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Fallout: Beyond Equestria 31: Northern Blue (Part 15)

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  1. [2013-04-10 13:31:33] <Kkat> 3Bookwright "Given our experience last time, I think we should spread out a lot, so we don't all get caught in one of those giant blasts like last time."
  2. [2013-04-10 13:31:40] <Kkat> 3"And we definitely need cover. Preferably to attack it from more than one angle..."
  3. [2013-04-10 13:31:55] <Kkat> 3CopyCat gulps and casts a spell, not wanting to be caught off guard.
  4. [2013-04-10 13:32:01] <Kkat> 3Shatara is able to map out a good kill zone between several of the more intact homes in the area. Several ponies could take up positions using balconies and broken windows for cover.
  5. [2013-04-10 13:32:06] <Kkat> 3Bookwright "Alright y'all, who wants some mildly addictive pain-numbing spells cast on them?"
  6. [2013-04-10 13:32:14] <Kkat> 3Kid raises her hoof. She knows what it was like the first time around without it.
  7. [2013-04-10 13:32:20] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart shakes her head. "We shall be fine." She prepares herself in the open, where the robot will surely see her.
  8. [2013-04-10 13:32:27] <Kkat> 3Bookwright nods, and sinks amber sparkles into Kid's coat.
  9. [2013-04-10 13:32:32] <Kkat> 3Shatara helpfully directs ponies towards concealed postions in the various windows, unsurely pondering Bookwright's offer.
  10. [2013-04-10 13:32:39] <Kkat> 3Bookwright casts it on himself while Shatara decides.
  11. [2013-04-10 13:32:44] <Kkat> 3Kid goes to one of the windows in question, making sure she was close enough to be effective. Robot, don't make this rough.
  12. [2013-04-10 13:32:53] <Kkat> 3CopyCat tries to hide near Noble_Heart. If the robot wanted to talk she might be able to help!
  13. [2013-04-10 13:33:25] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Thirty-One: Northern Blues (Part Fifteen)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KIsa8-aXpk
  14. [2013-04-10 13:33:31] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  15. [2013-04-10 13:35:30] * CopyCat peers out from behind some rubble, watching Noble_Heart nervously.
  16. [2013-04-10 13:35:48] * Kid is currently hiding behind the window. Okay. Okay. Come on up, you stupid robot. I ain't afraid. I have zebra-made awesome slugs and my friends Storm and Royal on my side.
  17. [2013-04-10 13:36:21] * Bookwright checks and rechecks the sights on Pew-Pew.
  18. [2013-04-10 13:36:24] * Mitzi is also here
  19. [2013-04-10 13:36:40] <Kkat> 3A mechanical voice announces as the Crystal Empire Sentinel draws closer: >>Hostiles detected outside of quarantine zone.  <bzzzt>  Return to quarantine zone immediately.  This is your <bzzzt> third and final warning!<<
  20. [2013-04-10 13:36:46] * Mitzi looks to the others, "We gunna get up close, ur take eet frum here?"
  21. [2013-04-10 13:37:48] * Noble_Heart stands defiantly in the path the robot should take, the lance and amulet floating beside her just outside her shield. Offer first the branch of peace, and if rejected remember always the lance of war, as the saying goes. "Halt! We represent the Ministry of Morale. We are on business to inspect this facility on behalf of Princess Luna." She did not expect the robot to listen.
  22. [2013-04-10 13:39:21] * Kid feels a sweat drop run down the side of her face. I'm not scared. I'm not scared. This thing is just a busted down old bot. I'm not scared.
  23. [2013-04-10 13:39:26] * Get_Lost remembering the last poor exploit, the mare decides to stay a little more back than last time, to avoid unwanted booms
  24. [2013-04-10 13:41:47] * Mitzi nods and pulls out her beam rifle.
  25. [2013-04-10 13:47:24] * CopyCat gulps and recasts Precognition. She stands up straight and adopts a regal pose, her body language mimicking Noble's. The medical robot had assumed she was Luna and there was a chance that the same might happen here.
  26. [2013-04-10 13:52:07] * CopyCat has second thoughts about her course of action... well, actually fifth thoughts, but this might be their only chance to get through this without anypony getting hurt.
  27. [2013-04-10 13:52:22] * Shatara sights down his rifle towards the bot from his elevated position
  28. [2013-04-10 14:01:39] <Kkat> 3The robot trudges around the corner into view.  >> Hold still and <bzzt> badges forward.  ALERT!  Hostiles in area!<<
  29. [2013-04-10 14:04:43] <Kkat> 3Even as a scanning eye rotates towards Noble_Heart, the sentinel's twilight cannon and secondary laser repeater swivel to track hiding targets.
  30. [2013-04-10 14:05:41] * Noble_Heart remains in full view, holding the amulet out infront of her. "Those in these ruins are Our companions. We have reason to believe zebra insurgents have fled into the city and it is Our duty to inspect these grounds incase of that potentiality. The Ministry of Morale will not tolerate threats from within Equestrian soil." She keept her eyes on the robot. Like it was going to
  31. [2013-04-10 14:05:41] * Noble_Heart understand something like that.
  32. [2013-04-10 14:11:20] * Shatara cuts the tension of the moment by plotting to strap that BFG to Mitzi. All-range canopener ftw!
  33. [2013-04-10 14:12:24] * Mitzi just keeps the robot in the sights of her rifle. She could use a scope or something
  34. [2013-04-10 14:19:21] <Kkat> 3The sentinel pause, making a series of whirring and bleeping sounds.  Then the machine's weapons rotate back forward.  >>Proceed with <bzzt> caution.<<
  35. [2013-04-10 14:19:45] * Mitzi lowers her rifle a bit, "Eet letting us go past?'
  36. [2013-04-10 14:20:25] * Noble_Heart slowly lets her shield fall, for the moment. "We thank you for your cooperation." Turning towards the SRAC. Now the question was, would the rest of the machines in this place respect the badge or not...
  37. [2013-04-10 14:20:37] * CopyCat sighs with relief and resumes her usual meek posture.
  38. [2013-04-10 14:21:06] * Bookwright puts away his weapon. "Right. Let's get out of here before it changes its tiny electronic mind."
  39. [2013-04-10 14:22:57] * Get_Lost sighs in relief "yay, for once we are on the right side, it seems"
  40. [2013-04-10 14:24:27] * Noble_Heart frowns as she moves towards the fence, pausing at a distance to hopefully avoid being shot by automated defense turrets. "We believe it may be possible to fly over the fencing on the southern side. From there the anti aircraft turret should not be able to reach Us in flight. Though We may still need to deal with the troubles within those towers." She frowned in annoyance
  41. [2013-04-10 14:24:28] * Noble_Heart at the thought.
  42. [2013-04-10 14:25:31] * Bookwright "That sounds good. I think we should take the opportunity to disable that anti-air weapon once we get in there."
  43. [2013-04-10 14:26:03] * Shatara stands over a tower of broken steel and twitching servos, leting out a bestial roar as he holds the severed Twilight Cannon over his hea-wait, it's over? Already? No shooting? He slumps a little, shaking away the fantasy and emerging from his cover almost glumly.
  44. [2013-04-10 14:30:11] * Noble_Heart nods her head briefly then frowns. "We are not certain that is the best choice of actions if the Enclave is truly active in these lands. If anyone is using this place as a defense, it would leave them with few remaining options." She spread her wings. "We are ready to begin attempting to make the journey.
  45. [2013-04-10 14:30:14] <Noble_Heart> "
  46. [2013-04-10 14:30:24] * Mitzi slides down and lumbers up to Noble_Heart. "Now wut?"
  47. [2013-04-10 14:30:49] * CopyCat smiles at Shatara, happy that they hadn't been blasted to smithereens. "Don't worry, I'm sure there'll be plenty more robots for you to play with."
  48. [2013-04-10 14:32:11] * Shatara blushes and chuckles nervously to CopyCat. "Eheh...Right...."
  49. [2013-04-10 14:33:08] * Kid slowly slinks on past the sentinel, happy to be past it. And more happy that she didn't have to spend ammo on it. "Didn't know ya'll had a silver tongue on y', Noble." She quipped. Figures that the robot would like the mare who thinks she has a lot more authority than she does.
  50. [2013-04-10 14:34:44] * Bookwright glares nervously at the receding hunk of steel and spite. "Let's just go already. That thing is making me nervous,"
  51. [2013-04-10 14:34:50] * Noble_Heart smiles and looks particularly smug as she looks down towards Kid. "We have had Our moments to speak to some of those beneath and above Us in the past." She lowers a wing to gently pat Kid. "We are certain you will learn proper respect and authority in time."
  52. [2013-04-10 14:39:27] * Bookwright "Does having proper respect and authority require a massive set of wings?"
  53. [2013-04-10 14:40:57] * CopyCat chuckles softly. "It certainly helps."
  54. [2013-04-10 14:41:07] * Kid just stares at Noble. Yeah, that's not likely at all. She did like the pat though. "Th' folks that call themselves authority around where I'm from are th' kind that get themselves shot in a hurry. And often, the folks that do that do have a big fuck-off set've wings." She said with some bitterness in her tone.
  55. [2013-04-10 14:42:49] * Noble_Heart frowns as she looks to Bookwright. "Nonsense. We respect the authority of many who lack such appendages. Our leader, Velvet Remedy, is not so blessed yet We still respect her greatly." She gently lowers towards the ground, giving space for Kid to climb on her back. "We recommend getting comfortable. We shall be moving swiftly to avoid as much trouble as possible."
  56. [2013-04-10 14:44:02] * Bookwright glances uneasily upwards. "To the skies, I guess. To the skies, and the airsickness...:
  57. [2013-04-10 14:44:05] <Bookwright> "
  58. [2013-04-10 14:44:46] * Kid is slightly peeved, but not enough to want to walk through a wall. "Yer lucky yer soft." She mentioned, climbing up on her wing and onto her back. "Upwards an' other stuff, I guess."
  59. [2013-04-10 14:45:34] * Shatara snaps out of another fantasy of tearing apart robots with his beak. "We flying again..?"
  60. [2013-04-10 14:46:13] * Bookwright "Just a short hop, I think."
  61. [2013-04-10 14:46:34] * Kid nods at Shatara. "Gettin' airsick already?" She sniped.
  62. [2013-04-10 14:46:52] * CopyCat nods to Shatara. "That's the plan. Can you take Get_Lost?"
  63. [2013-04-10 14:47:02] * Mitzi looks to the robot they had avoided fighting, "Can we maybe turn dat ting off so we dun haff tu wurry abut eet latur?"
  64. [2013-04-10 14:47:21] * Noble_Heart recreated her shield around herself, nodding to Shatara. "Be careful. There are weapons on the towers and they are likely to attack us as we pass by." She began to move into the air, pausing a short distance up as the others got themselves ready. "We do not expect that it would allow Us such action without battle."
  65. [2013-04-10 14:50:10] * Shatara nods back to CopyCat and Noble_Heart, waving a wing towards Get_Lost.
  66. [2013-04-10 14:51:18] * Get_Lost trots next to shatara "thanks"
  67. [2013-04-10 14:51:34] * Bookwright "Here we go, on a wing and a prayer..."
  68. [2013-04-10 14:51:59] * CopyCat trots over to Bookwright. "Will you be flying with me again? If so I will need to keep you close in case we get attacked in the sky."
  69. [2013-04-10 14:52:42] * Bookwright nods, "Yeah. Uh, if you hear any weird noises, don't be concerned. That's just me being sick over the side."
  70. [2013-04-10 14:53:38] * Mitzi can't fly
  71. [2013-04-10 14:53:40] * Shatara smiles a little to Get_Lost, trying not to blush as he offers his back.
  72. [2013-04-10 14:56:13] * CopyCat bows and surrounds Bookwright with her telekinisis before picking him up round the waist with her hooves and taking off gently. She wasn't a strong flier but with her magic as well she could manage.
  73. [2013-04-10 14:56:34] * Bookwright becomes lighter than air!
  74. [2013-04-10 14:57:02] <Kkat> 3The sentinel continues to patrol behind the party.
  75. [2013-04-10 14:58:20] * Noble_Heart looks down to Mitzi as her horn glows. "Please remain calm." The purple glow encompasses the massive hellhound and slowly lifts her into the air. "We suggest remaining as still as possible. If you break free of Our magic We may not be able to catch you fast enough."
  76. [2013-04-10 14:59:17] * Mitzi feels al ittle uncomfortable, but does as instructed and stays mostly still. She keeps her rifle out though, in case anything tried to shoot at them while she was airborne
  77. [2013-04-10 15:00:15] * Bookwright "I always wondered how you alicorns were able to get into the air. It can't be easy moving all that mass around."
  78. [2013-04-10 15:06:14] * Noble_Heart frowns and looks to Bookwright. "Magic." What? That was a totally valid answer in Equestria! She began to move higher towards the top of the walls to make her way across, her eyes wary on the attack from guard towers.
  79. [2013-04-10 15:07:19] * Bookwright "I can take 'magic' as an explanation for CopyCat here, but you, Noble Heart? Magic is insufficient."
  80. [2013-04-10 15:07:55] * CopyCat blushes. "Um, I flap my wings and that works if its just me. But mine aren't very strong... sometimes I forget I even have them."
  81. [2013-04-10 15:08:17] * Noble_Heart snorts. "We are merely -very- magical. Is that so hard to believe. You have seen Our power." She was, after all, levitating a seven and a half foot tall hellhound through the air as she's speaking, after all. "Indeed. It is basic, though difficult to master."
  82. [2013-04-10 15:09:01] * Bookwright "Yes, but it does seem a little incredible that such tiny wings can lift such a magnificent... body into the air."
  83. [2013-04-10 15:09:19] * Kid ponders. Is he trying to suggest that she's... Oh, I have to get in on this. "Naw. She it ain't that she's massive. She ain't." She smirks mischievously. "She's just made o' fluff."
  84. [2013-04-10 15:13:04] * CopyCat catches the gist of what's going on and starts to giggle as she flies.
  85. [2013-04-10 15:14:10] * Bookwright "I dunno, that stuff looks heavier than fluff."
  86. [2013-04-10 15:16:31] * Kid snuggles into her back. "Naw. See, this is all jus' dense fluff. She's like a giant stuffy doll. Looks big, but when y' poke at it, yer hoof sinks right in."
  87. [2013-04-10 15:17:34] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and groans a little. "We are not fat. We are of adequite and normal size for Our kind. It is merely that most ponies are so very, very small and lacking in proper endowment. That is all. You would undertand if you were like Us." She continued through the air.
  88. [2013-04-10 15:17:42] * Bookwright "Hmmm. This bears looking into. Clearly an experiment is in order!"
  89. [2013-04-10 15:18:04] * Bookwright glees, anticipates getting to poke Noble_Heart's squishy butt
  90. [2013-04-10 15:19:49] * Shatara tries his best to keep his mind from wandering on the topic of plot pokage.
  91. [2013-04-10 15:22:11] * Noble_Heart frowned in annoyance. "We do not require your expert opinion to ensure Our health and wellbeing. At least not at this moment. Perhaps someday you shall have your chance to examine Our magnificent physique in depth. We cannot blame you for such an attraction, after all. We know well Our appearance is one which draws many stares."
  92. [2013-04-10 15:24:13] * CopyCat can't help but dwell on plot-poking matters. Collective consciousness was difficult at times.
  93. [2013-04-10 15:28:11] * Kid just giggled. "Noble, I'm purty sure that Bookie would like t' examine jus' about any mare's 'physique'. Ya'll ain't special, and th' reason ya'll get stares is 'cause yer so damn big, y' stick out like a sore hoof."
  94. [2013-04-10 15:30:37] * Noble_Heart humphs softly. "We cannot blame you for your envy of Us. It is only natural for a little pony to wish to drag others down to their level. It is far easier than building oneself up to a higher standard, after all."
  95. [2013-04-10 15:42:02] <Kkat> 3The group flies toward the top of the hill on alicorn and griffin wings (and a fair bit of levitation).  As they approach, two of the sentry towers open fire, spraying magical energy at the travelers.
  96. [2013-04-10 15:53:53] * CopyCat screams in pain as hostile magic lances into her flesh and plumets several metres before she can right herself. If she hadn't also been holding Bookwright in her hooves then she probably would have dropped him. She casts her shield, more out of panic then anything else.)
  97. [2013-04-10 15:54:18] * Kid smirks, and tilts her wide-brimmed hat forward. "Ya'll's just jealous I can fit int' a dress." And then bullets started flying. Kid went from jovial to serious in the space of time between injuries in the wasteland. "What's shootin' at us?" She shouted.
  98. [2013-04-10 15:54:35] * Bookwright tries valiantly not to lose hold of his stomach contents
  99. [2013-04-10 15:55:24] * Shatara squawks warning as he tries unsuccessfully to dive away from the beams while keeping his bulk between the source and Get_Lost, screetching in pain as three stitch through his armor.
  100. [2013-04-10 15:55:25] * Get_Lost tries not panicking, but all she can do is close her eyes and hug the grifffon's neck
  101. [2013-04-10 16:00:17] * Noble_Heart looks up in the direction of the shots. "The automated guard towers. We were afraid this would happen!"
  102. [2013-04-10 16:00:47] * Bookwright growls, "Stay on target..."
  103. [2013-04-10 16:02:14] * Kid howls at Shatara. "Hey! Featherbrain! Put fire on them towers! Noble! Get m' closer so I c'n hit them wi' my gun!"
  104. [2013-04-10 16:09:26] * CopyCat blinks furiously, trying to clear away the tears that streamed down her face.
  105. [2013-04-10 16:10:54] * Noble_Heart glared at the turrets. "We shall do Our best! Against such enemies We shall show no fear!" She beat her wings to move in the direction of the turret, readying a spell to strike the automaton.
  106. [2013-04-10 16:18:49] * Noble_Heart flies closer to get Kid into range, turning to the side as she struggles to open a hole through her shield for Kid to fire out of. "Take your shot, quickly!" Charging up another spell with her horn to fire a blast of lightning down at the turret as well. This was getting stressful!
  107. [2013-04-10 16:23:28] * Kid let loose buckshot hell on the poor turret.
  108. [2013-04-10 16:29:54] <Kkat> 3Kid's volley of shotgun blasts peppers one of the turrets until it explodes.
  109. [2013-04-10 16:31:55] * Bookwright isn't feeling like he can shoot a weapon right now. But he can definitely cast a spell to keep CopyCat from falling out of the sky. Amber particles sink into her flesh.
  110. [2013-04-10 16:33:31] * Shatara curses the lack of availible cover as he brings his rifle to his shoulder, the world slowing down in magically-induced bullet-time as he takes aim at the remaining turret
  111. [2013-04-10 16:33:47] * Kid lets loose a howl. "I guess that makes me a gunmare!" He said derisively towards... The turrets. Yeah, when she thought about it, it didn't exactly make much sense.
  112. [2013-04-10 16:33:54] * Bookwright calls over the sound of gunfire, "Be careful this spell might make you feel a little giggly!"
  113. [2013-04-10 16:34:22] * CopyCat lets out a sigh as the pain she had felt melts away... things suddenly seemed a lot better.
  114. [2013-04-10 16:41:54] * CopyCat drifts in the air lazily and nearly drops Bookwright, resulting in him looking like a certain cat-poster. C.C. giggles. "Hang in there Bookie!"
  115. [2013-04-10 16:49:32] <Kkat> 3Shatara expertly take out the second turret.  Beyond the fence, the companions can see bedraggled zebras emerging from the tattered and filthy military tents, tentatively looking for the source of the explosions and gunfire.  A couple of the zebras see the incoming airborne group and squeal, hiding.
  116. [2013-04-10 16:51:21] * Shatara squawks in surprise at the sight of the stripey survivors
  117. [2013-04-10 16:51:23] * Bookwright wrangles his writhing stomach as he catches glimpses of zebras. "Oh my goodness, do my eyes deceive me? Are those survivors?"
  118. [2013-04-10 16:53:40] * Kid hops out of the levitation bubble through the hole provided, panting heavily. She sees them out of the corner of her eyes. Well, holy hot shit. Survivors! She tentatively puts away her gun. "Heya, folks. Not meanin' any sorta trouble. Jus' want t' get ya'll outta here. Ya'll speak Equestrian?" She tried to sound pleasant.
  119. [2013-04-10 16:55:08] * CopyCat looks around that surrounded them both and sings a little song inbetween giggles. "Uh, oh, we're in trouble, something's come along and it's burst our bubble!"
  120. [2013-04-10 16:55:59] <CopyCat> *around at the shield
  121. [2013-04-10 16:56:39] * Bookwright refrains from actually kissing the ground as he dismounts, but only barely. "People... please holster your weapons and make them safe. Please."
  122. [2013-04-10 16:58:30] * CopyCat bursts her bubble and lands unsteadily beside Bookwright, grinning all the while.
  123. [2013-04-10 16:59:30] * Bookwright puts down his bags and weapon, and walks carefully forward. Addressing the zebras, "Hello? Can you understand me?"
  124. [2013-04-10 17:00:02] * Noble_Heart descended quickly and placed Mitzi back on the ground, letting her shield dissipate. "We are surprised to see that any here remain. Though it is not so unbelievable, We suppose. This place was home to Zebras being 'redeemed'." She snorted at that word. "Undoubtedly they had children when the war ended." She moved near Bookwright to keep him safe.
  125. [2013-04-10 17:02:01] * CopyCat waves at the locals, still with a dumb smile on her face.
  126. [2013-04-10 17:06:32] <Kkat> 3A few more disheveled zebra poke their heads out.  You can hear a burble of talk between them after you call out greetings.  All in the fluent, alien zebra language.
  127. [2013-04-10 17:07:36] * Bookwright 's gentle smile falters a bit. "O-kay, I guess not. CopyCat, can you impress on them that I mean no harm?"
  128. [2013-04-10 17:08:51] * CopyCat casts Telepathy on every zebra she can see. What was it they used to say about curiosity and cats again?
  129. [2013-04-10 17:09:06] <Kkat> 3---End of Session---
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