Alp Adventures - Chapter 9

Sep 9th, 2014
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  1. There is no clock on the wall. No way to tell how long me and this "Queen" have been at this. Has it been an hour? Two? More? Exhaustion fills me and it feels like even another minute will see me collapsed onto the floor or simply succumb to insanity. "P-...please. I'm begging you. No more." I pitifully whimper a fruitless request to my tormentor. For all my pleading it serves only to make her smile with a noticeably sadistic glint in her eyes. "Arara~ I'm sure you can last for just a few more." She disappears into what has to be a walk-in closet. Taking this opportunity I wobble unsteadily towards the door exiting this chamber of horrors and torture. But the pit of despair welling in my stomach grows ever deeper when I try to pull the door open, only to feel it locked in place. It's too late to even try anything else as I hear that voice, deceptively sweet but full of pure evil and malice behind me. "So! Which should we try next? Cowgirl, complete with hat and lasso? Or do you want to go with the sexy ninja one?" I apprehensively turn around while feeling the cold sweat build up on my brow, seeing the queen succubus holding up yet more outfits for me to try on. I drop to my knees, despair finally overtaking me as I consign myself to being her plaything. Her new dress up doll. BAD END...
  2. Wait! Fuck that noise! I stand slowly up, feeling my determination rise from at first a spark till it becomes a raging inferno. I point a finger at the queen and channel that fire into my words. "Vile Woman!!! I'll be your toy no longer! You have sullied my pride, my dignity, and my honor for the last time!!" The queen succubus lays the clothes she retrieved on the bed and starts applauding me. "Oooooo! Getting into character! Good stuff!" She grabs a nearby camera and starts snapping picture after picture of me wearing a cheesy samurai getup. I can feel my left eye twitch slightly as my arms lower to hang limply at my sides, the fire building in my gut suddenly doused by a bucket of cold water. As the succubus starts looking through her recent photos with a smile I stagger back to the cheesy looking heart shaped bed and flop face first onto it, a very distinct feeling of utter defeat filling me.
  3. After finally taking notice of me once again she lets out an annoyed hmph. "If you were tired all you had to do was say so, silly. I mean, it has been about five hours since we started having fun." And then my left eye starts to twitch again "I already did a... y'know? Nevermind." Recognizing the futility of arguing with this woman I just decide to give up. With an exasperated sigh I sit up and notice a familiar pressure. "Ummm where's your restroom? Gotta drain the liz-...ummmmm gotta take a leak." Shit, I can't even use the best metaphors for bodily functions anymore! The queen points to a door towards the back of the room. "Ahhh! Right this way." I follow her to the bathroom, walking through the door being opened for me by her. As I'm about to strip myself of this ridiculous samurai outfit, I feel myself being watched and look back to the entrance of the bathroom to see the queen standing there and watching over me with a smile. Well that's not creepy at all. "Uhhh can I have, I dunno, a bit of privacy?" She gives me a dejected look, puffing out her cheeks. "Fiiiiiiine."
  4. Once finally left alone I start to strip once again and look to the toilet. Wait a tick. I look from the toilet to my own crotch. Huh....how the hell do I operate this thing? I take a seat on the toilet and start to contemplate my current predicament. "I don't suppose there's a vagina operators manual, huh?" I mutter to myself. As I finish that sentence a pamphlet slides towards me from under the door. "Here ya go!" Was....she listening in on me from the door? Nope. Not creepy at all! I pick up the pamphlet read the title. "Living As An Alp Type Succubus For Stupids." Guess they'll print anything these days. I flip the page and start reading. "First of all, congratulations on becoming an alp! A new world and way of life has opened up to you! You may be asking yourself just how did this happen. Well the reason is quite simple! Apparently either consciously or not you've been thinking a lot about dicks!" Bullshit! "Now you may be saying that's bullshit, but it's not! Face it, you loved the D so much that you got a V. Isn't the miracle of demonic energy just nifty?"
  5. I toss the stupid pamphlet off to the side and let out a long sigh. Apparently that release of tension was all I needed as I finally feel my bladder empty itself, leaving me with a contented feeling as the pressure dissipates. Just as I finish I hear the queens voice once again through the door. "Don't forget to wipe, sweety!" Ah yeah, chicks do that after taking a leak don't they? ....the hell? Is she actually listening to me on the other side of the door? N-nah. She wouldn't be that much of a pervert, would she? Regardless I push the thought out of my mind and finish my business in the restroom. As I'm opening the door back, I feel it smack into something on the other side. A pained "Ouch!" emanates from the other side and I poke my head out of the crack of the open door, seeing the queen succubus rubbing her forehead. For my own sake I'll just ignore the implications.
  6. "Could I actually have some regular clothes now?" She seems to quickly recover from her injury and goes back to looking dejected and pouty. "Awww, but you still haven't tried on the maid outfit! That one's my favorite." So she's the reason there are so many maid outfit wearing succubi! "Just...please. For the sake of my mental well being. Just something normal." With another pouty expression she gives in, retrieving something else on a hanger and handing it to me.
  7. After around ten minutes of trying to figure out this new outfit I was handed and reassuring the queen that I didn't need any help putting it on, I'm left staring at myself in the bathrooms mirror. A skimpy number that reveals more of me than it covers. This is 'normal'? I let out a sigh and decide to just roll with it. At least it isn't another cheongsam or a bunny girl outfit. I reluctantly exit the bathroom and I'm greeted with a broadly smiling queen giving me two thumbs up. "Ooooo! The standard issue succubus outfit looks good on you! Except for maybe..." Her gaze travels Southwards to my not so ample chest "B-But you'll grow into it!" She nods a few times, I guess trying to reassure me of a concern I really didn't have. "Just a good helping of spirit energy a day and you'll be a curvacious and sexy succubus! Ooo! Speaking of which... while you were getting dressed I took the liberty of sending someone to bring your traveling companion here! I'm sure he'll think you look dead sexy! Although I bet the ninja outfit would have really seduced him!"
  8. I feel the blood drain from my face at her words. I don't even hear much of what else she begins energetically blathering about. I hadn't thought of my friend actually seeing me in this form. Let alone seeing me dressed like this. Oh fuck... I can hear him laughing his ass off at me already. And finally I feel my minds gears screeching to a halt and shut down, the workers up there flipping a sign around saying 'On Break lol', leaving me to curl up into the fetal position on the floor. I vaguely notice the queen succubus poking my cheek and asking if I'm alright.
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