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vfrico Feb 11th, 2014 155 Never
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  1. DrJdir="/usr/share/applications/drjava.desktop" && wget http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~palsetia/java/images/drjavalogo.png && sudo cp drjavalogo.png /opt/drjava.png && sudo cp drjava.jar /opt/drjava.jar && sudo chmod 0777 /opt/drjava.jar  && echo -e "[Desktop Entry]\nName=DrJava\nComment=Editor Java Ligero\nExec=java -jar /opt/drjava.jar\nTerminal=false\nType=Application\nStartupNotify=true\nMimeType=text/plain;\nIcon=/opt/drjava.png\nCategories=Developement;TextEditor;\n" > drjava.desktop && sudo mv drjava.desktop $DrJdir && sudo chmod +x $DrJdir
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