FNAF Cyberpunk part 1

Aug 10th, 2015
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  1. Mike was signing on the contract, too long and meandering to be read properly. Something he'd just have to hope didn't come up, but hey, at least he could come during the day any time he liked for free amenities. Freddy's was certainly better than Candy's in terms of quality. He walked about the place, flicking a hologram display out of boredom as the performers started walking about after the show.
  3. Freddy and Bonny were doing their normal meet and greet, Chica was showing off novelty masks and Foxy was beginning his show, announcing that the Freddy's crew was going to be a bit more crowded. Mike had heard one of the other day shift workers mention that one location had burned down and now was shipping the surviving inventory over to here.
  5. He tried to be inconspicuous and just grab some food but Foxy had to notice him "Ahoy Ahoy! Give him a hand lads and Lassies! This here' be our new night guard" the robot yammered on bringing the kids attention to him. Mike for his part just wanted to eat and play a game or two in peace before his shift started and now had a bunch of kids gawking at him, forced to smile and try to make nice and shake their attention somehow.
  7. He was failing, looking like a moron as he tried to talk and say something not forced until Chica stepped in "Free Cake and Ice Cream!" the kids all headed to the table with the dessert stuff in a wave. "Whew I was choking there" Mike sighed in relief, "Foxy what was that all about? You don't just assume the new guy wants to play with the kids." Chica fumed at the Pirate, "Sorry lass, was just eager to give him a hearty welcome to the Fazbear crew." Chica shook her head "Save that for the night, when you read him his policies"
  9. "Policies?" Mike asked.
  11. "yeah, just liability stuff and how you'll be expected to continue old duties as well as new ones when re-assigned until they get someone else to do it, you'll get it tonight, now have some food" The Chicken bot was oddly casual about it, but then she was back with the crowd and her paper masks.
  13. Mike decided to just grab a hot dog and hit a VR game to pass the time until the graveyard shift. He had a bad feeling about the night.
  15. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. That night he sat down in his office, cramped but decent, a bit messy, TV to the side and monitors to the cameras. He was about to settle in when the com speaker chimed in, causing him to jump *phhhzztzz* "Ahoy Ahoy! This Be Foxy again, just here to properly Welcome ye to the Fazbear Family, I'll skip the commercial slogans in this programmed speech and get to the parts ye need to know, Fazbears don't take to lollygaggers, the Admiralty.. Err that is to say the Management will not tolerate employees slacking off, if you are-"
  19. "I what? Walk the Plank?" Mike Jokes.
  21. A mechanical Sigh can be heard "They never read the damn contract, No; ye'll be reassigned to performance work"
  23. "You can't assign a man to be a robot"
  25. "They did to us, cybernetic conversion, was right there in the contract, we don't perform well, so they shanghai us in these frames to Perform, add Emulation chips to our heads ensure we can hit the character just right. Hehe, they don't tell ya this stuff in the interview. We be restored enough to legally count as a person, but we can’t break the nondisclosure clause, I wouldn't recommend ye try it either as it be a closely guarded secret"
  27. Mike was frozen in shock at all this, waiting for him to be told that was all a joke "Well it's not like guarding this place is hard?"
  29. Foxy laughed a bit at that "Not normally, but Management likes this set up they got. What with it ensuring they have a steady supply of performers, after all they can't make AI this advanced, so they brute force it with us, so we be programmed to try and force ye into the conversion unit every couple of weeks or so, really wish I we could have a say in that."
  31. "But they can’t do that! I just got hired!!"
  33. "Way they see if ye can't fend us off ye're under performing, convenient fer them ain't it? Maybe ye be lucky, we play by certain rules when we do that, and ye might even get to become yer favorite character like I did."
  35. Mike thought back to Chica, handing out the masks for kids to imagine being the characters, the VR units with scenarios involving acting as the characters... It was fucked up beyond recognition. Foxy continued, "I understand this be a lot to take in, wanted to give ye a heads up now before next week, a chance to know us for real before we have to be some specter of the locker to ya. Anyway uhhh... have a Freddy fun night..." The com switched off, and Mike just sat in his chair, curling into a ball.
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