That's my popcorn! (GlimmyxAnon, fluffy, predplay, lewd)

Aug 30th, 2017
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  1. >pic of glimmy eating popcorn on a sofa
  2. >>ywn walk in the living room and see this
  4. "Wh-what, those are mine!"
  5. >"Not anymore they're not!"
  6. >Her magic takes hold of the bag and brings it above her head, before she tilts it towards her now open mouth
  7. >And you can only watch as the last few kernels drop in her mouth
  8. >She keeps her eyes in yours the whole time, her stare defiant and smirk smug
  9. >You slowly lift your fist in front of you, a menacing finger raised to silently tell her not to do whatever it is she's planning to do
  10. >But she doesn't listen
  11. >The madmare's smirk even widens as she closes her mouth
  12. "STARLIGHT!"
  13. >You scream in rage, nearly jumping forward as you empty your lungs
  14. >A small eep of panic escapes her lips, and she rolls on her back, getting ready to defend herself from your incoming onslaught
  15. >But it doesn't stop her from starting to chew on her--no, on YOUR delicacies
  16. >It doesn't take you more than three steps to find yourself at the edge of the sofa, and a blink later, you leap on your victim as she screams in terror
  17. >As much as a pony can with her mouth full, anyway
  18. >"Nho whait, Ahnon--!"
  19. >You don't care, you don't wait
  20. >Your hands instantly find her sides and shoulders as you lean down, maw open wide to show her your deadly fangs
  21. >She tries to stop you from getting any closer using her small, fragile little hoofsies, but they're no match for an apex predator
  22. >Pleas and begs come out as you close in on your target
  23. >But there's no brakes on the hape train!
  24. >And a moan, you mean, a guttural cry of anguish escapes her throat as your lips, and fangs, especially the fangs, sink into the soft flesh of her neck
  25. >"Wai-ah-Wait, Anon, Twilight's in the next roo--mmhh~,"
  26. >Her hooves move from your shoulder and to your neck, wrapping themselves around the back of your head and pulling you in closer
  27. >Silly prey, she's even asking for you to make it quick!
  29. >Your dangerous claws gently graze against her barrel and a shiver, of fear, of course, runs its way up her spine, her back hooves bucking against your thighs in reflex
  30. >Now happy with having snapped her neck using your monstrous maw, you lift your head to stare into her eyes one last time
  31. "You took my snack, I make you my meal!"
  32. >Her loving, uh, terrified eyes are begging for mercy as your totally intimidating threat makes her heart skip a beat
  33. >But it doesn't stop her from chewing
  34. >She's taunting you!
  35. >She dares taunt you!
  36. >So you dive in for the kill
  37. >Your lips crash against hers and your tongue quickly parts her lips open
  38. >Which is totally a way to kill ponies, what with your acid saliva and ultra toxic breath
  39. >And she gives you a totally agonizing moan as your tongue finally meet hers
  40. >And she melts under you, and totally literally, like melt 'melt', because you're a monster and she's a pony and she's beautiful and she's really cute and you love her and--
  41. >Fuck
  42. >You can't stifle a moan from escaping you, completely breaking character
  43. >She tastes like popcorn, and like blood and brain and stuff because she's dying and all
  44. >...
  45. >You lose yourself in her embrace for what seems like hours, her moans and sighs filling your mouth as you explore hers with your tongue and her hooves still caressing and tracing circles on the back of your neck and shoulders as her tail wraps itself around your leg to pull it oh so closer to her--
  46. >"Ahem!"
  47. >You both freeze, eyes opening wide to look at each other in complete silence for a second, only to realize that the noise didn't come from any of you
  48. >And a quick look up lets you find a really flustered, and kinda upset looking, purplesmart
  49. >"I-I know you really like each other and I know that it's normal for young couples to do... things together, but could you maybe not do it in my living room, and especially not do it while me and the girls are having a super important friendship meeting--"
  51. >The three of you snap towards the sound of muffled giggles coming from the doorstep, and sure enough, you find five heads poking out and looking at you and your prey, each with a different amount of blush on their cheeks
  52. >But the five heads instantly disappear when the Princess' stare comes their way
  53. >She rolls her eyes and groan in frustration
  54. >"A-anyway, we've got two hundred and forty five unused rooms in the castle, so why don't you... move there. You know. To do the things you want to do."
  55. >You're really having a hard time keeping your laughter in, even though you feel slightly embarrassed for having been caught
  56. >But Twilight doesn't give you the time to decide on what to do, already turning 180 and trotting away
  57. >"And clean your... ugh, your messes, I don't want to hear Spike finding anymore 's-smelly pools of white fluids' around, is that clear?"
  58. "Yes mom,"
  59. >You blurt out before you can stop it, but Twilight doesn't really pick up on it, a twitch of an ear being the only sign that she heard it
  60. >But this proves way too much for Starlight, and she starts heartily guffawing
  61. >You join her, of course, and it takes you both a good minute to regain some composure
  62. >And for you to realize that you're still oh so close to her
  63. >And that your heart is still beating really fast
  64. >And that hers is still beating really fast
  65. >And you're quite certain that it's not just from the burst of laughter you just shared
  66. >You lift a hand from her barrel, taking great care to caress her coat all the way up before you cup her cheek
  67. >She seems to catch on what you're planning to do, and she puckers her lips before yours even start to move down
  68. >You don't linger too much tho, much to her disappointment, if the pressure of her hooves on the back of your head and the tug from her tail that's still wrapped around your leg tells you anything
  69. "I'll go make us some more popcorn,"
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