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  1. Scooby-Doo vore:
  2.          You see a large Great Dane coming towards you. You also spot a tag on its collar that reads “SD”. You now know it is Scooby-Doo. You hope Scooby will help you get back to your normal size. Scooby comes closer and sniffs you to see what you are. Then Scooby licks you. You laugh as you are covered in warm dog drool. Scooby licks his lips enjoying you taste. Suddenly Scooby’s stomach growls. Scooby remembers how good you tasted. So Scooby licks you again, but this time he brings you into his mouth. You are a little shocked when you are brought into Scooby’s mouth, but figure this is how Scooby is going to carry you to your lab so you can regain your normal size. Scooby starts to taste you again moving you all around his huge maw. You giggle enjoying the tasting.  Scooby’s stomach growls again but this time much louder. And with that Scooby push you to the back of his throat with his massive tongue. You know realize what Scooby is doing. You grab Scooby’s tongue and start to yell “Stop Scooby! Bad Dog, Bad.” Scooby ignores you and continues to swallow. With every swallow, your grip is lessened. Then after 15 swallows, you finally lose grip and fall into Scooby’s throat. Soon you land in Scooby’s stomach with smells strongly of Scooby snacks. You rush over and start beating on the stomach walls hoping Scooby will let you out. However, Scooby just burps. After a while you pass out and Scooby, feeling your struggles stop, says “Robby Robby roo” as he lies down to digest you.
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