Janky Death dupe tutorial

Bingchang Feb 28th, 2020 (edited) 107 Never
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  1. Death dupe:
  2. Route out of town - 2 breads in monastary and then heal in the inn then leave
  4. RNG Manip - The game always starts with the same rng seed, so you can technically manip the entire run, but it gets super hard super fast as you would have to be perfect since everything affects rng
  6. Hellhound - do 3-4 dmg, want to get down to 1-3 hp. Can try taking dmg at 4 but you may die
  8. P+B - kill P with fireball 1 and stand close to B, he uses firewall that does 4-6 dmg. Run and slide away from him so he uses fireball around 12 hp so that he does 3-4 and get down to 1-3 hp. Can try taking dmg at 4 but you may die
  10. BigMouth - only do if you have to, be careful ending your turn cause you can agi glitch against him. he does 3-4 and misses a lot, same as hellhound otherwise
  12. The iniative glitch - slightly move the thumbstick forward and then press c down 1 frame after starting movement. Wait just a fraction of a second after you STOP moving. Also you can get into an encounter the first frame of movement, literally nothing you can do about it.
  14. The enemy you get an encounter with needs to be faster than you, if you are tied you are faster. Agility: BigMouth - 4, Warehare - 5, P+B - 6 and HellHound has 8
  16. The encounter - 1.5-2.25 seconds into the encounter cast a spell (camera should still be on enemies), run towards the exit and about another second open the item menu. assuming best, outside the encounter, take lethal damage, once you hear the death audio you can heal and then start to mash.
  18.     IF you don't get out of the encounter there are a couple of things to keep in mind, the enemies will take 2 turns (if 2 enemies both take one turn) if you die on the first turn and heal too late the second hit can cancel your heal. If you die on the first turn, heal correctly, after the second turn there will be a 3rd turn. HOWEVER, if you time your healing correctly you can cancel/skip the 3rd turn.
  20. spinning in the corner near the spirit to raise chance of getting an encounter
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