Breakfast- Cereal of champions

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >You haven't been feeling well, lately.
  2. >You don't really feel sick, just... not well?
  3. >Wheaties are good for you, right? Maybe that'll fix it.
  4. >And that's the story of how you're currently eating Wheaties next to your moth-mate.
  5. >Critics raved about it.
  6. >It was given tens all across the board.
  7. >You became a billionaire in the first week alone.
  8. >...
  9. >You wish...
  10. >The Wheaties taste good, at least.
  11. >It is the Breakfast Cereal of Champions, after all.
  12. >If you eat this cereal every day for the rest of your life, you'll totally look like that pony athlete on the front of the box you've never heard of.
  13. >Most definitely.
  14. >You roll your eyes and continue eating.
  15. >When you bite down on another spoonful, you notice a weird texture.
  16. >... Is...
  17. >Is that a hair?
  18. >You slowly open your mouth and take out the obstruction.
  19. >It's most certainly a hair, but who's hair is it?
  20. >Or, was.
  21. >Whatever.
  22. >You examine the hair carefully.
  23. >... You then turn to face your moth-mate.
  24. >She's looking back at you with a flat expression.
  25. >...
  26. "Hey, uh..." You are really good at talking to her. "How did one of your hairs get in the Wheaties?"
  27. >Her expression doesn't change.
  28. >"I don't know."
  29. "But... you're all the way over there; you were never close to the bowl..."
  30. >The hair is hers, you know it. It's exactly like one of the spiky parts next to one of the curly parts.
  31. >You now marvel in how odd her mane is.
  32. >Is her tail similar?
  33. >...
  34. >Don't look, she'll kill you.
  35. >You resist looking at her tail.
  36. >Unfortunately, your questions remain unanswered.
  37. >The big question is "How did this hair get here?"
  38. >With a few minor questions about her appearance.
  39. >"Does it matter?"
  40. >You're broken from your trance.
  41. >... Come to think of it, it probably doesn't matter.
  42. "N-no, I guess not..."
  43. >You fling the hair away from you, meaning it went a foot at most, and continue eating your Breakfast Cereal of Champions.
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