#OpVendetta Press Release #AnonymousUK

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  5. On November 5th, 2013, Anonymous will descend upon government buildings worldwide in a coordinated demonstration of global strength and solidarity. In London, Anonymous UK will march on, and occupy the area around, the Houses of Parliament, peacefully and unarmed, as part of the annual #OpVendetta.
  7. Last year over 3000 Anonymous activists marched from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament as part of #OpVendetta 2012, photos and videos of the event showing ideas being shared, plans being made and, for a brief time, anarchy reigning circulated international social networks and media and was the inspiration for the hundreds of marches that will be occurring this year in what has been called the #MillionMaskMarch.
  9. This international demonstration is a warning to all governments worldwide that if they try to fuck with Anonymous, or fuck with the internet that is our home we will fuck with them. The free internet is a place without governments, without states, without security agencies. It is an independent, self-governing, self-managing entity. Those who try to censor or control the internet will be defeated. Do not underestimate the internet. Do not underestimate Anonymous, its final boss.
  11. While governments continue to squash civil liberties, online or offline, while they continue to imprison whistle-blowers and activists and while they continue to squash the right to protest, Anonymous will not stand quietly by. The current political and economic systems fail to represent the majority of the people, the 99%. The hive-mind is forever ready and prepared for its next fight. Governments are only governments for as long as the people let them rule over them, they will not be our governments much longer.
  13. We are Anonymous
  14. We are Legion
  15. We do not Forgive
  16. We do not Forget
  17. You should have expected us.
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