MagiReco - Merry Christmas Event - Special Scene

Dec 25th, 2017
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  1. MagiReco - Merry Christmas Event - Special Scene
  3. ---------
  4. Special Scene
  5. ---------
  7. The Holy Night draws near...
  8. And all the magical girls see a mysterious account appear in their messaging app.
  9. "Kamihama Happiness Delivery Service"
  10. If you tell them your wish, then happiness will surely find its way to you.
  11. That's how the rumour goes...
  13. Tsuruno: Alright, here we gooo!
  14. Tsuruno: We are the messengers of happiness on this holy night!
  15. Tsuruno: Kamihama!
  16. Iroha: H-Happiness!
  17. Rena: ...livery...
  18. Iroha: Hm?
  19. Tsuruno: Your voice is so quiet!
  20. Tsuruno: Rena, don't you think that someone who delivers happiness needs to be way more excited?!
  21. Tsuruno: So say it loudeeeer!
  22. Rena: Geez, it's embarrassing...
  23. Tsuruno: Come on, one more time!
  24. Tsuruno: Kamihama!
  25. Iroha: Happiness!
  26. Rena: Delivery Service...
  27. Rena: Was that good enough?
  28. Tsuruno: Loudeeerrr!
  29. Rena: What?!
  30. Tsuruno: My reindeer's red nose will illuminate the roads and keep us saaafe!
  31. Iroha: Heheh, then let's go do this.
  32. Iroha: Let's go deliver happiness to everyone!
  33. Rena: ...Y-You don't even have a red nose.
  35. Tsuruno: Tell the reindeeer!
  36. Tsuruno: What's your wish toniiight!
  37. Tsuruno: Your wish will become trueee!
  38. Tsuruno: You'll find it in your sooock!
  40. Iroha: Ah, Tsuruno-chan! There's the first house!
  41. Tsuruno: Yup! Let's sneak up under the cover of darkness!
  42. Tsuruno: Fun fun!
  43. Rena: Time to put Rena's transformation abilities to good use...
  44. Iroha: Good luck, Rena-chan!
  45. Rena: You know, I sort of feel like I'm being used...
  46. Rena: Well, I'm sure Kaede will be delighted...
  47. Rena: Tomorrow morning.
  49. Felicia: I...!
  50. Felicia: But...!
  51. Felicia: Is it really okay for me to have this?!
  52. Yachiyo: Ah, geez, why are you so excited this morning...
  53. Felicia: Look, look at this!!
  54. Felicia: They were on my bedside when I woke up! Movie tickets to go see Doraemonball!
  55. Yachiyo: On your bedside...?!
  56. Yachiyo: Is that where you found them, Felicia?
  57. Felicia: Did you also get a gift, Yachiyo?!
  58. Yachiyo: Yes...
  59. Yachiyo: When I woke up this morning, I found a Hakata kitchen knife.
  60. Sana: Um, me too, I got a book about historical punishments...
  61. Yachiyo: Is... that something you wanted?
  62. Sana: Um, yes, I'm sort of interested in this stuff...
  63. Momoko: This might be the work of a rumour...
  64. Yachiyo: Momoko, when did you get here...?!
  65. Momoko: Oh, it seems that other magical girls have also received gifts.
  66. Momoko: Kaede, you wanted to ask Iroha-chan about it...
  67. Kaede: Yes, because I also found a gift in my house, ornamental plants!
  68. Kaede: So I wondered if everyone else got something too...
  69. Rena: ...
  70. Kaede: Hey, Rena-chan, were you with Iroha-chan last night?!
  71. Momoko: We went to your house and you weren't there.
  72. Rena: So what, Rena can go wherever she wants...
  73. Kaede: Well... sure, but... Did you get a gift as well, Rena-chan?
  74. Yachiyo: Ah, now that I think about, Tamaki-san and Tsuruno disappeared last night.
  75. Iroha: ...
  76. (telepathically)
  77. Iroha: What do we do, Tsuruno-chan.
  78. Iroha: We forgot to get gifts for ourselves.
  79. Tsuruno: Even if we tell them we got gifts, we've got nothing to show them...
  80. Rena: So what do we even tell them...?
  81. (back to normal)
  82. Iroha: Um...
  83. Tsuruno: Eh...
  84. Yachiyo: ...Ah?!
  85. Yachiyo: Then... eheheh...
  86. Iroha: Eh, what...?
  87. Yachiyo: No, nothing.
  88. Yachiyo: You know what, it appears that *everyone* in this house got a gift.
  90. Ayano Rika: Eh?! Ren-chan, you really got it?!
  91. Isuzu Ren: Yes... it was on my bedside... the diary with the design I always wanted...
  93. Oh, did you hear about it? Who did you hear it from?
  94. The rumour of the "Kamihama Happiness Delivery Service".
  96. Minagi Sasara: Finding a gift in the morning, unbelievable.
  97. Tatsuki Asuka: Yes, what I desired most was on my bedside when I woke up.
  99. The mysterious account appeared suddenly in the girls' messaging app.
  101. Tokiwa Nanaka: So wait, you actually saw whoever sent those messages?
  102. Shinobu Akira: A very rotund person left me a stuffed toy on my bedside...
  104. If you tell them your wish, then happiness will surely find its way to you.
  106. Awane Kokoro: But... such a thing... it can't possibly be real...
  107. Kagami Masara: I saw them, without a doubt, it was a bearded person wearing red clothes...
  109. It's a rumour exclusively for all the magical girls in Kamihama city!
  111. Alina: You've been reading too much manga, and now your brain has melted.
  112. Misono Karin: But I'm sure of it... I sensed someone's magical power...
  114. Can you believe it...?!
  116. Tsuruno: Believe it!
  117. Iroha: I'm sure happiness will find its way to everyone.
  118. Rena: No one knows who is sending those gifts, but even so...
  120. Everyone: Merry Christmas!
  122. ---
  124. [Note: Tsuruno's song was simplified a little to preserve the Jingle Bells rhythm.]
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