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  3. - Hungarian border will be closed at midnight
  5. - Vesna Pusic, Croatian minister of foreign affairs: "Croatia will not close its borders unless Germany and Austria will close their borders. But we don't want to do that, this is the last option." Croatia asked Hungary to allow trains go through directly to Austria, but Hungary refused.
  7. - Last train with refugees is on the way to Botovo at Hungarian borders, the rest will be rerouted to Slovenian borders. Zakany railway station has been closed already. According to Croatian authorities, during the evening Opatovac camp will be fully discharged (1100 people) to be ready for next refugees.
  9. - Croatian interior minister Ostojic claimed, that there will opened two border crossing points with Slovenia - two at Mursko Središće / Lendava (road and rail), and border crossing Macelj (road). There has been also mention of Čakovec, but not confirmed. Mursko Središće is at the very east of Slovenia, near Hungarian border. Both sites are about 400 km far from Opatovac on the Serbian borders where all refugees enters Croatia.
  11. - But free entry of refugees hasn't been directly confirmed from Slovenia so far. Interior Minister Vesna Györkös Žnidar said that "Slovenia is expecting wave of refugees and border police units has been strengthened. We are currently discussing the entry points for refugees with Croatia.". The minister did not want to speculate on how many refugees can be expected in this refugees wave. Slovenian police, according to the minister "currently protects the Schengen border in accordance with Schengen standards and national legislation and so will be in the future," which is the usual diplomatic bullshit politicians says if they want to keep their face for the internal politics on anti-refugees stance.
  13. - We have to wait until first refugees arrives at Slovenian border to see how this develop.
  15. - Situation in Preševo and Bapska/Berkasovo is stable like it was in past two days, refugees still uses these places for crossing borders. Rain and cold in both places. Raincoats and ponchos urgently needed on both places, especially in Presevo, where also your volunteer help is needed. Please see contact numbers and more details about these places in yesterday's update:
  17. - Hegyeshalom and other places in Hungary will serve until the very last refugee will need help.
  19. - If anyone does have more detailed info about situation on Croatian/Slovenian border, please let us know at
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