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  1. Updated in version 6.1.2:
  2. This version will only run on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or better
  3. Need Join Together for a pre-10.6 OS? Download Join Together v5.4 from this page.
  4. Addresses artwork-related issue that would cause a stall when adding final file to iTunes library
  5. Fixes issue with shareware notice in Lion
  6. aug 15, '11
  7. Updated in version 6.1.1:
  8. Fixes problem recognizing registration information under Lion
  9. aug 3, '11
  10. Updated in version 6.1:
  11. Removes chapterizing options under OS X 10.7 (these options are not supported by 10.7)
  12. Fixes problem applying artwork
  13. Fixes problem applying Options settings
  14. Minor performance fixes
  15. july 19, '11
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