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  1.  I'm from Diamont and lived in a clockwork house with my mother and father. atleast before she disappeared and the house was destroyed.
  3.  Phineas Zephyr is my father, a genius inventor but his compassion is a bit lacking. He's a little crazy but i still love him. My Mother along with my fathers associate, Dr. Warthrop, disappeared when i was only nine. He lives somewhere in Genoro. I did not know much about Warthrop, but he had something to do with my mothers disappearance.
  5.  I've never really left the house except when my father took me to Dr. Warthrops. I didnt have friends. I was home schooled by my mother and my father would teach me how to create things, my favorite was armor. my mother would read to me tales of brave knights fighting off dragons, there armor was the coolest part. I spent a lot of my spare time reading books about the outside world as well, but actually going out there is a dream come true.
  7.  At the age of 16 I lost my left arm from an accident in the house, unfortunately I'm left handed. My arm was caught in a gear and ripped it off, then the house fell apart. The pain I felt was unforgettable. I felt so horrible, we lost our home because of me. Luckily my father was okay and he helped me. After the house was fixed up enough to be lived in he made me a replacement arm powered by Zephyrium.
  9.  Zephyrium is a rare and magical stone known by my family line alone, it is our legacy according to my father. though it is an unstable material with weird side effects if you stay around it too long. I'm pretty sure it made my father crazy, hopefully I don't go crazy, unless i already am....
  11.  But thats not the end of my crazy life stories. I ended up losing a finger not even a year after losing my arm.
  12. I was working with some heavy equipment and it was crushed. I really should be more careful... Luckily after losing my arm i spent lots of time studying prosthetics and my fathers notes when he was asleep and was able to make a new functional finger. My father was quite impressed.
  14.  Although my father may not want me to leave, I have to. I want to explore the world, see what it has to offer, and find my mother. I know she's alive somewhere i can feel it.
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