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  1. 11:15 PM] dean: How is that info even relevant to what we're talking about right now?
  2. [11:15 PM] dean: Did someone tell you something??
  3. [11:16 PM] anna: no it's just something that's been eating away at me
  4. [11:16 PM] dean: And what do you gain
  5. [11:16 PM] dean: from knowing what I said about you?
  6. [11:17 PM] dean: Like I don't get it
  7. [11:17 PM] dean: What do you gain
  8. [11:17 PM] dean: Are you worried about what the people I said it to think about you?
  9. [11:18 PM] anna: no I want to know what you said about me
  10. [11:18 PM] dean: No I am not telling you what I said about you because the things I said are meant to be hurtful at a time where you left me for all those reasons
  11. [11:18 PM] dean: So no I 'm not going to say
  12. [11:18 PM] dean: and I feel liek you're bugging me about it because you heard something from somebody
  13. [11:19 PM] dean: Like I don't understand why you'd want to know something like that
  14. [11:19 PM] dean: If your only reason is "I want to know because I want to know" I'm not telling you beacuse it's pointless and you're just going to get hurt hearing what I said
  15. [11:19 PM] dean: so no
  16. [11:19 PM] anna: I just want to know before I hear what you said from someone else if they bring it up for some reason
  17. [11:19 PM] dean: ??????
  18. [11:19 PM] dean: Why is that a worry now
  19. [11:20 PM] dean: Like you said some shit about me
  20. [11:20 PM] dean: and the whole
  21. [11:20 PM] anna: but I told you everything I've said
  22. [11:20 PM] dean: debacle was told to Treehouse literally in a version that I'm the fucking villain
  23. [11:20 PM] dean: but I don't care anymore
  24. [11:20 PM] anna: It's been on my mind ever since I brought it up last time
  25. [11:21 PM] dean: You heard something from somebody?
  26. [11:21 PM] dean: Central?
  27. [11:21 PM] dean: Nick?
  28. [11:21 PM] anna: no
  29. [11:21 PM] dean: Sen?
  30. [11:21 PM] anna: I want to know before I'd ever hear anything from them
  31. [11:23 PM] dean: No. End of fucking discussion about this.
  32. 1.) It is not production.
  33. 2.) You will just get hurt hearing it
  34. 3.) You told me you want to move past things, so move past it. All this is telling me is you care about what people think of you. Yet you never clarified the whole situation to Treehouse. And it doesn't matter because it's in the past
  35. [11:23 PM] dean: You're literally the one
  36. [11:23 PM] dean: telling me to move past things
  37. [11:23 PM] dean: so we can get better
  38. [11:23 PM] anna: I did clarify
  39. [11:23 PM] dean: But you're digging up
  40. [11:23 PM] anna: to them
  41. [11:23 PM] dean: Okay but regardless
  42. [11:23 PM] dean: You're literally being contradictory right now
  43. [11:23 PM] dean: Like why are you digging this up
  44. [11:23 PM] anna: I want to know because it's eating away at me
  45. [11:23 PM] anna: and then i can
  46. [11:23 PM] anna: move past it
  47. [11:24 PM] dean: You care about what other people think of you?
  48. [11:24 PM] anna: I care about
  49. [11:24 PM] anna: what you said about me
  50. [11:24 PM] dean: IT'S
  51. [11:24 PM] dean: WHEN
  52. [11:24 PM] dean: WE BROKE UP
  53. [11:24 PM] dean: AND YOU
  54. [11:24 PM] anna: yes
  55. [11:24 PM] dean: FUCKED ME OVER
  56. [11:24 PM] dean: WHY
  57. [11:24 PM] dean: WOULD YOU WANT
  58. [11:24 PM] dean: TO HEAR WHAT I AHVE TO SAY
  59. [11:25 PM] anna: but why do you not want to tell me
  60. [11:26 PM] anna: when I'm asking you
  61. [11:26 PM] dean: 1.) It is not productiVE
  62. 2.) You will just get hurt hearing it
  63. 3.) You told me you want to move past things, so move past it. All this is telling me is you care about what people think of you.. And it doesn't matter because it's in the past
  64. [11:27 PM] anna: I want to move past it, but I'd like to know so I can do that instead of wondering what kinds of things you've said. I will get hurt maybe, I know when and why you said this, but It'd be more hurtful to hear this from someone else. I don't think it's fair you're deciding whether it's productive or not when I'm saying this is important for me.
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