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  1. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:09 AM
  2. Hey!
  3. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:09 AM
  4. Hey there
  5. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:09 AM
  6. Like I said, I dont check that account a ton, it's purely a reporter account
  7. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:09 AM
  8. Sorry, been trying to add@you but didn’t realize it’s case sensitive
  9. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:09 AM
  10. ahh yeah
  11. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:10 AM
  12. Anywho you’re a captain for the white Sox?
  13. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:11 AM
  14. Yep!
  15. Val's the GM but she has me running point on the draft stuff, because she's doing a lot of OOTCing and FA talking
  16. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:12 AM
  17. Oh sure, prolly a lot of work with all that.
  18. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:12 AM
  19. Plus I've done draft work for teams before, multiple times
  20. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:14 AM
  21. To answer your question:
  22. Honestly, I saw the post on the baseball sub and I love mlb the show RTTS and figured this would be a unique twist to it. I’m interested in the team and interim dynamic plus just am competitive and want to see myself do well, as much as I know that’s not the leagues focus.
  23. But if I’m gonna play I want to at least socialize with my team and not be some rando who just types 123 and you don’t hear from me again until my next AB
  24. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:15 AM
  25. Hell yeah, activity is king in the league. I'm prolly one of hte worst players all-time (Besides my S3 championship MVP showing)
  26. but I keep sticking around and getting captaincies and shit cause im dumb active
  27. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:16 AM
  28. Yeah that’s good. I mean I’ll shoot the shit and be around but I’m married and got a toddler so right now it’s new and exciting so I’m here but I won’t be able to always keep it up. But I won’t go off the grid by any means
  29. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:16 AM
  30. Yeah, I feel that
  31. As far as scouting, do you have any experience wiht sheets and/or other data type tools? Or just interested in learning?
  32. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:18 AM
  33. I’m an IT guy so I’ve used excel enough to be decent with it. Only concern would be reliable availability. If it’s a slow enough game not a problem but fast paced I feel like I’d be doing the team a disservice
  34. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:18 AM
  35. I mean, a single game takes a week, give or take a couple days
  36. We're on the faster end of teams, but that means our games average 5-6 dasy instead of 8
  37. We also have a team culture that lends itself to waiting for the availability of scouting before swinging
  38. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:20 AM
  39. Ahh ok
  40. Well obviously willing to learn and see but don’t want to come out of the gate committing to something I may not have time for
  41. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:21 AM
  42. yeah, of course
  43. Its not mandatory or anything, it's just always a plus
  44. Have any questions for me about Chicago, or the team culture, or the league, or anything?
  45. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:21 AM
  46. Oh I know
  47. Well how’d you guys finish? What are some improvement areas? How’s the team dynamic or personality? The league, do you have trouble keeping folks engaged?
  48. Listed the questions all at once but don’t feel rushed to answer lol
  49. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:25 AM
  50. We finished 10-6, but that doesn't tell the whole story, cause we won 8 of our last 10, after a 2-4 start. Kinda a sore spot. We missed out on the playoffs by a dumb tiebreaker.
  52. The main improvement area is that we have a solid core of 4-5, but beyond that it's much less consistent on the activity front. It's not bad by any means, especially cause Val and I especially badsically live on discord.
  54. We have a clubhouse that's pretty much open to whatever topic someone wants to talk about, it's a really welcoming space, and people talk about everything from food to shitposts to irl stuff.
  55. The league keeps people engaged fairly well, although there's a bit much drama in the main server at times for some people (myself included)
  56. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:26 AM
  57. Yeah? Like league drama or some folks get pissy and butt hurt drama?
  58. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:26 AM
  59. like some folks get pissy and butthurt lol
  60. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:27 AM
  61. Yeah my desired activity level is I’ll check it throughout the week but may not be on everyday
  62. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:27 AM
  63. yeah that's fair
  64. Im not in the main server at all lol
  65. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:27 AM
  66. Since this is all new and exciting I’m taking to this a lot more than i thought
  67. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:27 AM
  68. yeah lol, i know the feeling
  69. I've been around over 2 years now
  70. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:27 AM
  71. Yeah?
  72. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:27 AM
  73. yep
  74. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:27 AM
  75. What position do you play?
  76. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:28 AM
  77. I was a pitcher the last 3 seasons, but like i said I'm dogshit so im becoming a hitter
  78. i have like, 2 good career games
  79. i was lucky enough taht one of them came in the season 3 championship lmao
  80. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:28 AM
  81. Haha that’s all you need
  82. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:28 AM
  83. CGSO, 1 hit allowed, no walks, 10 strikeouts
  84. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:28 AM
  85. :yum:
  86. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:28 AM
  87. came 1 out away from a perfecto too
  88. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:28 AM
  89. That’s pretty dope
  90. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:29 AM
  91. on the one hand, yeah it is
  92. on the other oh my god was it painful
  93. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:29 AM
  94. So what you guys looking for position wise?
  95. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:29 AM
  96. We have a pretty barebones roster rn, as we were an expansion team last season, so we had a lot of less active people who were just "number-submitters"
  97. so pretty much everything
  98. we have 8 people on roster rn
  99. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:30 AM
  100. What’s normal?
  101. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:30 AM
  102. 16-20
  103. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:30 AM
  104. Ahh
  105. Lol
  106. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:31 AM
  107. we had 18 last season, 1 declared FA, and we cut a bunch
  108. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:31 AM
  109. Well you do you
  110. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:31 AM
  111. Like I said, we had a lot of people who just posted numbers and that was it
  112. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:31 AM
  113. So say you guys draft me. What would make me excited to be a white sox?
  114. Alyx SaborLast Friday at 12:34 AM
  115. You'd be coming into one of the most tightly-knit cultures of the league, and a clubhouse that's very active. We have a team culture that really is a "winning culture" as people put a lot of emphasis on scouting and input on swings. With how few players we have coming back right now, you'd be in line ofr a good number of starts. We also have high plans in FA, to bring in a few top tier players, and really make a push for a ring next season.
  116. We were just a few pieces away last year, as you can tell from our scorching finish, and with me coming off the mound (I caught the loss in 4 games), we'll already be better.
  117. dunkat523Last Friday at 12:36 AM
  118. Very nice.
  119. Well It seems you guys have a clear idea of what you want. Now it’s just a matter of executing
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