor and I are dating she is not permitted to even see Zach. I believe you said something of similarity to Zach. When they were told this, it went to Kim and Kimberly went to work on trying to find a way to break Taylor and I apart. Yes, I am saying Kimberly has been trying to break Taylor and I apart so Emily and Zach can be public about their relationship. Oh yes I said public, they are dating. She is his lock screen, her contact name is "Emily ❤" and they talk frequently on snapchat considering as of today (June 17th) they have a 17 day steak of talking. All their conversations are erased, most likely so no one can see what they're talking about. The night you accused me of laying in bed with Taylor and I under a blanket with door closed, I realized in the car that indeed, my odds were not good as I have absolutely no proof behind whether or not this was true or not. I have learned from past experience, yes I'm referring to the ding dong ditch incident that it's better to just say yes than it is to argue with absolutely no evidence. I know that Kimberly texted you saying that Taylor and I were quote "supposedly sleeping for hours with the door shut under the blanket." I am here to say, this is absolutely not true. Taylors mom NEVER asked Kimberly to come inside and when they went into the room, the door was WIDE OPEN, and Taylor and I were sitting watching High School Musical at the scene where Sharpay is singing "I want fabulous" doing absolutely nothing but watching the movie. Now that I have enough evidence behind this, I can comfortably say this to you. You can text Taylors mother and verify this information as well as ask about the door being shut or open. Kimberly has told you this among other lies to get Taylor and I further apart from each other so we would end up breaking up. In the past few days, Zach has been sitting in his truck for a typical thirty minutes to an hour talking with Emily. At this point, I have told all I know the choice is yours on who you believe
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