Better PHP dump

jessicakennedy1028 Sep 9th, 2018 (edited) 25 Never
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  1.     include ('cities_array_inc.php');
  2.     include ('dump.php');
  3.     echo dump($array, TRUE, TRUE);
  5.     // You can use TRUE or FALSE for the options,
  7.     // First is autohide, this will create a hidden div
  8.     // that will only open when you click on the gear in
  9.     // the top left corner of the screen.
  11.     // Second is collapse, if you have a large array, it
  12.     // will collapse all of the array so you can expand
  13.     // each element of the array.
  15.     // Go to: to see examples
  16.     // and check out the community for support, tips, and
  17.     // to check out other really cool quick tips.
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