Dwellers culture

Mar 15th, 2019
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  1. * Mines and cliffs grant 50% fortification to dwellers. Mines also grant additional +10 growth to dwellers as they use the mines for residency.
  3. * Dwellers start with an additional defensive army called "Ancient earth Golem". The base strength of that army is 400. The golem can only defend. Golem gains +50% strength bonus when fighting over cliffs and mines. If the golem is destroyed, dwellers can spend an action to re-build him.
  5. * Weapon upgrades grant +10% strength
  7. * Special action: Digging deeper!
  8. You gain a special action simply called "Digging deeper" that does nothing directly.
  9. Each time you use the "Digging deeper" action roll 1d100, if you roll 20 or lower some disastrous event occurs over the world. Rolling 91-100 grants your nation a buried treasure (roll of 91-99 grants 15,000 gold. roll 100 grants 30,000 gold)
  10. This action doesn't have additional effects except advancing you through the questline (and annoying everyone as disasters occur!).
  12. ====
  13. Dwellers Questline: "Digging to the Core"
  14. ====
  15. (Must be completed in order):
  16. 1) "The artifact"
  17. Requirement: 2 mines of any type are built. You have used the "Digging deeper" action 2 times.
  18. Reward: You have found an ancient artifact that allows you to utilize your treasure to empower the golem. Your golem will gain additional 100 strength for every mine in your territory.
  20. 2) "Hollow grounds"
  21. Requirement: Atleast 1 mining complex is built. You have used the "Digging deeper" action 5 times.
  22. Reward: Gain a new special action - you can declare any neutral territory across the map and dig a tunnel to there. A giant pit will open and destroy that territory(the territory becomes of no value). That territory then becomes yours, and you can keep expanding to other territories from there.
  24. 3) "Reaching the underdark"
  25. Requirement: You have used the "Digging deeper" action 9 times.
  26. Reward: A special underdark map with 10 tiles is open to you only to expand upon. The special resource of this map is "adamantium". All tiles in the underdark are considered "Cliffs" otherwise. Most of the underdark is blocked by 2 armies, the army of "drow" (8,000 strong) and an army of monstrous demons (12,000 strength). Each time you defeat an army it will clear the tiles it is blocking.
  28. 4) "Reaching the core"
  29. Requirement: You defeated all armies in the underdark. You have used the "Digging deeper" action 14 times.
  30. Reward: At the very core of the planet, after passing through all perils. You have found the most precious treasure - The soul of the ancient earth golem, trapped in the very core of the earth itself. The golem is now sapient! It gains additional +1000 strength and can join you in offensive battles.
  31. --
  32. Objectives:
  33. "Reached the core!": Finish the quest line.
  34. "Mountains of gold": Have an income of at least 300,000 gold, and have the highest self generated income of all the nations.
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