Ileleste Jrnl 5

Darkling Mar 7th, 2019 59 Never
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  1. This dungeon continues to present numerous challenges to us. We encountered some mirror that is obviously magical in some way, though none of us could determine what or how. It is well beyond our capabilities. What it did however we could tell, as it tried to kill us. As we approached it emitted duplicates of us, or, most of us, I should specify. They attacked us and it appeared if we harmed one other than the duplicate of ourselves, it harmed our companion it copied. Either way, we managed to dispatch them and keep ourselves alive, and discover the mirror itself.
  2. The most curious thing today happened then, the duplicate of myself and Lilian were still within the mirror. Interaction with the mirror was odd as well, while I stayed cautious, Lilianna got close and her reflection almost pulled her in. Rozar touched the mirror with his axe and the same almost happened. I wasn’t going to chance it, though my reflection seemed much more compliant and we attempted some communication. It seemed that while we might be able to enter the mirror, and they exit, we probably would not be able to exist together well, without some other magical means. Bringing others to this mirror would also most likely result in us having to fight copies of them as well.
  3. We resolved to return when we might have a better understanding. I’m slightly saddened seeing a version of myself trapped within the mirror. I feel like together we would be the best of twin sisters! Oh I’ve always wanted another like me around, it gets so lonely being the only one of my kind. All the stares, all the unwanted attention, even if it comes in handy sometime.
  4. Speaking of coming in handy, Rozar spoke to us of some events that happened in town and we returned there with the information about the mirror and to help those who might need aid. Rozar and I were able to gather some information about what might have happened, or at least who might have been involved. There appears to be a shadow organization going by the name of the Daggers who could be opposing the King of Thieves. While I’m still fairly new to this town and don’t know who either of those are, it seemed important to the rest. We’re going to rest up and try to find out more before heading back out.
  5. *This entry is accompanied by a sketch of two very happy Ilelestes holding hands and skipping with a heart drawn around them.
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